Best Music Legends in The World


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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. Michael is a LEGEND! He started when he was just 5 in the Jackson 5. My favorite song by him is well, don't ask me that. They're all so good. Michael was such a lovely guy, so kind-hearted, generous and loving to all. He gave 300+million dollars to charities and welcomed disadvantages kids to come and spend time with him at Neverland. He was overall, a legend. And I will always think that. I don't care about what the haters say because they obviously have their heads stuck up their rear if they couldn't see how amazing he was. All he wanted to do was spread love, peace and hope around the world, tried to change his ways to make the world better. His songs were AMAZING and they will always be remembered. His dancing was breathtaking, I wish he hadn't left us, but in a way he hasn't. Because his spirit will forever live on in everyone's hearts and he can look down on us and laugh and enjoy watching us respecting him for once. Joe Jackson (Michael's father) said: "Michael wasn't ever really interested in money. I'd give him his share of a night's earnings and the next day he'd buy ice cream or candy for all the kids in the neighbourhood. "

Simple, but sweet things like that were what made Michael such a generous guy. I love Michael Jackson and don't care what the haters say.

RIP Michael
Moonwalk through heaven's doors.
MJ THE KING FOREVER... He will be the king for ever... MJ is the true man who knew his music and knew how to heal the world... It was all from his heart... Love you Michael...
He's fine and he's amazing and generous. And he is a great father to his children I believe that he worked hard to make his dream a success and everybody loved him. I also believe that if he feels lonely he has us and if he feels sad he has us and if he feels unloved he has us. I have come to believe that if we feel lonely sad or unloved we have him also and since he is gone he will be dearly missed we have him in our hearts rip Michael Jackson you have come down in history
[Newest]Michael Jackson is the best man 😍
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MADONNA, The most famous woman in the world. For over 30 years she has constantly made great music, videos, fashion and art that has become legendary. She has Re-invented herself, her music and her look with every new album.

Now, aged 55, she continues to make music (such as her last album MDNA which topped over 40 charts and broke an iTunes pre-order record), She continuous to make groundbreaking and yes, controversial videos for example her $1.5 million Give me all your luvin and continues to make great singles which still top many charts.

Over the past 30 years Madonna has become the Queen of Pop, the best selling female artist in history with over 300 million record sales and the most successful female entertainer EVER. It seems Madonna just doesn't stop getting bigger.

She has become a legend in the industry for breaking cultural and ethical taboos in the 80's and 90's, her driving force and determination has inspired almost all of today's pop stars. Madonna was arguably the first to take control of her career and do what she wanted to do. Her Music has led her to win numerous awards including 7 Grammys, 20 MTV VMA'S and 37 Billboard music awards.

Some of Madonna records and accomplishments include:

- Most number one albums (12) and most number one singles (13) in UK history for any solo artist.
- she has made over $1.1 billion from touring and currently hold the top 2 female tours of all time
-she has become the best-selling female in history
-more number one hits than anyone on the world music chart with 22
- most MTV awards and most MTV VMA nominations
- As of 2012 she has 43 number ones on the US dance chart (23 more than the artist in second place).
- She has been named the 'Greatest woman in music', 'one of the smartest businesswomen in the United States' & even 'arguably the most influential female recording artist of all time'
- she is multi-talented with her musical abilities which have led to 7 Grammy's, her acting which won her a Golden Globe, her directing, her producing, her business skills, a songwriter, and even a children's author.

Nobody has ever had the same impact as Madonna (except from the Beatles) on music, culture, videos, fashion and fame. She once said that she wanted to rule the world. Well, she hasn't done too badly in her quest.

She is more than a music Legend. She is an icon, a Queen, a pioneer, she is MADONNA. There should be no doubt that Madonna is the biggest female music legend of all time and arguably the number one overall.
She's the queen, the 'only' queen of the universe. She changed the music industry in 80's, 90's, 00's, and she's still changing it. Come on all the 'others' have disappeared now, but she's still making amazing music and everybody all around the world still adores her. She deserves being top even for Like A Prayer video! It changed the whole world!
There is only ONE Queen.. And I voted for her!

