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141 Tango

The Tango is very seductive, can't help but love this gorgeous music!

Come on, guys! Tango is sensual, sexy and full of passion. Can't get bored listening to the magical combination of violin, bandoneon, piano and double bass! This should be higher!

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142 Funk Metal
143 Alternative Hip Hop

Rap music that is art

144 Drumstep
145 Hardcore Punk

Dude...hardcore has got to be higher than that, that's disappointing, bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Black Flag, and so much more have paved the way for so many other genres...where do you think the "core" in metalcore/deathcore comes from? Bands like Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Thy Art Is Murder, etc. Have all derived the breakdown in most metal hardcore genres because of hardcore punk

146 Garage Rock
147 Dance-punk
148 Minimalism

Who doesn't like squeaky noises?

149 Dark Cabaret
150 Oriental
151 Math Rock V 5 Comments
152 Vaporwave

A beautiful satire of consumerism while still being entrancing. Makes me nostalgic for an era I wasn't even alive during. - unvulturedswine

Vaporwave will probably see an increasing level of popularity as technology advances. Vaporwave mixes synthesized samplings of 80's music usually backed by purposefully bad abstract art and AOL broadband romanticisim.

Best musical genres that exists! - SFilip73

It's all about the aesthetics.

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153 Crossover/Operatic Pop

From Mario Lanza and Sarah Brightman, to the current "Keeper of the flame", Jackie Evancho, this genre will never be the biggest seller, but will appeal to an extremely varied and diverse fan base.

Pop music went off the rails when it was subverted by an accountant driven music industry with their shake-and-bake, manufactured 'stars'.
Classical Crossover is the road to recovery, making quality and beauty popular again, by bringing to the market gifted new singers like Jackie Evancho.

This genre can help bring quality back to popular music. Sarah Brightman is the queen, and Jackie Evancho is the princess of CC.

154 Southern Rock

With bands like the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, you can't go wrong! Southern rock has all the good bands

It's like country and rock mixed together.

Lynyrd skynyrd is one of the best

155 Future House

Can't believe this genre hasn't been added yet to this list. It rocks!

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156 Rapcore

Yeah I like linking park.

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157 Brostep

Not only is Brostep the greatest musical genre it's the greatest art form.

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158 Slamming Brutal Death Metal

There are some good bands in this genre such as Crepitation, Guttural Slug, Gastrorrexis, The Dark Prison Massacre, etc. It's just disliked amongst death metal fans like myself who think the vocals are "too weak".

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159 Ambient

Ambient takes you places, listening to it is like going to rivers, oceans etc.

Ambient music in Minecraft is cool and dramatic if your using surround sound - Harri666

160 Dixieland
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