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1E.L.F. (Super Junior)

We are the Ever Lasting Friends of Super Junior! We are not only fans, but their friends. We laugh, cry, and joke together. "Because there is Super Junior, there are ELF but because they are ELF, Super Junior is eternal! "

I am an ELF for Super Junior. For me, E.L.F. is the best Fandom. Because E.L.F. always support Super Junior by any chance. And Super Junior members are respect to E.L.F. I'm proud to be E.L.F. for Super Junior. Because of that I vote E.L.F. in this voting. Super Junior fighting!

SJ is 15 1 = 16 ELF
I'm Proud to be an ELF!
I will always be an ELF no matter what happen to Super Junior good or bad..

No word could describe how awesome this fandom is

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2Cassiopeia (TVXQ, DBSK)

Always Keep the faith! That is what I could say about Cassie
I don't care you support JYJ or DBSK!
Please DBSK always 5 members not 2 or 3... We will always wait for the date that they are back together!
5 kings

Real Cassies are the best fans in the world
There aren't any fandom more strong than us, because NO ONE CAN'T RESIST OUR PAIN AT THIS TIME.

Cassiopeia is One family with DB5K, we love them, they love us I can't live without them because they are my life we will always keep the faith

Cassiopeia means 5 stars who will always shine, we promised to stay by their side no matter where or what happens and we are keeping that promise by showing them our love through our support and respect their individual decision through life, we watched them grow and becoming well and good behaved polite and caring mans who love us and we love them, when you say cassie the 2nd words that comes to mind is HOPE because a true cassie will always love the 5 stars and always keep the hope, men without the hope is dead, hope is what gets us going through the hard time

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Being a VIP means to support Big Bang no matter what happens and that's what VIPs do. No matter what happens we will ALWAYS be faithful and love Big Bang.

Big bang is all of my love Love Big bang, love V.I. P
V.I. P, fighting. We'll the best fan base ever

Bigbang is VIP in our groups many beautiful boy and nice singers I love this band very much!

Why are there so many Korean bands on this list. - SammySpore

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Vocaloid fans = Vocafans.
Yet... They are filled with composer, lyricist, producer, remixer, movie maker, translator, utaite (dubber / cover-singer), choreographer, and Fans.
They are not only admire the song, they also make the song. They not only support Vocaloid with cheers. But also live with them, along with their creativity.
They live with everyone, from different country, culture, language, and yet they unite, they hear all songs, created by anon, and they give criticize about which one the bad at some song, and then they fix together. They simply are voice of vocaloid (in my country, they call them people who like vocaloid as 'VoV') representedc by Vocaloids themselves. So,
Let me tell you?
Can you guys make song and let your idol sing your custom song? That's bit, non-believable right?
So, how about us? Simply, we can show to world, we are different, but we united together, the second renaissance of Music, Vocaloids leaded by Miku Hatsune, The Song/ Voice from the future!

There is no fanbase like the one for vocaloid. How many other fans can be as much a part of their favorite Singer's exploits as vocaloid fans? I say none. This isn't just a fanbase this a community. A community composed of people from all walks of life. It transcends borders, nationalities, ethnicities, even religions. Whether you're a professional or amateur, composer or just someone who hits the "like" button you are a vital part of this community. There is no community like the vocaloid community and I wouldn't give up being a part of it for the world.

All though it's just a program, it lived in people's heart! They will grow in people's heart.. Vocafans is normal. Don't underestimate the Vocaloids! The composers work hard for efforts!

Vocaloid is "The amazing things"

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5TripleS (SS501)

SS501 was first my K-pop group I got to know about... And you know, from the very beginning I was absolutely shocked (in a good sense) by these 5 singing cute, kind and funny (in their shows) guys. And though it's been almost 3 years since I first heard couple of their songs (those were 2 OST songs - 'Because I'm stupid' and 'Making a lover'), my playlist still got almost all of their songs, which are usually very bright, calming or energetic and so filled with love (like 'Confession', 'Haruman', 'Find', 'Green peas' and many others). So thankful that one day I got to know about these guys... And I do believe that there will be a day, when these guys them will make us, Triple S, absolutely happy by coming back as 5 once again! With much love and millions of kisses to our guys, warm hello from Kazakhstan!

