The Shawshank Redemption

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The Shawshank Redemption


Ya this is a movie to which all other movies aspire to when it come to a dark drama and redemption or salvation stories. Though other movies on this list may have better dialogue, directing, and maybe better editing but the heart and soul of this movie make one feel the blood, sweat, and tears that the characters in this movie go through as they live their ill fated lives in prison.

Much like Schindler's List, this movie make you start feeling actual pain and sadness as the characters are met with trails that a normal human being would quickly start giving up on life if experienced.

It is a beautiful work of art.
This movie is perfect! I have watched this so many times, and I never get tired of it! I am endlessly recommending it to all of my friends! The acting, story and visuals are all perfect and stunning! The movie will make you laugh, cry and make you wear a stupid little grin at the sheer inspiration that this movie has to offer! So many life messages and andy dufresne has to be one of the most legendary characters in any movie ever created! THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION!
The Shawshank Redemption is amazing. It has all the qualities that a movie needs to have. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins are great together. The story is that Ellis Redding (Freeman) makes friends with warm-hearted Any Dufresne (Robbins) and they click. They have a friendship that gets them by day by day. But it's deeper that that. As the plot thickens, it gets better and better. With an ending that both satisfies you and leaves you wanting more, this piece of film history is one to be seen.
Andy Dufresne is an iconic movie character; He is smart, sneaky and intellectual. The Shawshank Redemption is a legendary film which although was a flop at the Box Office, was a major success with the critics and some are even dubbing it "The Greatest Movie of All Time"
The godfather is so overrated it's not even funny, that's one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. But this movie had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, a true masterpiece, and an ending that will make you cry like a baby.
I hadn't watched this movie and I've seen many movies, from the godfather to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, star wars, you name it, I just watched it, I couldn't stop watching it. I was never so emotionally attatched into a movie in my life. Before this, my favorite movie was Gladiator (right below this one and The Godfather) but those movies have their not so amazing parts, this entire movie was perfect..
may i say this is greatest movie of all time not your favorite most of the movies on this list are poor with poor actice, poor effects, poor story line etc...
top 5: the shankshaw redemption
: the godfather
: to kill a mocking bird
: lawrence of Arabia
: the dark knight
Well here goes
Andy Dufrense, innocent as he was, remained resourceful, kept his cool, and instead of getting upset and getting himself nowhere he focused his energy into planning his escape. Instead of revenge, he followed all orders (or at least most) to make sure his plan went through.
And most importantly of all, even though all he had to work with was a rock hammer, he managed to tunnel through the wall in 20 years, when red said "i thought it would take a man 600 years to tunnel through these walls, but it took andy 20"

That portion of the movie is patience and perseverance
He never gave up
He was patient and didn't try to take the easy way out
He did what was necessary to escape and didn't stop until he did. that is why I think it is the best movie ever because it shows that patience and control brings freedom.
Awesome movie. It had absolutely everything - Beautiful soundtrack, amazing acting, a story I will never forget and the best, most unique and unpredictable ending in the history of movies. This is and will always be the best movie I've ever seen.
Character development and storytelling defined. Freeman and Robbins draw you into their world so much that you want to stay there almost as much as you want them to escape. They call the experience of not being able to change the channel or get off the couch "Shawshanked" for a reason
Excellent movie, the story, the cast and everything was just perfect. Acting from all the actors was superb. People can watch it again and again. Its such a charm to watch it.. It highlight the life of people in prison and also gives very good message.
plot, screenplay, acting, cinematography-everything is extraordinary... I can never forget the view of the Pacific followed by the comment "I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams"... will love to watch it again & again...
If I were to remake this movie, I wouldn't change a thing. The Shawshank Redemption is simply perfect. The acting, the script, the narrating, and everything about it was done brilliantly. Oh Morgan Freeman's voice is to die for.
Such a great movie! The acting was brilliant and it left me speechless each time I watched it. I would always just think about it all after watching it. I normally think books are better then the movie but in this case the movie is really good and just a bit better then the book (the book was good too) this movie deserves to be number 1!
I have it on vhs. I have it on dvd. I have it on bluray. When it comes on tv, I watch it. I have watched this movie hundreds of times, and it never gets old. IMDB rates it the best movie of all time, and I would have to agree.
Have no idea why this isn't #1. This movie has everything it is just perfect you never knew what was going to happen it kept you hooked the entire time and it has the best tale of all time. Also has the best narrating of all time and the best quotes of all time.
This is the single greatest movie of all time. I have never seen such good acting, directing, writing... Everything! Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman do such a fantastic job in this movie. It is a very emotionally gripping movie, and has possibly the best story of any movie ever.
Great inspirational movie. When I'm down and out this movie always leaves me in a better place mentally. I always thought it was a shame it came out the same year as Forest Gump. I think time has let all know which was the better film.
I love this movie! Most of these top 10 I also love, but this is my favourite. It's just so beautiful :3 Personally I don't like the Godfather that much, but I really think that this should be higher than 5th. Such an epic movie
It should be at least top 2 in my opinion. Well made masterpiece.
Best acting screenplay direction and STORY.

Red: [narrating] Andy Dufresne - who crawled through a river of s*** and came out clean on the other side.
Far and away the best movie ever. It has the best storyline ever and also the best narration of any movie ever. Gladiator for me is the second best for its story and cast. And how Forrest Gump is ahead of these is beyond me.
This is the best movie of all time, no movie is better and no movie is likely to beat it in the future! Plot and story line planned out perfectly. At times you forget that it is a movie and you lose your ability to see through the acting, it takes over your mind like no other movie. Should be number 1!
My favorite movie together with The Untuchables. I think its good acting, and a great story! I love to watch it... I think I have already watched it five or six times, but you never get tired of it. GREAT MOVIE EVER!
Takes you to a completely different world without even leaving our society. Easily my favorite movie of all time and I'm a big movie buff.
The compleat movie, down to the detail where the geology pick Andy used to dig through the wall was filed in the bible under Exodus. The subtle inference of the passage of time in a timeless place. Totally rivetting from first to last and the best moie ever made

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