Top 10 Best Music Groups

Here's a list of the ten best music groups of all time, according to my own opinion. By 'music group' I mean a musical group, containing at least two members. I'll try to explain as best as I can why I chose a group on that position. Enjoy, I hope you like it. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The Beatles
HOW IS THAT HORRIBLE BAND BIG TIME RUSH #1? Apparently the world has forgotten what a big impact this band has made. They had stunning preformances and wonderful music! That crappy band big time rush does not have any of these things in it. This is why The Beatles are truly the best band of all time, in the whole universe!
It's real sad to see OD AND BTR so high up, when this band broke so many barriers and did so many things in the music world, not to mention the great music they gave us. People, what matters is the music and quality and accomplishments of the band. Good looks, don't matter that much. Folks be smart and vote for music and not looks. When it comes to that The Beatles are infinity times better than some boy bands that will fade in some years and will barely be remembered in the future.


The Beatles transcended mere music. The world looked to them eagerly for other cultural directions: clothing styles, hair styles, THEY MADE THE FIRST MUSIC VIDEO EVER - for Strawberry Fields Forever - for spiritual and literary guidance. For visual arts guidance. For political guidance; for generational guidance.
They practically re-created the entirety of Western culture.
[Newest]They pioneered MANY different music and recording techniques and actually played completely different styles of music in their VERY SHORT recording life. Count how many years they recorded against how many albums they produced - enough said!

2One Direction
One Direction has that one thing that makes them beautiful so it's gotta be them. I wish I could have a moment in time where I'd meet them. Some are taken but they still should be the top band. If they're losing to BTR, come on, tell me a lie.
I love one direction they should be number two though cause I like btr too though
I love love love love love them they are fantastic
[Newest]One direction is better than The Beatles

3Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush is the best band ever. If anyone listens to their music once, he/she would forget every other music. Plus they are good looking and have a great T.V. show too.

Yeah like big time rush and one direction are better than queen


How is BTR #3?!

How is big time rush above this?

6Led Zeppelin

7Backstreet Boys
The Backstreet Boys have sold over 130 million records worldwide. According to Billboard, they are the first group since Sade to have their first seven albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard 200. They rose to fame with their debut international album, Backstreet Boys (1996). In the following year, they released their second international album, Backstreet's Back (1997) and their debut album in the United States which continued the group's success worldwide. They rose to superstardom with their album Millennium (1999) and its follow-up album, Black & Blue (2000). After a three-year hiatus, the band regrouped and have released their comeback album: Never Gone (2005), as well as two further albums Unbreakable (2007) and This Is Us (2009).
Their lyrics is best and they have much knowledge of songs and rythim of every song is best and the they have meaning in every song and they also won best international music group award and all other bands are waste in front of these group and they must be top as well they have given logo of prince of pop... Backstreet Boys rules...
Since the time I entered the pools of hormones backstreet have cooled me and mesmerized the depths of my soul all the way through
Definitely the number 1

8Linkin Park
What! You gotta be kidding... LINKIN PARK ON 7TH! This band deserves to be on the top... Its the best rock band the world has seen or will ever see... Their music is awesome, and their lyrics are always so realistic and wonderful!
This must be the best group EVER
They are the BEST!

Incredible voices and songs! One of the best groups ever!
Their music is legendary

10Pink Floyd
This is without a doubt, the most painful, frustrating, and dumb list I have EVER seen in my life. I like how The Beatles are at the top. But One Direction, Big Time Rush, Backstreet Boys, ABBA, and -should be nowhere near here! I don't even think Linkin Park is worthy of the top 200 bands ever. It is absolutely sickening to see people voting for boy bands that will be forgotten in 10 years over musical geniuses such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Rolling Stones, Queen, or Black Sabbath. I could go on all day about how imbecile the people that vote for the boy bands are. IF YOU ARE READING THIS, AND YOU PLACED YOUR VOTE FOR 'ONE DIRECTION' BTR' BACKSTREET BOYS' THE WANTED SUPER JUNIOR, OR LMFAO, PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND GET OFF THE INTERNET AND LISTEN TO SOME REAL MUSIC.


The Contenders

11The Wanted
I heard "The Wanted" group on "The Talk" T.V. show on July 3, 2013. I just turned 70 years of age this past April and... I'M HOOKED ON THE GROUP.