There never has, nor will there ever be anyone remotely like this woman. She has broken boundaries, stood up for gay rights, when it wasn't the cool thing to do. Her music tells the story of her and what she believes in.

One Woman!
One Queen!

[Newest]Undisputed queen of pop, best selling female artist of all time and still has immensely popular albums and tours even in her 50's, not to mention how she has paved the way for countless other performers,

3Freddie Mercury
I can't help myself when it comes to Queen's music. Even though it may not matter, the look of Queen was extraordinary. The music was 101% better than that. Hit songs and songs that go unnoticed by Queen are spectacular in my opinion. These songs seem to be thought out by their writers (basically the whole band). I feel as though everyone who contributed to these masterpieces besides Freddie go unrecognized. Freddie should really be #1, but hey I guess we (the fans) will just have to settle. Great List!
The definition of awesome = Freddie Mercury
The definition of singing = Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury was the best ever! I'm a tutor for a little kid right now. I get 15.00 bucks a week. And I already know what I'm gonna buy. A shirt with Freddie Mercury on the front, and I'm gonna wear it everyday. Every 3 weeks I'll buy another shirt. I can't wait!
No Lie, all four of my children are named after the whole band (Freddie Mercury/Roger Taylor/Brian May/John Deacon-first and middle name respectively! )
[Newest]You can't compare Queen to any other band they are truly unique! And Freddie's voice was AMAZING! If you don't believe just YouTube them performing live. Seriously these guys had immense talent and Freddie is a TRUE music legend and his music is fantastic!

4Elvis Presley
I agree! Elvis is #1. Still today 2012, elvis is the most imitated artist all over the world. Elvis has the BIGGEST fan base ever to be seen. After 35 years since the king left our planet, people still honor the anniversary of his death. Who can ever forget this magnificent and humble man, No one that's who...
For me no-one will ever top the legend that is Elvis, I mean I was not even born when he died but ever since I first heard his voice I have become hooked on the magic of his voice and classic songs. Mr Presley I salute you x
The god of rock should be 1st and then michael jackson and who the hell are maria carey, k. S chitra and madonna infront of elvis he is the undisputed legend in music history and where are beatles they should also be in top instead of these overrated artists except mj
[Newest]Legends like him are always alive in our hearts.

The Beatles gave a new pattern of music we hear nowadays. They broke the wall between the old and new periods of pop music industries. They established new vocals in a very natural way of singing, new music sounds, new looks as well as new ideas of song writing. They always tried out a lot of new experiments during the rehearsals and found out many particular details of making a unique performance session until the best recording in the studio. Their music is appreciated by every class of people from kings to beggars. Beatlesmusic audience are never classified but unified as one who just want to hear good music of great harmonies, nice melodies and lively performances. Besides, they are good models of hard-working musicians with great determinations to fulfill all the tasks they committed. I believe The Beatles are the only special combination of pop group that will never happen again in the pop history. It is a God's will to send them on earth to create music for the world. They deserve the number 1 pop music legends of the world.
The Beatles have sold MORE recordings ALL TIME than any other artist EVER.
Even 40 years after they broke up, The Beatles are still the second-best selling artist since the year 2000!
Many artists changed the world of music; only the Beatles changed the WORLD.
Before The Beatles, the world was about old people; after The Beatles, the world was about young people... That can only happen ONCE.
Ask any artist on this list- they will tell you that NOBODY matches up with The Beatles.
Michael Jackson is nothing compared to the Beatles. I mean, come on its the Beatles! The greatest musical act of all time. They changed the world forever. And their music is eternal! The Beatles are the greatest legends that have ever existed. THE BEATLES ARE THE GREATEST AND THE BEST SELLING EVER.
[Newest]Beatles have changed music history.

