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201 Sludge Metal V 1 Comment
202 Crossover Thrash

Heaven! My two favorite genres in one.

203 Thrashcore
204 Powerviolence
205 Nardcore

LOL, whoever put this on here might as well invent a new genre of music where everything is misspelled and usually is about gaming or cats. - LargeDemon

206 Skate Punk

I think it should be higher... I wouldn't vote for it (I already voted for punk rock), but its pretty popular.

207 Street Punk
208 Jazz Metal

Jazz plus heavy metal. Two of the grestest genres by themselves merged with each other. Virtuous, hard, versatile. Do I need to say anything else?

V 2 Comments
209 Delta Blues
210 Punk Blues
211 Texas Blues
212 Death 'n' Roll

Haven't actually listened to this but I've heard of it.

213 Reggae Rock
214 Crust Punk
215 Celtic Punk
216 Oi!

That is a really strange name for a music genre. - Imreallyboredrightnow

V 1 Comment
217 Christian Punk

No, just no.
Perfect for torture music, with jesus being said after every 5-7 words is an extremely good tool for annoying people and making them scream "MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! ". - LargeDemon

218 Garage Punk
219 Horror Punk
220 Cowpunk

Cowpunk or country punk combines punk rock with country music in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style.

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