Do you know which boyband called them five stars as one? They are SS501 and we are Triple S will be in their side, waiting they to comeback! Triple S, please always believe SS501 will comeback!

SS5O1 - the name that never fail to make people love and trust them forever!

I can't help but love these guys. They complete each other and although they are doing solo activities now but they will always be 5 forever as 1.

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6Sones (SNSD)

I proud to be a Sone. Sone and SNSD belong together. SNSD number 1. SNSD always in Sone's heart.

One of the Best Fandom Ever who has 390 K Fanbase all over the world. Most powerful fandom in this century. Once a Sone, FOREVER a SONE. This deserves at #2 spot And Cassies at 1st

Sones are the best. You'll see what we'll be doing on Sooyoung's bday which is coming. Ask any fanbase about it. They should know.
No doubt the best girl group of Korea. They have the best fanbase ever. Yes, SOSHIFIED! It's Soshified. You guys should remember. They've got 99% of things about SNSD. Subbed shows? They have Streams? They have Pictures? They have Schedules? SNSD even mentioned that Soshified knew their schedule really well while SNSD, themselves aren't really clear about it. Fans? Aww, that's the most amazing thing they own in Soshified.
Now a SONE, Future a SONE, Forever a SONE. Right now it's SNSD, Future still SNSD, Forever SNSD.

Right now it's girls generation! Proud to be a sone

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7Idiots (Green Day)

Haha this made me laugh. I wonder what Green Day fans were called before American Idiot came out. "Kerplunkers"?

Out of all the people that I've talked to from other fan bases, Idiots are by far the most down to earth people who are in it mainly for the music that quality has seemed to have lost over how 'cute and handsome' the band may look

I would be happier about this, but American Idiot is pretty much their last good album. Dookie was the singles best album of all time. I'll consider myself a dookie. Green Day turned to "poppy" for me now.

I was going to add this to the list. I see I was late X3

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8Fatinistic (Fatin Shidqia)

We're not fans, but we're family. We always support fatin shidqia lubis.

Willingness and sincerity is our symbol Fatinistic. We will support Shidqia Fatin. Anytime and anywhere. In joy and sorrow... Because we are the best fans in the world's fanbase

She is the amazing voice, unic voice and very very beautiful

We're not fans, but we're family

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9Shawol (SHINee)

SHINee was the first ever group that got me into k-pop
Although I had heard some k-pop songs before I didn't get into it before I discovered SHINee
SHINee Fighting! SHAWOL Fighting!

I love SHINee
Have changed my life...
Their songs
Their voices
Their characters...
Everything about them is very meaning to me
I'm very proud to be SW

SHINee fans are like living in the SHINee WORLD seriously. SHINee fans don't only support SHINee but also their sunbaes and hoobaes. We have ethics and we only want what's best for SHINee, like we don't care if they don't have projects or what as long as they're healthy and in good condition.
SHINee fighting! SHINee WORLD fighting!

SHINee is shining always. Why asking for the reason when you can see their sincerity?

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10Directioners (One Direction)

Directioners, by far, are the most corrupted, most crazy fandom. (stay with me, I'm not here to insult) We get a lot of hate for our boys being "gay", "untalented", "undeserving" and "nothing". So, its not question why we are so easily provoked, resulting in unruly outbursts! We have seen our boys potential and its hard when you are automatically claimed as weird in your new class because you like One Direction. But you know what? We don't care because we do love our boys unconditionally, and we wont let anyone stop that.

Yes, we have favourites, but in a strange but heart-warming way, it doesn't mean we love the other boys any less.