6Whitney Houston
Whitney was an successful artist, awarded singer, best selling artist...
The differences of whitney to another is being a greatest singer of all time, that's why she acclaim the name the voice, her voice like no other, the way she deliver the song with heartfelt voice, that's why I like her she lost her voice, but she's still stand for it to fight... In her latest album I look to you... Nothing can sing in her own way, and her own way to deliver a song... A great artist
It is very simple.. Whitney Houston was simply one of a kind, she had it all. Her voice is incomparable, the one and only voice who can reach your soul deep within... When she sing you can feel that she's talking to you.. Wonderful SuperDiva. "THE VOICE"

Very talented and beautiful woman, sadly left unexpectantly...

Please lift her higher in her memory!

RIP Whitney Houston
[Newest]I love her and may her soul rest in peace

7Bob Marley
his music is still inspiring the world should be No. 1
He was believing in Rastafari. No other artist had the same feeling or was fighting for so much like he did. His music is spread all over the world. Nesta had some thing special!
easy 1#
Although M.J. is the King of Pop I believe this man should be No. 1 there was no one like him and no other artist fighting for a greater cuase. Everything he did was for the people no matter what race. Tell me how do you get shot one day and still perform a free concert the same day. I think Bob Marley should be #1
[Newest]Bob Marley was King Reggae back in the 70s, but his music is still relevant today

8Mariah Carey
Mariah. She has the voice of an ANGEL! There is NOBODY in the music industry who can sing like her! Shes sold more records than any female artist in music history/ any solo artist. She was the voice of the 90's and the fact that she has 18 number one hits, 260 million records sold worldwide, and her amazing whistle register are just a few reasons why she is the greatest legend/ diva and much much more. Not to mention shes a great human being and soul.
The voice of the 90's. Her vocal talent is indisputable. Her writing abilities are extraordinary. 18 number ones. 200 Million album sales. And a singing ability that inspired every single modern female artist, along with Whitney & Celine they are the holy trinity of female vocalist.
A Living Legend Since the beginning of her career in the 90s. She has more number one hits than any other solo artist. The most amazing voice in history. She brought R&B Music to the world and changed the music industry with her amazing music.
[Newest]The greatest song writer, producer and singer

9Britney Spears
Britney has more influence in the pop industry. She has 6 world records which the others do not. Britney has also, been a major driving force, along with Madonna and MJ, to make Pop music what it is today. Like Elvis was for Rock=n=Roll.
What? Britney Spears is #43? This poll is ridiculous. Evanescence is before Britney? A rock band in a pop poll? This is stupid poll. Britney is the Queen of Pop and has slayed the music charts since 1998.
I'm not gonna waste my breath on this stupid poll.
SHES THE PRINCES OF POP, AND THE BEST PERFORMER. Every song that she releases is a hit
[Newest]Britney is a legend

The best rapper of all time and a revolutionary man. This is what makes him stand out. He transcended his own genre of hip-hop, and advanced it to the next artistic level. Tupacs music is heard all over the world, even in third world villages and slums. The music he created was simply beautiful beyond words. He had a way with lyrics that told a story from multiple levels of understanding, he was truly genius. The media and hollywood try to downplay him and his "thug image". But if you truly understand him, you will recognize him as the real voice of the young generation. He was out to make the world a better place, and achieved this through his musical aspirations. Simply a musical legend whether you like hip-hop or not.
Really good but where is biggie
He has sold so many albums and had a very successful acting career, and was actually pretty good! Best Rapper of all time, lyrically was unbeatable. If rapping was boxing he would be Muhammad Ali!
[Newest]2pac speaks what he feels about society and speaks his mind

The Contenders

The best female performer to ever live. This is enough receipt. we can of course mention Single Ladies for its cultural impact and her long list of classics from her Destiny's Child days to Love On Top. Being apart of the best selling girl group of all time. Her signature sound incoporating go go elements and her unique "rap-singing" style. Her famous relationship with JAY Z and her already famous daughter that broke twitter records before coming to life. and of course 9 #1s that spent 40 weeks @ #1.
This philanthropist, singer/songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress has earned her place in music as an icon due to restless work behind the scenes. She nitpicks every aspect of her product whether it's a documentary, video, or a fragrance until it's PERFECT. She loves her craft and there's NO STOPPING BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER.
How can Beyoncé NOT be a legend? That is completely and utterly absurd. Queen Bey is amazing and ain't nothing that could change that.
[Newest]Beyonce is a true legend ever since she started off in destiny's child. She is Flawless!

