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41M. M. Keeravani

Not many people realise. but he is true genius

He is the best music director of India.

He is a wonderful and the best music director in India after Ilayaraja Sir.

He is true genius, I could have voted for him

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42Honey Singh

Honey singh is one of the top most rapper these days...
No one has given the maximum no. Of raps & back to back songs he deserves to be on top 10

He deserves to. Be the best in all

I wonder how he's even qualified as a music director. His rap makes me wanna cry.

Man he is the best back to back awesome hits

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43D. Imman

Few songs unforgettable.. , Great man.. ,

He also good music director in Tamil.mostly he is giving hit songs only. No one can't put his music for folk song

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44Pritam Chakraborty

Pritam is the best music composer of Bollywood now...

What the hell this list is?... Pritam is one of best compose ever in the world... If he is not even no. 1... This list is worst man!... Pritam's music is hottest and coolest music in the world... He is a born to compose music director...

Pritam the is the God of music!
List is nothing because at the end of the day, people listen his music everytym the most and goes to sleep...

We love you music

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45Anand Raj AnandV1 Comment

Only music director whose many movies had all tracks very popular. His songs for children, marriage, poverty, philosophy, bhakti, hope, romance, despair are still popular among old songs of 50's, 60's, 70's. He has given music to some of Malayalam films also by the name of Bombay Ravi and won awards but his contribution was never recognized at national level.

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47S. Thaman

He is number 1 copy cat music director...

Promising Music director in recent times...

He is the best awesome music composer cannot be him in India

He should be the 1

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48Raghu Dixit

He is just awesome. He gives a superb blend of folk and rock music. AWESOME BRILLIANT!

Awesome music composer in India..

49Vidya Shahar

Melody king, great composer, he gave great melodies

He was just unnoticed no one need to rank him

Has given very nice songs in Tamil

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50Santhosh Narayanan

The word 'Simply superb' suits for him only.

Your music is different in the industry

He is new to this scene. I'm sure in coming days he will definitely come up in this list. At present he is in the 21st place. Watch out for his music in the new Rajini starer yet un-named movie from director Ranjith.

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Ousepachhan is an Indian film composer who mainly sets scores for Malayalam films. He is a recipient of National Award, Filmfare Award and Kerala State Film Awards for his numerous film soundtrack albums and background scores.


The legendary music duo brothers. They set a melody trend. Once I read in a newspaper that SPB sir has mentioned it is the Kannada film industry which is giving more and more melodious songs than any other film industry! Rajan-Nagendra dua are the music composers to whom SPB sir sang maximum songs in kannada. What a lovely music... love you and your music sir...

53C. RamchandraV1 Comment
54Srikanth Deva

He is a Best Music Director in Tamil


The guy who composed films like Aashiqui 2 and Murder 2 should be at least in top 10.

Mithoon should be placed a lot higher up. This list is meaningless

Some brilliant songs like Tum hi ho, meri aashiqui, maula meri; some songs in films like kalyug, anwar, train, zeher, etc were composed by him...

He would be the first

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56Joshua Sridhar

JS is definitely a big league music composer. What the hell are big league directors doing?

Joshua Sridhar is an extremely good composer. He needs good directors to work with.

Hope he teams up with big production houses.

He is good. But hasn't been very lucky so far.

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57V. Harikrishna

I believe he is one of the legendary in music though he is hidden and unnoticeable

Best music director of this decade. Awesome compositions for all kinds of movies..!

Super music and I love your music sir hari sir

Super music director no1 music

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58Hiphop Tamizha

With his energizing music he won the best music album and the best song in his debut year. Surely in line for the best music director in tamil.

He is Just Amazing, His Songs Just Energizes u! Just a Such an inspiration for Younsters

Very good M directer and I like his aambala songs, he will come up in 3rd place very shortly

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59Amaal Mallik

Amaal's music is very refreshing. He is very versatile. He has given music in too many different styles like EDM, country, dubsteps. So all the best for future. Treat us with many more tracks. Love you

Rising star
love his innovative composition, especially in his talented brother's voice.

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60Sonu Nigam

His voice is so sweet. I love his voice. When he sings, we can feel that what kind of song it is. It means when he sing sorrow song we can feel how much emotion filled in that song and makes us to flow our tears out. Thankyou

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