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481Ender's Game

I think this movie deserves more credit honestly & not just on this list but on others where this movie gets very little love. Not saying its top 100 but it's a better movie than most people give credit for

482Best In Show

This movie was so funny I loved the pets the pets were so cute

483Star Trek VIII: First Contact

Out of all the star trek next generation movies this one is my favorite. it's got action, suspense, really good acting, and a good story. but what I really love about this movie is where Picard tells Lily that money does not exist in the 24th century that humans learn to better themselves without economics. this is a really intriguing and fascinating new idea that everyone should hear, especially the people who are reading this right now. this idea deserves to be passed on and icknowledged by all types of people, I guaranteed.

484Paths of Glory
485Dose of Reality

I enjoyed this predator movie the best. Should be a lot higher & so should predator 1 & 2


This movie should be at least number 6! It's so Much better than Titanic. - Duncan99

This is the best animated film of all time!

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Best movie! Inspiring'& romantic!

489Body of Lies
490Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorV1 Comment
491The Smurfs 2
492Dumb And Dumber To

This film was terrible the first one was better

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493Jem and the Holograms
494The Cokeville Miracle

I loved this movie. Builds your faith on prayer and helps you understand how God works. He does live, He does love us, and He makes miracles happen all the time.

495Lady In White
496Fun In Acapulco
497ApocalyptoV3 Comments
498Breakfast at Tiffany's

People do fall in love
People do belong too each other
Because that's the only chance anybody has got too real happyness - MatrixGuy

Breakfast at tiffany's is an iconic movie and Audrey Hepburn is one of the best actresses of her time. I love this movie and I am shocked and truly upset that it has came so low under the likes of Madagascar and twilight.
It is definitely top ten material in my books!

Audrey Hepburn extrodinary. love this movie the best ever next to October Sky.

Pros: The famous romance story; Henry Mancini's music
Cons: the racist character.

499The Exorcist

Wait just a damn minute! What's the best horror movie of all time doing this low?! It may not be the scariest to me, but it's well written and thought provoking, and a horror movie needs those qualities. Also, this movie inspired other horror movies. Easily in the top 15 films of all time. I can't help but love this movie. A classic. - MontyPython

For those of you people reading this right now, I recommend you go watch William Friedkins interview with movie geeks united. it's where he talks a little about 2001 a space odyssey and makes some good points about that film and the exorcist.

In every sense of these words. Scariest. Movie. Ever.

The exorcist it very scary I love it

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500Lilo & Stitch

This movie is different from the typical Disney movies before them, which is cool, because it has its own originality(probably the most original movie from Disney), ^^ is a good enough ^^ deserves to be up there with the classics for sure. A great ^^ beautifully made movie, that everyone can enjoy.

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