Rihanna is so iconic and has a one of a kind voice and beauty. She has an amazing sense of fashion. She is absolutely legendary and her voice should be celebrated. She should be higher than number 17.
She is an icon

He wrote some of the best pop hooks in the world and no one pays him any credit! Definitely a legend unto himself.
King of Music! Singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, dancer, choreographer, director, guitarist, drummer, piannist, bassist, entertainer, and the list goes on! No one can do that not even Michael "overrated" Jackson...

14K.S. Chithra
She's goddess saraswati... Her voice is so divine. Me being a non Indian, I'm listening to her sings since years... I don't know why but it gives me motherly love, friendly support and blessings... The way she sings.. She rules my heart... Long live my favourite singer
Gift of God to this world. Even very complex songs are very simple to her. Very down to earth person. You will never find such a gem any where else in this planet(male/female)

I know that all of these people have made good music, but wether you agree with his lyrics or not you can't mention hip hop genre without mentioning Eminem.
He is simply genius... And we love him... He has the best and meaningful lyrics and no one in the world is gonna go over him
Eminem is above Tupac. that's my opinion. Best second selling male artist of all time and on rank 4 of most award-winning artists. He saved hip hop. Tupac changed it and Eminem finished it...
[Newest]He is a real role model. He really did start from the bottom and had hard times then picked himself up and drove himself to victory! He should be crowned king!

Why would it be weird that his music is still popular today? (: He made masterpieces. He should be much higher, in my humble opinion. I can't believe Mariah Carey is higher than Mozart.
May seem weird but his music is still quite popular today.
The greastest of all times. He should be the first one

Legendary band
Badass and tight rhythm section.
Amazing singer and songwriter.
Legendary rhythm guitar player
Came up with a new and fresh sound and style
Nirvana is the greatest
Oh come on! Nirvana barely in the top 50?! So you telling me that Westlife, Celion Dion, Britney Spears, JUSTIN BEAVER are more legandary artists than Nirvana? I don't think so


[Newest]Kurt cobain I really admire you!

18One Direction
One Direction are such a huge inspiration and have come so far. In just 3 and a half years, they went from nothing to have headlined three tours. They have gained such a dedicated fan base that will be there til the end. They deserve higher.
Louis, Harry, Niall, zayn, and Liam are the best British boy band I the the world. Who cares about JLS or Justin Bieber? I don't 😍😘
I don't care how much you hate one direction. They aren't some typical boyband. They're gonna be legends, sold out tours that fast and number one albums? That's legendary for 5 people who aren't even 25 yet.

19Bryan Adams
Brian Is from Canada Met him when he was a pimpiled faced 15 teen year old in Ottawa He Said Eric One Day I will Be Famous in the Music Bus. I Was Also Pimpeled Faced And Wished Him well! He Made A Name For Himself And Made Us Canucks Proud. Way to Go Brian!

20The Doors
You need to get an education in music if you don't know who these underrated legends are. Songs like "Light my Fire", "L.A. woman", "The End", "Riders on the Storm" etc have cemented their legacy as one of the all time greats
Woo the doors really I don't no who they are

21Pink Floyd
Oh my god! Oh my god! Eminem and 2pac are good. Britney Spears, Beyonce and Rhianna not so much. But Pink Floyd can never be compared to them. They are not even in the sane league. They deserve to be in the top three. Never No 21. They are surely better then Madonna. This list is not proper. They are way better than this.
Pink Floyd is amazing

22Sonu Nigam
The best of all time...
Awesome Bollywood singer. Such a sweet voice, he should be in the top ten

This guy speaks the truth and s one of the best artists to come out of england. Incredible

24Christina Aguilera
I am not a Christina fan but I seriously I think Christina should be on the list at least above Justin Bieber and Evanescence. She and Britney probably rule the pop culture. Here are the information I found from Wiki about miss aguilera.

