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This guy speaks the truth and s one of the best artists to come out of england. Incredible

22Christina Aguilera
I am not a Christina fan but I seriously I think Christina should be on the list at least above Justin Bieber and Evanescence. She and Britney probably rule the pop culture. Here are the information I found from Wiki about miss aguilera.

" Christina Aguilera has become a prominent figure in mainstream popular music and culture, and has been recognized as a pop icon, Princess of Pop and Voice of Generation. She has earned numerous awards and accolades, including four Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, two Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To date, Aguilera has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, with 14.5 million units certified in the United States alone. Rolling Stone ranked her 58th on their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, becoming its youngest and only artist under the age of thirty. During the 2000s, Billboard recognized her as the 20th Artist of the Decade and its second top-selling single artist, behind Madonna. Aguilera was ranked number eight in VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music and was one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2013. Outside of her work in the entertainment industry, Aguilera is involved in charitable activities through human rights, world issues, and her work as a UN ambassador for the World Food Programme. "
She is a legend, is considered the "voice of the generation" and one of the best singers of all time, has the power of reinvention and while others try to be "divas" of course she is a natural Diva. she will still amaze us much with his immense talent, I love her.
Christina Aguilera is an amazing singer. If you just look at her, you would have no idea that she has such talent. I think she should at least be #15, not #22

23Sonu Nigam
The best of all time...
Awesome Bollywood singer. Such a sweet voice, he should be in the top ten

24James Brown
How is he not top ten? JB is a goat people. I hereby pronounce JB, the famous flame, the funkiest man of all! Laugh out loud Like if you think jokenwas funny y'all

25Linkin Park
What! You gotta be kidding... LINKIN PARK ON 57TH! This band deserves to be on the top... Its the best rock band the world has seen or will ever see... Their music is awesome, and their lyrics are always so realistic and wonderful!
This band is an amazing band. They should be on top. They are deserves more than this.
Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are god of music.

26Shreya Ghoshal
She has incredible voice
Shreyaji can be called as the "Nightingale of Indian music".Such a lovely voice❤❤❤

Amy Lee is what makes the group special. The only rock band I would ever really listen to and appreciate.
Amy Lee is an amazing singer! She makes the group complete 😁
Best band Ever! Amy Lee and Ben Moody are rocks!

28K.S. Chithra
She's goddess saraswati... Her voice is so divine. Me being a non Indian, I'm listening to her sings since years... I don't know why but it gives me motherly love, friendly support and blessings... The way she sings.. She rules my heart... Long live my favourite singer
Gift of God to this world. Even very complex songs are very simple to her. Very down to earth person. You will never find such a gem any where else in this planet(male/female)

29Stevie Wonder
I voted stevie wonder because he didn't sing with his voice but with his soul

I love stevie! I'm just 12 yrs. Old but but I can still cope up with his songs
Stevie wonder is cool

30John Lennon
John Lennon on 22..? Seriously our generation is doomed
John Lennon's music is meaningful.
He is a great and wonderful singer
[Newest]A leader and a legacy

31Green Day
This is my favourite music band! My English is better with their songs

This group made some classic pop tunes that will be around for ever
One of the best POP music groups ever!

33Tinie Tempah
I just love this guy.. He's words are real and from the heart. He's amazing..

34Bruce Springsteen
True artist and songwriter, the boss!
The one The only The Boss!
The Boss is number 1!

35Shirley Bassey

36Jimi Hendrix
He loved acid so I loved him

They are best selling American rockband of all time! Truly legend. Deserve top 10

38Jarvis Cocker

39Led Zeppelin
This band is hailed as the greatest rock band for a good reason. Why and how is One Direction on top? Seriously "What Makes You Beautiful" is considered better than "Stairway To Heaven"? That is a sick joke, people use common sense and vote for the best.


It is Led Zeppelin.

How the hell is Justin Bieber above Led zeppelin!
Led Zeppelin is boss! He should be #1!

40Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney has contributed more to music than any other single human being in the history of music. He has written more hits than any other human being in existence. His band, The Beatles, set a precedence that has yet to be challenged. They hold records of which they were the first and the last to accomplish feats, such as all top five hits on the charts at one time. They were the first to record in stereo, overdub, first to play arena concerts, and revolutionized music as we knew all within 10 years time. No other artist (s) can claim what The Beatles did effortlessly. Their music is 50 years old and is still popular and relevant in the lives of youth today. And Paul McCartney is STILL selling out worldwide tours year after year at the age of 72. He is the reason I and so many millions are musicians today.

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