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21Linkin Park Underground (Linkin Park)

These guys are dedicated to Linkin Park, attending most of their shows, buying their music, collecting all their items, they are one of the best fanatics for a band I've seen in a while, as they are extremely dedicated to Linkin Park, through out every single album they release - MisterAlex

I do like linkin park but I wonder what there fan base is just kidding I'm a solder to not the fan base website

I love Linkin Park and I will always support them.

Linkin Park has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world

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22Smashblast (Sm*sh Indonesia)

We have 1 awards. We have a perfect idol. We heart sm*sh forever!

SMASHBLAST fan bases are peace-loving, always compact to endorse anywhere SMASH
Although many are bullying but it is open to more advanced end of everything
SMASHBLAST will always suppor SMASH forever

We are SMASHBLAST, We are fansmily, not war, keep #AngkatDamai, #SayToPeace, and #Respect

Smash always in my hearts until whenever!

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23Moonwalkers (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson was and still is one of the most influential artists in the music industry. You will always hear an artist say that Michael Jackson was their inspiration one of the reasons why they wanted to make music for the world. Michael inspired Beyonc , Ariana Grande, Usher, Green Day, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, you name it. He's even inspired athletes! For example, he inspired a football player from the NFL with his song Man In The Mirror . He also adored children. He loved them from the bottom of his heart, but ignorant people decided to press charges make allegations that he was a child molestor. He never deserved any of the things he got. He changed the world with his music! Listen to his music, you'll understand. You don't see many artists write songs such as Heal The World , We Are The World , Man In The Mirror , Earth Song , etc all by Michael Jackson . He even wrote a poem called Planet Earth ! He had a very strong concern about our planet because of how we treat it. ...more

We are the largest fan base for a performer in the world! The number of Michael's fans have been estimated to be near a half a billion! Michael is the best entertainer of all time, he broke every possible music records on this planet! Genius and good man. Best humanitarian, helped and save lives of many chlidren. King of Pop and King of our hearts! We will always love you Michael

Moonwalkers are the best, because he's singing about making this world a better place. And what is his fans/moonwalkers do. We will make it a better place. And this fandom is one big ball of people who's listening to the realest and best music in the world. MOONWALKER 4ÆVER

Inspirational humanitarian we lost to soon

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24Musers (Muse)

We are and have been united and growing for more than ten years now. This is commitment you cannot deny. We've become more than just a fandom, more than just a group of people who demand to be heard by a group of people we love. We're a huge family, all together, with Muse themselves. We understand them, and they understand us. We are Musers.

It's nearly impossible to describe what being a muser is like for anyone outside of the fandom to relate to. Basically, musers are a unit, a team, a family. Plain and simple. We aren't collectively joined because we find the Muse members 'hot', it is because we all share the same love of the music. We aren't deluded or feel the need to thrust our fandom into others faces, we are considerate, we respect everyone. I haven't yet encountered a muser I genuinely dislike and that is because we all understand that there is no need for antagonism. We not only love the band, we love, care and respect each other. It is for the reason that musers are the best, all round fandom; we are Musers and we follow example from the kindest, funniest and most talented men in the music industry today.

Musers are a really tight-knit but also very large community. On facebook, there is an official page with over 10 million fans. Musers make up all sorts of fans that are united together by one band, which is uncommon to other fan bases. For example, a classical music fan, a hard-rock fan and a professional pop-rock fan might all like MUSE and have appreciated the other genres presented by the songs played by Muse.

Humble and respectful. I'm glad to be part of it. If someone says the band sucks, I don't get triggered, I ask "why? " and they're likely to say they're terrible for no reason or compare the band to some autotune pop artist. This is coming from a 10 year old, by the way.

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Westlife is the best boyband for decade they are so amazing talented amazing wonderful awesome they love their fans I really love them

Westlife has a huge fan base! And that was proven by MTV Battle of the best boyband! We all stood together and voted them the best! They are our whole world! They will be missed by their fans but never forgotten and we will be here forever no matter what

They still have the handsome and soothing voice ever. WESLIFE is WESLIFE!

Now they visiting our country and I'm so glad for their comeback. I really love their song as well as I love them also. I really do love this band and its WESLIFE!

I've always been a Westlife fan since childhood. While most kids ages 7-17 listening to trashy singers like Justin Bieber, all I listened was Westlife until I got over the fact that they already split. I still support them though.

