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61 BABY (B.A.P)

Babys/Warriors are like a BIG FAMILY, that are scattered all over the world, that would make groups hugs frequently(laugh out loud we are cheesy)! We are thankful for every Baby out there, for TS creating B.A.P. and obviously B.A.P. for always working hard for us!
I think every Fandom reflects the groups they support and Babys are a really hard working fandom

BABY's just like a family for me.. Best fandom I ever had

I love B.A. P! They work so hard for us as Babys and they truly deserve the best.B.A. P fighting!

Coolest fandom ever. After the one shot era they just realizwd what theyve done to Himchan and just quiet. They really just don't care bout haters and fanwars. Babyz and B.A. P hwaiting!

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62 JLSters (JLS)

Always support cn blue! Especially yonghwa oppa, they always make me happy with their song.. Cn blue fighting! I love them so much!

I can get pressures at times
But I am strong and I try to sing all night
I don't like same songs
And I don't like same sounds
I just love to try all night
I'm gonna try again, try again,
Back again try it all night
I never give up forever
Try again, try again, back again
Time to try
I want to try to show all night

CNBLUE Try Again Smile Again

They are well rounded, talented, they compose their own music, play musical instruments, and all good looking at that!

BOICE for me is the one and only fan base, I feel lot of love here, BOICE are daebak, mannered, full of love, care, I am proud being one of them and I am proud support CNBLUE with them.

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64 Arctics (Arctic Monkeys)
65 Deathbats (Avenged Sevenfold)

Avenged Sevenfold is the best! I will love them forever.

A7X is and will be my favorite band..It has a place to my head and my heart.I hope all deathbats continue admiring a7x with all their heart.

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66 Nightwishers (Nightwish)
67 Team Grimmie

Christina grimmie for the win

68 Mayhem
69 Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)

Being a Echelon is not about how long you've know the band or how many concerts you've been to. It's about having a connection with other Echelons. It's about supporting each other through thick and thin, laughing together when we're happy and just being there for each other. Some people say you can't chose your family but we have chosen ours. And it's the best family I could ever wish for Even if the rest of the world walks out,30 Seconds to Mars and the Echelon will always be there Echelon forever

We are not fans, we are a family! It's an unique love, and care, and dedication! We just dream and support our life reason: 30 seconds to mars

During the past 2 years 30 Seconds To Mars have been touring I met so many new people and they each thought me something new. We traveled in groups far and wide to see the band play. Now we still keep in touch via Echelon meet-ups and/or casual drinks. I can say I made some awesome friends. Thanks MARS!

Echelon are a family and I am glad to be part of it.

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70 Petals (Heechul/ Heenim Super Junior)

I am petals 4 ever, I love his voice and his face, kim heechul I love you

Heechul gives me life. He has been through so much just since Super Junior debut and he keeps coming back from everything for his group, his E.L.F. S, and his Petals. I love Heechul!

I've already voted for E.L. F, but seeing that my ultimate bias is also here made me smile widely :D Yeoksi, Wujudestar Kim Heechul!

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71 The Wanted

It really earned it's name! The members of that fan base look after each other and create bonds unlike anything else!

The wanted's fan base are known as the TWFanmily because because we really are a family. I think the fued between the wanted and one direction is childish much like 1D fanbase

The most amazing fanbase I've ever been a part of!

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72 Little Black Stars (Avril Lavigne)

We love Avril very much. She helps some of us through bad times, always supports us, inspires with her talent, teaches many important things, and we also are always there for her. She is our Queen. She is our angel. We appreciate her so much, and she appreciates us very much, too.

Little Clack Stars is such a great fanbase...Nobody insults other artists ( which is great) And they only care about Avril and her music. Of course we listen to other artists too but we never insult Lady gaga, Katy perry etc. We also don't take Avril like a goddess (which most of the fanbases do) like Directioners, Beliebers etc...But we have some negative things too... We don't support Avril that much eventhought some of us try...

We are rulers and we rule forever

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73 Motörhead
74 Metallica
75 Annihilator
76 NezIndaClub (Agnes Monica)

She is the real diva
I love you Agnes

The best asian singer n the real superstar in the world, love agnes monica so much! Nothing gonna change y love for you NEZ

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77 Angels (Leeteuk/Park Jungsoo SJ biased)

How do I even begin to describe Lee Teuk? He is just pure perfection he is an angel without wings. I will always be an ELF and I am proud to say that I already voted for ELFs since I'm one lol - MMM_sjfreak

OoopaaA I love you I'm ELF from Saudi Arabia... You have fans in Arabia pleas kam in arabia,... We love teuk

78 The Saturdays

They may be a small fanbase, but they are the nicest! They support the girls, and never send hate to anyone! Even if they haven't released music in a while, they patiently wait because they are the definition of what a fanbase should be like.

79 Parawhores/Parafamily (Paramore)
80 Arianators (Ariana Grande)

I'm an Arianator and I usually don't choose to be in fabases, but it's different with Ariana. Everyone is so loving and supportive, dedicated and we respect her decisions.

Arianators stick with their Queen, don't betray and love each other. There's no hate in Arianator Island!

No offense but I hate arinators because they can't take opinons they say haters are dumb idots,deaf,blind and on facebook one seleators says " I hope ariana grande is the next to die " and arinators says "i hope you and selena gomez is next to die" and they say"everyone is gonna pay millons for that donut licked by ariana" you will understand why I hate arinators because they are childish,mean and they can't take hate opinions they also throw tantrums to haters and this should be down on this list

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