When we need to, we WILL push away all our opinions and arguments and strive to do or help the boys with whatever they need.

No we aren't the most wonderful fandom in actual fact, our fandom is quite hell compared to the others! BUT. Because the boys have taken on the responsibility of us, very unruly girls and boys, we have so much to thank them for AND LET ME JUST SAY we continuously do! From selling out world tours in minutes and hours, to breaking records! Or even smaller things like trending a tag - we'll do it! We might not always succeed, but we never give up until the last straw!

Yes, we're obsessed, BUT we are just as, well more actually, dedicated and loyal!
We are a humongous family, who yes, fights, but in the end, we always make up. But I think that's what makes us the best. You see.. We are constantly thanking them in all ways possible for everything that they do! No. We aren't the perfect fandom, but with how broken we are, and the way we constantly yearn and breath to stay as Directioner and as a fandom, in a way, we kinda are

Number 12? I don't agree with that at all.
I don't consider us obsessed.
Well... well, actually, I don't know.
I think that we as Directioners are easily... provoked. We go into defense mode when someone says something that offends our sisters, or the boys. I joined the One Direction fandom in the summer of 2012. I haven't been around as long as some people, but I have gained so many sisters that are here for me. I have met so many people at school, and sat next to a girl at the This Is Us premiere who I found out lives on my street. She's now my best friend. I think that One Direction brings us all together as a family, and shows us what we're worth. There is so many things that they have said that have made my day just a little better. Sure, they are 20 year old boys that make mistakes. I don't think that anyone can be perfect, even celebrity's.

Together, as a family, we have done all we can to make our boys proud of us. We have stuck together thick and thin. We fight sometimes, but at the end of the day, when the water is calm, I feel like we're all holding hands and coming together.

We have lost sisters. Lots of them. To various things. Other bands, self harm, and suicide. We are aware of them. We are aware of who they are, and the people they are and were. We celebrate their life. We cry.

People need to look at the facts of who we are before we judge.

And there is no lie when we say, we are deadly. Directioners send death threats, which is not good, but we are a family, and the boys are our life, and we love them TO DEATH.

I love One Direction with all my heart. My mom told me I have definitely got happier since One Direction came into my life.
I was never depressed. I've always been happy, and had enough friends, but One Direction has given me something to reflect on, and thousands of people to rely on.

I could never thank them enough. I don't have tickets to their shows, but I kind of think that's okay. I just want them to know how much I love them. I do. I do love them so much, and I could never repay them for what they've done for me.

Directioners are the best fandom in the world. From the bottom of the stairs to the top. They had made us laugh when we're having bad times. They made us smile. And they never failed us to make us feel good. From The X-Factor to Madison Square Garden. The 3 years I have been in this fradom has been the best thing ever happened into our lives. We all love Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. Yes, we have been to some fights. But that was the past. We Directioners know how to behave and be loyal. One Direction made us laugh, cry, and smile. Every day. Always. I am glad to be in this fandom. This whole fandom has changed my life. We couldn't have done it without them. And most definitely, we have change their lives. And they have changed ours. No,
We are NOT obsessed.
We are Dedicated.
We are NOT friends.
We are family.

We support our boys and we support everyone. We have broken the Vevo record. How? Because us Directioners came together... And watched it, and cried, and laugh, and smile more than 100+ times. In my school people make fun of me for loving this band with all my heart. But guess what? I don't care! I would do... Whatever it takes to meet them. They just have to be the most lovable guys in the world. One Direction are my world. Yes. They are 5 idiots. But they are our idiots. Although 5 wonderful girls are going to marry them, have kids with them, and love them, that doesn't mean we're going to stop being Directioners. In addition I recomend this fandom is the most dedicated fandom. We deserve it. Thank you. #ForeverInThisFandom

We are better than number 10 guys!

