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461The Smurfs 2
462Dumb And Dumber To

This film was terrible the first one was better

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463The Cokeville Miracle

I loved this movie. Builds your faith on prayer and helps you understand how God works. He does live, He does love us, and He makes miracles happen all the time.

464Scary Movie

The best movie ever. So funny. This spoof movie's quite good!

This movies better than the actual scream movie

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465Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Without a doubt the most darkest, chilling and entertaining Potter there is! His long hair is pretty good and his performance is even better! The Goblet of Fire features many great labyrinth twists and turns which keep you watching for a while! Definitely the prime Harry Potter film!

oh my gosh i am such a huge harry potter fan. daniel radclif rocks and so does emma roberts and ropert
so how could this NOT be #1...GO HARRY POTTER...

You don't know the meaning of Harry Potter til you have watched this movie! It was a killer in its prime but has now been overshadowed by the new and latest Harry Potter films!

This Harry Potter film was so good was so good it was the second best Harry Potter movie it should be much higher on this list

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466ApocalyptoV3 Comments
467The Exorcist

Wait just a damn minute! What's the best horror movie of all time doing this low?! It may not be the scariest to me, but it's well written and thought provoking, and a horror movie needs those qualities. Also, this movie inspired other horror movies. Easily in the top 15 films of all time. I can't help but love this movie. A classic. - MontyPython

For those of you people reading this right now, I recommend you go watch William Friedkins interview with movie geeks united. it's where he talks a little about 2001 a space odyssey and makes some good points about that film and the exorcist.

In every sense of these words. Scariest. Movie. Ever.

The exorcist it very scary I love it

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468The Queen

The greatest female acting performance of all time! This movie really brings you to life!

A very good Movie, with Oscarwinning Helen Mirren. Helen is a gread Actress. - Tudors

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Exelent movie with a shiny contrast and great soundtrack, and whole story is based on symptoms and not fact, is Prot really from K-pax or is he insane? Youll never know

470Mr. Nobody

No movie I have ever seen has managed to combine science fiction, fantasy, existentialism, quantum physics into such an engaging and wondrous film.

It is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time.

471The Count of Monte Cristo

Awesome movie, too bad not many people have seen it
- IronMaiden

Injustice revenged at it's best by being not only Physically superior than your enemy but wealthier, more gracious and charming, invoking the "I want you because I can't have you" instinct. This is one of those hidden gems in Film, Karma at it's finest.

You dint have a multiple life to live, so dint missed it, it's the film you must watch before you die

i love this movie,.. the story is great,. been watching this several times,.. a great one!,...

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Clearly top 5 if not THE greatest movie of all time. Whoever made this list has lost their mind. People are idiots if they really think Super Mario Bros. Is 100 movies better than Armageddon!

Damn, what a powerful movie! Gives me gooebumps evey time I see it.

Definately a very powerful movie, a must see!!

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473From Russia With LoveV2 Comments
474Sling Blade

one of the best all time movies , BBT was superb in this movie and I think he wrote and directed it also. his best work ever! - luvtoread

475Pan's Labyrinth

Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen.

You have to watch this movie great movie

Whoa. this far down. Pans labyrinth is an exceptional movie, with great cinematography, visuals, costume, makeup, actors, and a genius idea to combine the story of war and violence with fairytale - Jiorl


This is a great movie. You guys aren't voting for it just because it's old.

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477The Blair Witch Project
478X-Men Origins: Wolverine
479Source Code

This is one of the best movies I ever seen. How is this not way higher. This is a must see if ya ask me but only if ya asking ha

I loved the concept of the parrallel reality at the end. Besides teaches a valuable lesson that time is precious. Make every second count!

480Rocky IV

I love all the rockys but the forth one has to be the best in my opinion it is when he goes up the Russian and before they fought apollo creed fought him and the Russian killed him its just a great movie

Exactly what I thought. Since I have seen the first rocky all the way through I like it better but this is definitely #2 hard choice I love them all as well I need to watch all of 2,3,and 5 but by what I've seen,they are all good. I have not watched the new one called Creed,but I've heard good things about it.

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