" Christina Aguilera has become a prominent figure in mainstream popular music and culture, and has been recognized as a pop icon, Princess of Pop and Voice of Generation. She has earned numerous awards and accolades, including four Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, two Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, a Golden Globe Award nomination, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To date, Aguilera has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, with 14.5 million units certified in the United States alone. Rolling Stone ranked her 58th on their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, becoming its youngest and only artist under the age of thirty. During the 2000s, Billboard recognized her as the 20th Artist of the Decade and its second top-selling single artist, behind Madonna. Aguilera was ranked number eight in VH1's 100 Greatest Women in Music and was one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2013. Outside of her work in the entertainment industry, Aguilera is involved in charitable activities through human rights, world issues, and her work as a UN ambassador for the World Food Programme. "
She is a legend, is considered the "voice of the generation" and one of the best singers of all time, has the power of reinvention and while others try to be "divas" of course she is a natural Diva. she will still amaze us much with his immense talent, I love her.
Christina Aguilera is an amazing singer. If you just look at her, you would have no idea that she has such talent. I think she should at least be #15, not #22

25James Brown
How is he not top ten? JB is a goat people. I hereby pronounce JB, the famous flame, the funkiest man of all! Laugh out loud Like if you think jokenwas funny y'all

26Linkin Park
What! You gotta be kidding... LINKIN PARK ON 57TH! This band deserves to be on the top... Its the best rock band the world has seen or will ever see... Their music is awesome, and their lyrics are always so realistic and wonderful!
This band is an amazing band. They should be on top. They are deserves more than this.
Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are god of music.

27Jarvis Cocker

28Shreya Ghoshal
She has incredible voice
Shreyaji can be called as the "Nightingale of Indian music".Such a lovely voice❤❤❤

29John Lennon
John Lennon on 22..? Seriously our generation is doomed
John Lennon's music is meaningful.
He is a great and wonderful singer
[Newest]A leader and a legacy

30Stevie Wonder
I voted stevie wonder because he didn't sing with his voice but with his soul

I love stevie! I'm just 12 yrs. Old but but I can still cope up with his songs
Stevie wonder is cool

Amy Lee is what makes the group special. The only rock band I would ever really listen to and appreciate.
Amy Lee is an amazing singer! She makes the group complete 😁
Best band Ever! Amy Lee and Ben Moody are rocks!

32Green Day
This is my favourite music band! My English is better with their songs

This group made some classic pop tunes that will be around for ever
One of the best POP music groups ever!

34James Hetfield
METALLICA RULES!, his vocals are amazing, so so much in his early stages but in the albums Load and Re-Load his voice is spectactular and on the black album, Nothing else matters is a EPIC!, ROCK ON METALLICA!


I love metallica forever and I hope his can be tour to indonesia again
Definitely a top legend. He is seriously AWESOME. He is a one of theb best volaist that music has ever heard. James hetfield is LEGENDARY.

35Tinie Tempah
I just love this guy.. He's words are real and from the heart. He's amazing..

36Jimi Hendrix
He loved acid so I loved him

37Shirley Bassey

38Jackie Evancho
David Foster said when Jackie was 10 he had never in his 45 years in the music business ever seen anything like her. And that she would have a 50,60,70,80 year career. She will prove him right I think. She'd up to 4 years now!
Already the finest singer of her generation, and will be around for the next 50 years or so.
Not a ledgend yet, but she has the potential to become one in 5 or so years.
Not bad for a thirteen year old!