12Super Junior
Kabboom! Super Junior is in the top 10 and it is amazing to see a kpop group here. Super Junior is truly wonderful and their songs are so catchy as well as their dancing.. Their pretty cute as well

13Green Day

14Jackson 5

15The Rolling Stones

16Maroon 5
Come on, One Direction 2? They must be in top 5. How can we forget their old songs, this love, beautiful goodbye, She will be loved?

17The Police

They are the best band in the world. LMFAO means laughing my f-ing ass off. They are funky

The best I ever known...



22Three Dog Night




26The Temptations

Best group ever! Number 1!

28Arctic Monkeys
Artic monkeys are the best! I love their music!

294 Minute


31The Black Eyed Peas
The Black Eyed Peas are ingenious. They have real talent unlike most people think, Fergie has no talent? Pfft! Watch a live video of "Finally" by her also listen to barracuda, also their music is just heart-pounding and gets you going! I swear people judge them based of their 5th studio album "The E.N. D, agree it their worst but look at the others! They were just experimenting. But if you watched interviews and knew them for a while you'd know how down to Earth they are, they deserve #1 Also One Direction what!
Whay the heck the BEP are so unique they are in top 10 easy

Cold play are such an awesome band they should be 1 I bet big time rush voters are girls
I find this group todey and like it they make me relax

33Imagine Dragons
Linkin park pays attention to realities of the world more than other bands that I have seen and it's good

34Rizzle Kicks

JYJ is a three-member of South Korean boyband. They are good in singing and dancing, has beautiful and powerful voice. They aren't just Kpop Idol, but multi talented artist. They are also an actor (musical actor), composer, arranger, lyricist.
I voted because there are Junsu & Jaejoong here... Who's well-known as one of the BEST ASIAN MALE SINGERS EVER! One more surprising fact about them, is that, they're sounds BETTER than Recorded! You read it right, BETTER!
How many guys in K-Pop who always LipSYnc and LipSYnc?! Huh? Even that over-rated SuJu can't really stand by their own wothout LipSync...

36Little Mix
Little Mix is not only the first girl group to win the X-Factor, but the first GROUP. This task hadn't been accomplished in the show's 8 year run time until Little Mix achieved it in 2011. In a time where many artists use auto tune and lip-synch, Little Mix stays natural and sing every note perfectly, whether or not they are in the studio or singing live. Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie are not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. They care greatly about Mixers and put in effort whenever they sing, which is evident with every song they write and sing. Their songs are powerful and impact the lives of anyone who hears it. They will make you laugh, cry, smile and inspire you. Little Mix is the best music group.
Little Mix has inspired me in so many ways. Can't wait for Album 3!
They should get more votes

37Seals and Crofts

38The Doors

39The Wombats


41Bad Meets Evil


43The Velvet Underground


45Duran Duran

46Run DMC

47The Script
Cool group for real

48Franz Ferdinand

49All 4 One

50Air Supply

Best band! Deserves #1


53Three Days Grace

Best group in the world

55Kaiser Chiefs
Football club not music group

They bare the best girl group of all time! 65 million records sold you can't beat that

Revolutionised the music that is paired with the 90's! Surely top 10
Easily Top 10 what are you guys smokin


59Cobra Starship

Really should be higher.

61FT Island





The Best Iranian Hip Hop Pioneers



The first ever punk rock band.

70Operation Ivy

71The Casualties

72Avenged Sevenfold


They work hard and they deserved it!

75Girls' Generation
Why is this not higher? There THIS successful and not even retired yet.

Muse should be on the top 10, their songs are really good and well composed. There are good vocals and guitar and bass riffs.


Can't touch them they are way to good

79Take That

80Bee Gees
Their armonies the best!


82Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
I wouldn't say that they are the best, but I love their songs Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us. Those are my 2 favorite songs by them. Once again, I wouldn't call them the best, I mean they use a lot of bad words in their songs, but overall, they are a pretty good music group. But again, not calling them the best.

83Fifth Harmony
It is the best girl group ever
Camila ally lauren normani & dinah are the members of theggroup


85Rise Against
How come I'm the first guy to add their name

Bap need to be 1!

87Miss A

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