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The best female performer to ever live. This is enough receipt. we can of course mention Single Ladies for its cultural impact and her long list of classics from her Destiny's Child days to Love On Top. Being apart of the best selling girl group of all time. Her signature sound incoporating go go elements and her unique "rap-singing" style. Her famous relationship with JAY Z and her already famous daughter that broke twitter records before coming to life. and of course 9 #1s that spent 40 weeks @ #1.
This philanthropist, singer/songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress has earned her place in music as an icon due to restless work behind the scenes. She nitpicks every aspect of her product whether it's a documentary, video, or a fragrance until it's PERFECT. She loves her craft and there's NO STOPPING BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER.
How can Beyoncé NOT be a legend? That is completely and utterly absurd. Queen Bey is amazing and ain't nothing that could change that.
[Newest]Beyonce is a true legend ever since she started off in destiny's child. She is Flawless!

22Jarvis Cocker

23Pink Floyd
Oh my god! Oh my god! Eminem and 2pac are good. Britney Spears, Beyonce and Rhianna not so much. But Pink Floyd can never be compared to them. They are not even in the sane league. They deserve to be in the top three. Never No 21. They are surely better then Madonna. This list is not proper. They are way better than this.
Pink Floyd is amazing

24Bruce Springsteen
True artist and songwriter, the boss!
The one The only The Boss!
The Boss is number 1!

25Green Day
This is my favourite music band! My English is better with their songs

26Tinie Tempah
I just love this guy.. He's words are real and from the heart. He's amazing..

I know that all of these people have made good music, but wether you agree with his lyrics or not you can't mention hip hop genre without mentioning Eminem.
He is simply genius... And we love him... He has the best and meaningful lyrics and no one in the world is gonna go over him
Eminem is above Tupac. that's my opinion. Best second selling male artist of all time and on rank 4 of most award-winning artists. He saved hip hop. Tupac changed it and Eminem finished it...
[Newest]He is a real role model. He really did start from the bottom and had hard times then picked himself up and drove himself to victory! He should be crowned king!

Rihanna is so iconic and has a one of a kind voice and beauty. She has an amazing sense of fashion. She is absolutely legendary and her voice should be celebrated. She should be higher than number 17.
She is an icon

29Jimi Hendrix
He loved acid so I loved him

30Led Zeppelin
This band is hailed as the greatest rock band for a good reason. Why and how is One Direction on top? Seriously "What Makes You Beautiful" is considered better than "Stairway To Heaven"? That is a sick joke, people use common sense and vote for the best.


It is Led Zeppelin.

How the hell is Justin Bieber above Led zeppelin!
Led Zeppelin is boss! He should be #1!

31Jackie Evancho
David Foster said when Jackie was 10 he had never in his 45 years in the music business ever seen anything like her. And that she would have a 50,60,70,80 year career. She will prove him right I think. She'd up to 4 years now!
Already the finest singer of her generation, and will be around for the next 50 years or so.
Not a ledgend yet, but she has the potential to become one in 5 or so years.
Not bad for a thirteen year old!

32James Hetfield
METALLICA RULES!, his vocals are amazing, so so much in his early stages but in the albums Load and Re-Load his voice is spectactular and on the black album, Nothing else matters is a EPIC!, ROCK ON METALLICA!


I love metallica forever and I hope his can be tour to indonesia again
Definitely a top legend. He is seriously AWESOME. He is a one of theb best volaist that music has ever heard. James hetfield is LEGENDARY.

33Rolling Stones
The best in the world
Rolling stone on 86?
Without the rolling stones, none of todays music would exist. They deserve at least top 10. #smh

34Elton John

35John Lennon
John Lennon on 22..? Seriously our generation is doomed
John Lennon's music is meaningful.
He is a great and wonderful singer
[Newest]A leader and a legacy

36Celine Dion
Totally dumb list - REAL legends like the Beatles, Celine, Elton John, Lennon, Mozart and Bryan Adams below other children like Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey?


Celine should be from the top 5 not 32 I mean come on really she is a legend
Not right Celine Dion top 10

37Hideto Matsumoto

38Sonu Nigam
The best of all time...
Awesome Bollywood singer. Such a sweet voice, he should be in the top ten

39Olly Murs

40Ludwig van Beethoven
People forget that classical music is music to it seems. Beethoven is not only a genius, but a pioneer. Try to make music when your deaf and still make some of the most complex and beautiful songs ever made.
This man is a legend. Why the heck is he on number 40?

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