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11Hottests (2pm)

So we don't stop (2)
We can't stop (P)
Until we reach the top (M.. Hottest will always support and love 2PM because that's what we do.. From all around the world Hottest are 2PM little soldiers

2pm is the best boy group in the world... They are 2pm and they're never going down!


2pm always be my favorite. ♥♥♥

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12Blackjacks (2NE1)

I am proud to be a blackjack.. Blackjacks are friendly.. Blackjacks will always do everything just to defend our favorite group 2NE1.. 2NE1 never disappoint us(blackjacks) that's why we love them

2NE1 is cool, funny, kind and cute! They've got the most amazing songs. As a blackjack, I'm never tired of listening to their songs. Their stage performances are always great! They've got the killer fashion style! How can you not love such a band? They're awesome! I'm proud of being a fan of 2NE1!

Being in the fandom, it's safe to say that I've met the coolest people around. The majority of us don't bash and all but rather, we focus on loving the girls. K blackjacks are also all sorts of cool as we usually get news about them giving up their tickets or front row seats for another fandom. People in the fandom make me proud to be a blackjack~

Lee Chaerin, Park Bom, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, these 4 girls are eternally humble and down to earth. They don't really show a lot of their own personalities because they don't go on variety often. However, through 2NE1TV and the few variety shows, we get to see how endearing they are. On stage, they transform into the figures of female power and their swag as they hype the crowd and boost all of our confidence with their music and swag. Then, that is where the fans and the girls connect, which brings in the reason why we're blackjacks.

Because 2NE1 never fails to deliver with their music and performance, because of the fellow fans, I am proud to be a blackjack~

Proud to be a Blackjack! 2NE1 works so hard for us and I will continue to support them. 2NE1 fighting!

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13Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)

We will always stand by her! Since her worldwide release she gives her best and make the impossible become possible for us, monsters! She's always trying to make us happy and also always fought for our rights! She even tried to break society rules to make "unusual" people feel equal and integrated! We all owe Lady Gaga so much! Paws Up forever!

We all support her no matter what. She makes me happy and brave. I love Gaga. She also loves her fans very much.

Because she's flawless, and only we're enlightened enough to see that... Which means quite a few people in this world are enlightened.

LADY GAGA IS QUEEN! And we're the most supportive and coolest fanbase.

Lady Gaga is the best. No matter what they say she will always shine. Love you Gaga!

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14Galaxy Defenders (McFly)

McFlyers are the most dedicated fans that I know. I'm one of them and we are big family, because that four guys made of us a Family! I'm proud and I love to be a Galaxy Defender, McFlyer, part of the McFly army. And I have to say that I love the CAFE CO' LECHI, YOUGURT, I'M A BAD GIRL AND I GO INTO THE WOODS, I'm THAT GIRL, I'm KATE, I'm JOANNA. BECAUSE I THINK THAT ALL MCFLY SONGS ARE DEDICATED TO THE FANS, NOT JUST FOR KATE, JOANNA, ANNE, OR WHATEVER (except for Lindsay, that's other story). WE ARE THE BEST FANS, THEY LOVE US, AND WE WAIT FOR THE AMAZING ALBUM THEY ARE PREPARING AND THE FABULOUS TOUR! 'THE KEEP CALM AND PLAY LOUDER TOUR'. SERIOUSLY, THEY MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND A MILLIONS GIRLS IN THE WORLD ARE FELLING THE SAME RIGHT NOW.




McFly is my life, they mean everything to me, they and their music where in the best and worst moments in my life, in many moments they are been with me... Not with me like in person, but their music always make me feel better and give me the power to continue in the difficult moments... This 4 guys, Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry are too much for me... They are amazing, funny, talented, crazy, lovely guys, naughty guys, they always can make me laugh. They love us and try always to make us feel nearer to them, the best gift that they bring to us is their amazing music, that chords, the bass, the guitars, the drums, the lovely and charming voices, Tom lovely voice, Danny rocky voice, and Dougie cute voice, I don't know what my life could be without them (sorry for my English, I try my best to express everything or almost everything that I feel) ANOTHER YEAR OVER WE ARE STILL TOGETHER, IT'S NOT ALWAYS EASE BUT MCFLY IS HERE FOREVER! GALAXY DEFENDERS STAY FOREVER

