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141Panheads (Skillet)
142Beyhive (Beyoncé)

Beyonce's fan base has stuck with her this whole time. From twitter feuds, to the real world, they always have her back in reminding everyone that she is the QUEEN.

Beyonce is loved by everyone and we all enjoy her voice but her fans wont let anyone dis queen bee

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143Skeleton Clique (Twenty One Pilots)

I love twenty one pilots but I don't like their fanbase at all. most of the fans of twenty one pilots are 13 year old girls who only listen because they think tyler is cute and came from stressed out. vessel days were better, when the fanbase had real meaning to it, not just a bunch of tween idiots who over dramatize everything tyler does or says

GET THIS TO TOP (see what I did there) 100 - ProPanda

As someone who deeply loves every last one of their albums (especially blurryface), yeah, this fanbase is garbage. Even if they're vocally minor complared to the band's critics (and believe me every last one of them have zero tact in their criticism), they're still pretty intolerant of other opinions, even if they're well-founded. - WonkeyDude98

144Bangtan BoysV1 Comment
145Death Cab for Cutie
146Pink Spiders (Hideto Matsumoto)
147S.G.S (Stacy Angie)
148Miniie (Park Jung Min)
149Diadems / Citrines (T-ara)
150Harapeko Kids (Maximum the Hormone)

You don't necessarily have to be a kid to be a Harapeko Kid. In fact, most fans are adults. Maximum the Hormone will rise one day... Just you watch because, we, The Harapeko (Hungry) Kids will destroy those crazed fan girl Belibers! - MeowMix

151Hypens (KAT-TUN)
152Lizilianers (Liza and Frisilia)

They're cassiopeia have many fans in Medan because they have beautiful voice, charming and great dancers too..

they'll spread love in everywhere and for everyone...
that's why we LIZILIAners love them..

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153F(x) Fandom
154Loser Kids (blink-182)

I think the best thing about blink-182 fans is that they don't judge you.

155Cloud (Bi Rain)

He is The best Korean Dancer... He is famous not only in Korea but also over the worlds...
so many fans around the world... He is a good actors and singers also...
We love Rain


Evanescence Fans are the best fans in music. You'll find an EVFan everywhere you go, they travel 10 hours for concerts, and don't go a day without listening to an Evanescence song.

Evfans are amazing they don't get in fights with other fanbases and they really respect the music and the band

157Team Breezy (Chris Brown)V1 Comment
158Lambs (Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey's lambs has been there for her for over 2 decades.

The queen of all queens when it comes to music

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159Chiters (Anti Cherrybelle)

This is the origin of Indonesian girlband who plagiarize songs from SNSD

160CimFam (Cimorelli)

Cimorelli are the Best! They're rocking'.

Are you kidding me?!
Hah! The come an is almost as bad as the beliebers!

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