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26Nirvana - Nirvanics

Never in a million years. All of the nirvanics I've ever met are really up them selves and usually 70% of them can't name a nirvana song besides Smells Like Teen Spirit. And the one Nirvanic that's my friend is always like "Led Zeppelin is too old school and nirvana is the best band EVER". - 12cc

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They hate Metallica else they're good

28Stans (Eminem)

Marshall helped us so much through our lives and our problems. He can make us laugh, think, or cry. Even though I know there are better rappers out there, STAN FOREVER

Stans are incredible and so dedicated!

haters. I don't care if you don't like him, just don't hate him

Stans should be on no2.Stans are awesome

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29Beatlesmaniacs (The Beatles)

Why are all these pop "artists" at the top? (Except for Green Day, I love you too.) Rock fans have really care about music, are (in general) nice people, and don't abandon bands when they stop being "cool".

YOUR KIDDING ME! There the Beatles and they're in 114 place! This list is a joke! The top ten of this list are all K pop bands I've never heard of and worst of all belibers and directioners are topping this? This is a disgrace to REAL MUSIC!

The Beatles MADE music! I'm sure that some singers wouldn't have done what they did if The Beatles didn't exist!

Most of the musical artists ahead of The Beatles on this list were heavily influenced by them.

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30Cher Lloyd

The correct term is actually "Brats", cause Cher Lloyd calls her fan her brats. They are always so nice to all the other fandoms and very supportive.

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JYJ we loved them so much I will support them forever because they have unique talent and their voice is perfect

I salute all JYJ fans because they are the most ardent and loyal supporters of this generation. Many people thought JYJ would not survive without their ex-company but they had not reckoned that JYJ fans are a force to reckon with.

The most powerful trio ever!
I love them and always keep the faith. We as cassieopea will give our full support for our jyj. And it will last forever.

How can we be 29th? We are the most loyal fandom.(I hope JYJ fans also have voted Cassiopeia)

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32L.O. Λ.E (NU'EST)

Nu'est is my hero. They have both of talent and beauty. Although they are rookie, but their songs like "Face" or "I'm sorry" are really wonderful. I love them so much!

I like how loves gets together to vote for Nu'est as best rookie every time there's a poll. NUEST LOVES FIGHTING

L.O. /. E always support NU'EST in any circumstances. NU'EST is No1 in the heart of the L.O. /.E. nU'EST fighting! NU'EST is the best! NU'EST try to hit the rookie of the year award! L.O. /. E in Vietnam will always support NU'EST! ♥

Nu'est is beautiful! No matter what, I will stick with them and love them!

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33Selenators (Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez is beautiful and is a great singer! She has a lot of talent and her music is amazing. I love her and her voice. I love her old stuff and her new stuff. She is by far my favorite artist! - Insomniatic78

Selena Gomez is so hot and beautiful. I do not even have the words to describe her looks and her voice. I love her so much! I love her music and her body, she is just perfection. I am forever a Selenator - Selenator78

She's a decent singer but dumb enough to date Justin Bieber. - RiverClanRocks

Yes selenators are really sweet

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34Henecia (Kim Hyun Joong)

Hyun joong is a humble, nice, funny person. His personality is very good. He is really perfect, he is multitalented person. He ever says : "THERE'S NO DIFFERENT BETWEEN HENECIA AND TRIPLE S, THEY LOVE ME AND I LOVE THEM! "

Forever HENECIA... Kim Hyun Joong is the best artist.. Very talented, handsome, he has a amazing voice, is a great actor and dancer, he radiates an incredible charisma, he has amazing stage presence... God of Universe.. Very proud of him.. HENECIA ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU KIM HYUN JOONG

I'm a die hard Kim Hyun Joong one and only... Definitely bias..

I'm proud with you, Kim Hyun Joong Daebak...!
You are the best Leader... We love you so much... & 501x
We are Henecia and Triple'S always support you... Fighting...!

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Unless you're an elitist then we're all pretty cool to be around

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36Rakimers (Rakim)
37Avrileros (Avril Lavigne)

Avril Lavigne's fans are named "Little Black Stars" not Avrileros.. Please modify that! Thanks, however we are going to win!

Old fans are called AVRILEROS, it's Spanish. Little Black Stars is new, however every fan of Avril can vote!

I'm a little black star avril we could meet up one day

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39Ten Club (Pearl Jam)

You can't ignore die-hard fans of the greatest band of all time, Pearl Jam.

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