39Bruce Springsteen
True artist and songwriter, the boss!

They are best selling American rockband of all time! Truly legend. Deserve top 10

41Hideto Matsumoto

42Led Zeppelin
This band is hailed as the greatest rock band for a good reason. Why and how is One Direction on top? Seriously "What Makes You Beautiful" is considered better than "Stairway To Heaven"? That is a sick joke, people use common sense and vote for the best.


It is Led Zeppelin.

How the hell is Justin Bieber above Led zeppelin!
Led Zeppelin is boss! He should be #1!

43Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney has contributed more to music than any other single human being in the history of music. He has written more hits than any other human being in existence. His band, The Beatles, set a precedence that has yet to be challenged. They hold records of which they were the first and the last to accomplish feats, such as all top five hits on the charts at one time. They were the first to record in stereo, overdub, first to play arena concerts, and revolutionized music as we knew all within 10 years time. No other artist (s) can claim what The Beatles did effortlessly. Their music is 50 years old and is still popular and relevant in the lives of youth today. And Paul McCartney is STILL selling out worldwide tours year after year at the age of 72. He is the reason I and so many millions are musicians today.

44Celine Dion
Totally dumb list - REAL legends like the Beatles, Celine, Elton John, Lennon, Mozart and Bryan Adams below other children like Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey?


Celine should be from the top 5 not 32 I mean come on really she is a legend
Not right Celine Dion top 10

45Rolling Stones
The best in the world
Rolling stone on 86?
Without the rolling stones, none of todays music would exist. They deserve at least top 10. #smh

46Jon Bon Jovi
Best sound ever in rock (obviously my opinion) and I don't think I stand alone here in this opinion. He has great pipes and knows how to use them. Nice range. Great arrangement. Just love to listen to his sound.
Thanks for sharing your talent with the world, JBJ. YOU, sir, ROCK!
He is LEGEN wait for it... DARY! Legendary!

47Olly Murs

48Ludwig van Beethoven
People forget that classical music is music to it seems. Beethoven is not only a genius, but a pioneer. Try to make music when your deaf and still make some of the most complex and beautiful songs ever made.
This man is a legend. Why the heck is he on number 40?

49David Bowie
Who voted for Justin bieber?!?

Come on people, the best need to be on the list
The biggest band in the world, Fact.
Awesome Band. Deserve a much higher rank than this!

51Aretha Franklin

52Jay Sean

53K. J. Yesudas
There is no exact definition for him, May be a "Celestial Singer", Gandharva singer, Music Ocean or greatest Multilingual singer or a perfect singer or greatest Playback singer who achieved most number of awards for playback singing or an Ambassador for Indian Classic Music or an Complete singer or a very good human being - These are Yesudas
There is only one singer

54Shania Twain
Shania twain and wahtiy huston and othere lideas like them and phill collins should be put on a deferrent stage


56Tina Turner
Tina turner is a awesome singer

57Axl Rose
Axl is a legend.. I love the attitude with which he sings.. his songs gives me the strength to face anything and everything...
He is also a legend. He has that unique kind of voice others don't have
This list is all wrong. Axl is the best!

58A. R. Rahman
Best of the best

59Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington and Linkin Park are unstoppable and will aways be the greatest in the world.


How the hell is justin is upper the CHESTER?!
Best singer of all time, and fuc justin bieber


61Kumar Sanu

62Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan has been and always will be number one! The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Donovan, Joan Baez, The Clancy Brothers, Johnny Cash, Peter Paul and Mary Guns n Roses, I could name a thousand artists who have covered his songs or were influnced by him. Everyone can agree that he is one in a million. There will never be another Bob Dylan. He changed music permanently multiple times. His lyrics are honest, true, mind blowing, poetic, and full of imagery. He is one of the greatest poets out there. He is one of the most interesting people ever too. Concert audiences would fall silent just for him. He IS number one.
They are one word Awesome. Why is One Direction on 44? Seriously where has good music gone? Not to be rude but Bob Dylan and John Lennon should be on the top of this list.
Bob Dylan is a LEGEND. Why is he not on top 10?

