Best Mushroomhead Songs


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Solitare Unraveling
Best song ever so far by mushroomhead. Songs sick live!
I can't wait till I see the next mushroomhead show in Seattle.
First song I ever heard of them, still my favourite. Great music, awesome voice and lyrics and great music video. Greatest industrial band in my opinion.
By far their best, and most original song. Great vocals, lyrics, and an outstanding melody and feel of the song.
[Newest]Easily THE BEST mushroomhead songs.

2Sun Doesn't Rise
Simply the best mushroomhead song. Best vocals, best guitar, best everything. Jmann for the win!
Reminds me of a fun time in metal, many dislike the nĂ¼ metal revolution but me as an old-school thrash metalhead love it! It was something new and fresh inviting in some interesting influences. Not all metal has to sound exactly the same. But of course that's just my opinion
Best song in this group!. Feels more metal & more fast n crazy

3Kill Tomorrow
Kill tommorow is just epic - I mean the vocals that j mann does are just awesome, the drumming is also amazing as well, and it's agressive manner in which it is written is just - fantastical!
Kill tomorrow rocks, and I thought their war inside would be at least at number four but you guys dident put that song on the list, is it to muceh to ask to put a good song on the list.
Cool song I'd ever heard

4These Filthy Hands
Are you serious? I had to add this to the list? Get this one up there!
The best Mushroomhead's song I've ever heard
This music make me like mushroomhead
[Newest]Favorite Mushroomhead song. Easily.

5Simple Survival
Probably their best song. I don't know how you all could miss out this one. This one is epic. This song has an extraordinary feel
Melodic yet screamo... By far mushroomheads best song. Waylon in my opinion is better than J Mann.


7Your Soul Is Mine
Song was used for Saw VI. Such a creepy beginning and then such an amazing song afterwards!

8The Wrist
For me the best song of mushroomhead

9Mother Machine Gun

Beautiful industrial song. My favourite because of the creepy typical mushroomhead intro and dark lyrics.
Because this song gets me pumped up when I lift, and simply just because mushroomhead is AWESOME.
Crazy crazy song

The Contenders

11Nowhere to Go
It's a tie between this and Our Own Way, which isn't on here for some reason.


13Never Let It Go

1412 Hundred

Best... Cover... of... Any... Song... EVER! "We're never gonna survive unless we get a little CRAZY! "
Awesome cover of one of my favorite shaggin' tunes!

16Erase the Doubt
It has the best chorus I've ever head in a song

All songs before this one are crap. This should be number 1

18Before I Die

19The War Inside

This should be number one and why you should be Listening to the lyrics carefully its dark though which is awesome
I love songs like this and would love to find others like it, can anyone advise another Mushroomhead song like it
Newest and dare I say best mushroomhead song. Coming from an Ohioan and long time fan who has had the privilege of seeing them live.

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