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21Bongo Drums

I have only ever met 1 person in my life who plays bongo drums and is actually good at it. I think this instrument is hard because I couldn't keep a beat to save me life

Easy to play it is a instrument if you cannot get a hang of the drums you play the bongo's all you have to to is hit it with your nuckels and palm and job dune

22Electric Upright BassV1 Comment

For travel, A Plastic Soprano Recorder Is at Least As Good A Choice As A Harmonica. Better Dynamic Flexibility And Cheaper To Replace.

Awesome its like a flute but lighter and cheaper

It can do more than people expect

It is great for beginners like me!

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The trombone, in my opinion, specifically the bass trombone, is truly the most beautiful sounding instrument on earth. It is the most lyrical, rich sound I've ever heard, and I will play it until I die. You can play anything on the bass trombone, and every player finds their own unique sound. It isn't perfect, but it is the most wonderful thing I've ever heard.

Without the trombone in the band, it wouldn't have rhythm and low sounds to make the melody

The trombone is AMAZING! Without a trombone in the band there would be no loud beautiful notes to harmonize with the other instruments. Without the trombone your band would sound really strange. Plus it is the only instrument with a slide.

I love the trombone I love the loud beautiful sound it makes. I love that it is so different than the other instruments. I'm one in three that plays the trombone in my school out of 396 people. I Just love the trombone!

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Very nice deep sound and the instrument does not get enough credit for being in music. The viola is used in almost every pop song that features any stringed orchestral instruments.

BEST INSTRUMENT EVER! It has mellow tones, not squeaky like violins, and not too low like a cello or bass. It's perfect because it's right in the middle. Plus, violas have the prettiest harmonies EVER! This instrument really does NOT get enough credit at all.

The beautiful sounds of a cello with the ease of a violin. This makes the viola clearly the best and most versatile of all the musical instruments. It definitely does not get the credit it deserves!

Violas need a ton more credit than they ever have! Violas rule!

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By far the organ. You can get every sound you can think of out of a pipe organ, and it has the power to make you laugh, jump for joy, cry, warm your heart, and make you want to dance. In a band you need multiple instruments, same with an orchestra, but an organ can be alone to play the most majestic music a person can hear. The pipe organ by far.

Why? The biggest and most powerful instrument there is. It sounds like Heaven if it is played right, and you only need to be 1 person to make three lines of music. Awesome Indeed. I cannot play it though.

Out of all the instruments I have heard, the organ is my favourite.

The organ sound is so powerful and rich. It's like the creation of the Universe in an instrument.

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27French Horn

The French horn has a very mellow tone, my favorite. It's nice to have one instrument that is less sharp than the trumpet and higher than the baritone

French horns are usually that awesome and mellow yet loud brass that has extreme range in both registers that opens the scene in movies. So that makes it super cool! It's so much fun to play and sounds beautiful when mastered.

French Horn should be #1. Why? Epic movie soundtracks. Plays notes lower than a tuba to higher than a trumpet. Called the hardest instrument to master. When played right, it has an amazing, unique sound.

Fairly hard to play, but as you become more experienced, this instrument is beautiful. This is a fantastic choice for players.

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One of the first instruments ever constructed, capable of quenching nations, ruining weddings, and angering windmill workers. Definitely the best instrument of all time.

I voted for this because Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time. I also like A Link To The Past, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword!

Ultra portable, easy to learn, difficult to master, beautiful sound, limitless variety of sounds and styles, and a certain magic about it that no other instrument can match.

It can warp time, create storms, summon horses, teleport you to places, and change the time of day! Best instrument ever!

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29Electric Violin

The power of the Electric Guitar and the Violin put into one, twice the Awesomeness!

I love my electric violin. It produces such deep sounds that a normal violin can not. It looks awesome and it is. Go Electric Violin!

Seriously, ever heard bryson Andres play.
There is a vio, in in every genre of music ever, you hear violin everyday, you don't notice it, but it is the worlds most popular instrument.