63Sarah Geronimo
Really goddess of voice and greatest music icons. She makes you feel that passion and emotions that nobody can ever make you feel. SHE MAKES YOU TO GO DEEP INTO THAT SONG SHE SINGING. And she is levelling up year by year beating great music icons like celine dion, britney spear, Miley Cyrus, josh groban, charice, beyonce and other great ones have to come. So beware. The angel of musics-SARAH GERONIMO

64Amy Winehouse
Incredible voice, always sang with true passion

65Diana Ross


67Avril Lavigne

683 Doors Down

69Luciano Pavarotti
He had an amaizing voice

They had fantastic concerts. They hide their faces behind masks a very long time.

Best live band I've ever seen

72Charice Pempengco
She is really a legend of Music Industry today. Belting out the classics of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.


73Frank Sinatra
Perfect entertainer also amazing vocalist

7430 Seconds to Mars

75Layne Staley
Was never considered a legend by the media, they had already labeled him before he even died, but to his fans he will be and always remain our legend. He sang with such honesty and bared his soul and pain for all to see. If only he knew how many of his fans that he saved from a similar fate as his own. I know that I owe him a debt of gratitude. I guess the only way I can repay him is to continue to love his music and share it with as many people as I can... THANKS LAYNE RIP
Layne was true to himself - No Excuses. His message has saved a lot of troubled fans... He will always be remembered. Sadly he was so under-rated and deserved a lot more credit than the media ever gave him. We remember you... RIP

76Depeche Mode

77Eric Clapton
Awesome songs by him! Real sad thing his about his son. But the point is, he shouldn't be 38! At least, under 20!

78Iron Maiden

79Eazy E
WOW this is way to low!

80Take That
True legends of British music, their music is timeless and has reached generations. Proper pop stars right there


Take That's obviously the greatest group ever, they've got good song, they're handsome even they're old, they got beautiful voices, and they've got a lot of experiences. Every Thatter's proud of them
Simply the greatest band in the world! All the records they beat! They're AWESOME! Life's better when you're a Thatter! =D

81Avenged Sevenfold

82Bee Gees
Number one... Their voice is awesome.

83Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
The best musician to have lived on this planet
A musical genius. And one the greatest singers EVER recorded.
No doubt, he deserves to be first on this list.
In my and many others opinions, He is the greatest composer and greatest singer ever recorded

84Johnny Cash
He's in the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not too many artists can claim that.
His style was so unique. There will never be another Johnny Cash!
Just a pure legend! All musicians should look up to him! RIP Johnny Cash
[Newest]Can't believe the man in black himself is that low in this!

85Isono Hiroshi
d'erlanger vocalist and a japanese rockstar legend


at least in japan and they deserve more


86Leona Lewis

87Boney M

88Koshi Inaba


90Kelly Clarkson
Shes way too amazing to be all the way down here. first idol winner people!


92Girls' Generation
The Best Kpop group ever in history!. Almost all their songs have been
In the top 10. GO G-G

93Duran Duran
When we talk about legends... We should talk about Duran Duran!

94Boa Kwon

95Steve Vai
Steve Vai came to my school once! Ever since then he's been such an inspiration!


97Agnetha Fältskog

Really amazing band created by truly talented musicians. They play together more than 20 years during which changed their music style a lot, but the songs still were always easy to recognize as their work.

99Kylie Minogue
Kylie is amazing, she can put on a brilliant performance and she usually sings live. Her tone is unique and special and she has a lot of experience and expertise. And people shouldn't compare her and Madonna since they are both pop legends in their own right.
Kylie is fabulous in every way
Kylie is one of the best artists of all time!

100Frencheska Farr

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This list was created 7 years, 31 days ago and has been voted on over 7,000 times. This top ten list contains 183 items, has been remixed 13 times.

Updated Sunday, April 26, 2015

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