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461 Flashdance Flashdance

Best movie! Inspiring'& romantic!

462 Body of Lies Body of Lies
463 Madea's Witness Protection Madea's Witness Protection
464 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior V 1 Comment
465 The Smurfs 2 The Smurfs 2
466 Oliver & Company Oliver & Company

Disney's animated retelling of Oliver Twist featuring songs performed by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Ruth Pointer, and Bette Miter. This heartfelt story follows a young kitten and his friendship with a gang of dogs. Recommended for people who like feelgood buddy movies.

467 Dumb And Dumber To Dumb And Dumber To

This film was terrible the first one was better

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468 The Cokeville Miracle The Cokeville Miracle

I loved this movie. Builds your faith on prayer and helps you understand how God works. He does live, He does love us, and He makes miracles happen all the time.

469 Survivor Survivor
470 Groundhog Day Groundhog Day

The more I watch it the more I love it. GREAT ENTERTAINMENT. Funnier every time. Make's me smile about winter, have to love Bill.

I've never understood people who don't like this movie when I saw edge of tomorrow I thought it was an action clone that wasn't as good as the original even though a great movie - Hiimme

It's so good, if you ever feel sick, health, happy, sad or you just want to see an amazing movie see this one.

GREAT entertainment.....great Zen message....funny too! - LateBloom

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471 Apocalypto Apocalypto V 3 Comments
472 The Queen The Queen

The greatest female acting performance of all time! This movie really brings you to life!

A very good Movie, with Oscarwinning Helen Mirren. Helen is a gread Actress. - Tudors

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473 K-Pax K-Pax

Exelent movie with a shiny contrast and great soundtrack, and whole story is based on symptoms and not fact, is Prot really from K-pax or is he insane? Youll never know

474 From Russia With Love From Russia With Love V 2 Comments
475 Sling Blade Sling Blade

one of the best all time movies , BBT was superb in this movie and I think he wrote and directed it also. his best work ever! - luvtoread

476 Pan's Labyrinth Pan's Labyrinth

Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen.

You have to watch this movie great movie

Whoa. this far down. Pans labyrinth is an exceptional movie, with great cinematography, visuals, costume, makeup, actors, and a genius idea to combine the story of war and violence with fairytale - Jiorl

477 Metropolis Metropolis

This is a great movie. You guys aren't voting for it just because it's old.

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478 The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project
479 X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine
480 Source Code Source Code

This is one of the best movies I ever seen. How is this not way higher. This is a must see if ya ask me but only if ya asking ha

I loved the concept of the parrallel reality at the end. Besides teaches a valuable lesson that time is precious. Make every second count!

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