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161KISS Army (KISS)

KISS army has been around since 1972 and has never been stronger. No one can beat us, we rule the music universe.

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162Juggalos (Psychopathic Records)

We are number 1. No doubt. We are the Most hated. Most loyal. Ad longest lasting. And have more time to get better. We have made most improvements. And we even have a holocaust against us. Can't beat that.

The best no matter what this chart says, whoop whoop MCL to all the wicked clowns out there!

Definitely number one! Most loyal by far. Its a lifestyle. MMFWCL

163Hustlers (All Time Low)

In my opinion, the All Time Low fanbase is about as good as you can get. We're funny, dedicated, love our band for more than just looks, and we all get along really well. I've been in a lot of different fandoms, but I can say I'll be in this one forever with confidence. I will always love ATL's music and I will always be a hustler. We genuinely care about the band. A lot of people can't say that.

All time low is the most amazing band ever! AND THeir fans are, funny, devoted and chill, all at the same time.

164Street Soldiers (Linkin Park)V1 Comment
165(TM) Mindless Behavior

ONCE MINDLESS ALWAYS MINDLESS! You a'int TM if you weren't there from the beginning.

166Victims (The Killers)

The victims are one big family:)
They're hot, usually adults, have great music taste, kind and are an incredibly mature fan base. Usually love other great bands like the Strokes, Oasis, The Smiths, New Order, U2, Artic Monkeys, etc.

1675sosfam (5 Seconds of Summer)

Directioners suck honesty (sorry it's the truth)

They should be higher up. The 5sos FAM is always there for the boys to support them. Also, the true fans accept people who weren't there from the beginning and help each other through everything.

We don't deserve to be in 266. We deserve higher. This fandom is the sweetest and does not send hate.

This is my forever family

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168Tools (Tool)

Look up any comment section of Tool songs! Especially Lateralus! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

169Starlights (VIXX)

Nicest fandom ever. I'm slowly becoming one of them. They're always educating the newer fans on how to act in terms of supporting the idols. Even the lighhtstick is cool

Starlights are one of the many kindest fandoms that I could think of. They're always educating and helping newer fans on supporting and helping VIXX. I love this fandom. I'm already a part of 15 fandoms, so…make it 16.

170Deadheads (Grateful Dead)

Why are they so low? I added them, too, because they are a legitimately loyal fanbase! Best of all, they aren't annoying! - Pony

They are the nicest people you will ever meet.

By far the most devoted fanbase.hopefuly you know this already but they literaly followed the greatful dead around the country, watching every show - RecklessGreed

171SOPHIEsticaters (Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
172Zombies (The Pretty Reckless)
173Pink Panda (A Pink)

They're the coolest female group ever!
Haruna on vocals and guitar
Tomomi on bass and vocals
Mami on guitar and vocals
Rina on drums and vocals
They'll rock your world!

175MightyMax (T-MAX)
176Heartbeats (Jessie J)

There aren't many Heartbeats around the world but there are quite a few in Spain, and I LOVE Jessica and I think EVERYONE SHOULD VOTE FOR HER!

178Seddie (Sam + Freddie)
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