Best Music Legends in The World


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101Motoyuki Otsuka

102Andrea Bocelli


Kyla is the RNB Princess of the Philippines and she is the Soul Princess as well. I love her so much! Her music's very unique and soulful. May God bless her even more! MORE PROJECTS FOR YOU KYLA!


105Rachelle Ann Go

106Deep Purple

107Ian Curtis


109Asha Bhosle

110Billy Joel
I mean come on Piano Man, New York State Of Mind, Moving Out, Just The Way You Are, She's Got Away, We Didn't Start The Fire, Goodnight Saigon, Pressure, Captain Jack. Those are classic songs.
Who the hell puts justin beaver above some one like Elvis, and abba I mean really what is the world coming to if that is the standard of music chosen by poeple

111Taylor Swift
She is already considered as one of the music legends. So yeah

112Bruno Mars
Not going to lie, he is the most amazing singer I've ever heard. He has an amazing voice and they are CLASSICS! I hope he is honored after he dies, bless him

113Van Morrison

114Sarah Brightman

115Regine Velasquez

116Jonalyn Viray

117Julie Anne San Jose

They are legend for many many reason, they make the most amazing and successful songs you can ever hear, they are very very powerful on the stage and they are very amazing dancers, they have great personality and everyone love and respect them, and they love all their fans and they very very loyal to their fans, they make a successful works in Japan and all over Asia, they become legend by their ranking, they enter guiness record two times for the most photoshoots and for their fanclub that reach 800,000 fan, they are very hard worker to make the best to their fans and to the world, we CASSIOPEIA their fans proud of them so much, we love and respect them so much, we learn from them that we must ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH, and their so many things about them not just that, but its what I can write about them simply, so they deserve to be legend..

119The Cure

120Joe Satriani


122Aretha Franklin


124S. Janaki

125P. Susheela

126Lata Mangeshkar

127S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

128Kavita Krishnamurthy

129Nadeeka Guruge

130Cliff Burton

Cliff burton is definitely one of the biggest legend, he is the best bassist that the world has ever seen. Cliff and James hetfield should be on the top ten at least.



133R Kelly

134The Clash

135Fred Durst

136Alka Yagnik

137Bobby McFerrin

138The Notorious B.I.G

He is the best rapper to hit the east coast and music worldwide.

139Chris Brown

140The Stone Roses


142Johnny Ramone

143Dee Dee Ramone

144Joey Ramone

145Tommy Ramone

146Marky Ramone

147C.J. Ramone

148Richie Ramone

149Iggy Pop

150Patti Smith

151T. M. Soundararajan
All time great playback singer in Tamil cinema

152Enrique Iglesias
Enrique at #154? What? He has the best voice! At least much better than justin bieber, rihanna, lady gaga! I know its too much to expect but he should be in the top 10s...

153Nick Drake
Went unnoticed during his short life but truly a legend


155Milan Mladenović


157Juliet Simms

The world's most loved and best selling female group of all time. RIP Left Eye.

159A. R. Rahman

160Jonathan Davis

161Arctic Monkeys

162Beyoncé Knowles
This women is iconic and is certainly a legend. She is someone that lots of girls look up to. She is a great mother and wife. She's sexy yet classy. She is very talented and continues to work hard and has made a name for herself a long time ago. She works hard and deserves nothing but great things. This women is truly blessed and will always be QUEEN B.

163Johnny Cash
Come on guys... Justin beiber above johnny cash
Why no votes for the man in black

He is future legends in Indian

165B.B. King

166Dolly Parton

167Ringo Starr

168Elton John

169Lady Gaga
Gaga should be higher than Selena Gomez and Bieber. Even Kiss said she's amazing, they said she has done what Madonna did back in the 80's. No other artist has done that. She not only changed music, but the world. With her Born Brave foundation, donating money to one of her fans to get sugery, empowering LGBT youth, and lots more. She should be higher, she's one of the most influential artists ever.
I think gaga is a true legend and should be in top 10! She inspired millions of people in our time and still does! Shes is a great performer with a legendary voice! She is the definition of fame! She is a true icon!
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170Miley Cyrus

Miley is the 2nd greatest music legends of all time. She is queen. She has made history in just 5 years that nobody has done yet even MJ. You are great.

171Justin Bieber
What Is she doing here?
Amazing voice I love him so much I hated him at one point but the media makes up so much about him. Yes he's done wrong but he's learn d he's good now. Stop slagging him for his voice its beautiful
His voice is nice
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173Selena Gomez
LOVE her. She deserves the greatest things. She's an angel. Vote her
She's one of the most successful musicians in my opinion

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