We are the best! Because we love the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD. McFLY is everything for us. THANKS DOUGIE, TOM, DANNY AND HARRY FOR MAKING OUR LIVES BEAUTIFUL. We love your perfect songs, your good humour, your kindness, your performances and everything about you. IT'S NOT ALWAYS EASY BUT MCFLY'S HERE FOREVER.

My life. I don't need a paragraph because that's a big achievement! They are literally my life

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Westlife is the best boyband for decade they are so amazing talented amazing wonderful awesome they love their fans I really love them

I only love Westlife in music industry! We all will always love and support them forever even they're gonna split up. Westlife is our lives. They will always be Westlife for us. They are good in voices, attitudes, and love. They are devoted to their partners. Westlife is more than just our idols, but they are family for us! #WestlifeForever

Westlife has a huge fan base! And that was proven by MTV Battle of the best boyband! We all stood together and voted them the best! They are our whole world! They will be missed by their fans but never forgotten and we will be here forever no matter what

I've always been a Westlife fan since childhood. While most kids ages 7-17 listening to trashy singers like Justin Bieber, all I listened was Westlife until I got over the fact that they already split. I still support them though.

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16Smashblast (Sm*sh Indonesia)

We have 1 awards. We have a perfect idol. We heart sm*sh forever!

SMASHBLAST fan bases are peace-loving, always compact to endorse anywhere SMASH
Although many are bullying but it is open to more advanced end of everything
SMASHBLAST will always suppor SMASH forever

We have 1awards is a mama awards. And smashblast in the fanbase are peace-love. And we proud to smash Indonesia

Smash always in my hearts until whenever!

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18Nirvana - Nirvanics
19Musers (Muse)

We are and have been united and growing for more than ten years now. This is commitment you cannot deny. We've become more than just a fandom, more than just a group of people who demand to be heard by a group of people we love. We're a huge family, all together, with Muse themselves. We understand them, and they understand us. We are Musers.

It's nearly impossible to describe what being a muser is like for anyone outside of the fandom to relate to. Basically, musers are a unit, a team, a family. Plain and simple. We aren't collectively joined because we find the Muse members 'hot', it is because we all share the same love of the music. We aren't deluded or feel the need to thrust our fandom into others faces, we are considerate, we respect everyone. I haven't yet encountered a muser I genuinely dislike and that is because we all understand that there is no need for antagonism. We not only love the band, we love, care and respect each other. It is for the reason that musers are the best, all round fandom; we are Musers and we follow example from the kindest, funniest and most talented men in the music industry today.

Musers are a really tight-knit but also very large community. On facebook, there is an official page with over 10 million fans. Musers make up all sorts of fans that are united together by one band, which is uncommon to other fan bases. For example, a classical music fan, a hard-rock fan and a professional pop-rock fan might all like MUSE and have appreciated the other genres presented by the songs played by Muse.

Muse has been around for twenty years now and musers have been there the whole time. We have a lot of inside jokes and stuff, but we are also a family. We don't battle against other fan bases. We respect others.

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20Beatlesmaniacs (The Beatles)

YOUR KIDDING ME! There the Beatles and they're in 114 place! This list is a joke! The top ten of this list are all K pop bands I've never heard of and worst of all belibers and directioners are topping this? This is a disgrace to REAL MUSIC!

Why are all these pop "artists" at the top? (Except for Green Day, I love you too.) Rock fans have really care about music, are (in general) nice people, and don't abandon bands when they stop being "cool".

A very loving community of Beatles fans, always there for each other. Just, make sure not to offend The Beatles, or else you're dead - kaitlynrad11

They were the screaming fans before the Beliebers! - Pony

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