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I've been playing Horn for 4 years now and I've just been so happy that I chose an instrument with such beautiful tone. Horns can be used to create such a mellifluous sound in a slower-paced song or create a devastating punch of sound when needed as well. I have no idea how trumpet is above the horn - it sounds better and takes much more skill to play (and if you don't play horn and say you can play it well, you can't play it well until I hear you play the Siegfried Horn Call accurately and in tempo)

The horn is a beautifully complex instrument that takes a long time to have a good tone. But when it's played well, it is so deeply, richly gorgeous that you can feel the song in your heart. In fast, peppy songs, good hornists can make their tone be a kind of roaring, upbeat nature. In slow songs, the warm-sounding tone just kind of melts in your ears like chocolate on a hot day. It's so... wonderfully beautiful. And on other pieces, the player can (usually) ujust their tone to fit the style of the song.
The tone quality is so strikingly powerful and amazing gorgeous that it is VERY hard to describe in words.

The horn is the most beautiful instrument ever made.

The statement is somewhat one-sided, as the Horn can also play loud, grand passages, and emulate a lively hunting horn. Techniques are also extremely varied, and this lends to large flexibility in solo and orchestral repertoire.

I play the Horn and I never want to switch. Horn is amazing. I love it.

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I am a tuba fanatic, I love everything about the tuba, I really hope this instrument will go higher on this list because it really doesn't deserve to be down this low.

The tuba is actually an extremely verisitile instrument and is not super easy to play. For example it is usually playing a bass part but it is a great solo and duet instrument. To see some examples of this look up Canadian brass (the song "the saints hallelujah" is a great piece to show case the tuba)

Almost always the lowest instrument in the band and stands out. It is classified in the low brass section with three or sometimes four valves (keys)

I've been playing the tuba for some time now, and I must say, I love it!

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32Classical Guitar

I can never get enough of the sound of classical guitar. It's so romantic and calming. I love it!

CG is a small orchestra. Like piano, it can play melody and harmony.

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33Double Bass

I have played the double bass for six years in a Orchestra and it is beautiful. Most of the time it under appreciated since we almost never get solos, but nothing beets the unique deep sound (or the arm work out).

The bass is my life, period. I would not be the person I am without. So, vote for what you want but, keep this in mind. The bass has changed a life.

Its like a cooler version of a violin, also it's bigger and you can play jazz music on it.

Love this instrument, should beat bass guitar at #5...

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Oboe is by far the hardest of the woodwinds instruments. The other woodwind instruments require embouchure, of course, but nowhere near the level of the oboe. The oboe's embouchure is much more firm than that of the saxophone or clarinet, and there is always room for improvement, whereas with a flute, once you get the technique, you're pretty much set. Even if you learn to regulate air and play with the correct embouchure, you must still work your way up to a perfect reed. The oboe ( and bassoon) embodies two of the hardest aspects of woodwinds and brasses. You still have to memorize a lot of fingerings, while striving to perfect embouchure. Without it, you sound like a duck (which is probably what turns people off of learning oboe).

I play the Clarinet, piano, alto saxophone, trumpet, violin, and xylophone and I want to play the oboe so bad but my parents won't let me get one because they are so expensive.

The oboe was my very first instrument and has earned it's way into my heart. It is both rare and loved at the same time. The sound is very unique and makes any band complete. Without oboes, music would not be a part of who I am.

I play, it makes the warmest and most unique sound, should be way higher on this list

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Cowbell should be in third place, behind Bagpipes and Triangle.

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell

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Boom! It is like a giant nuclear explosion. It is also hard to learn how to do the notes

37Bass (Stand Up)

In my opinion, the upright bass is the most fun, most classy, most challenging, and best sounding instrument of all time. The lack of frets creates a a rich, deep sound that cannot be matched by any other instrument, and it can be used in any genre of music. One can replace a bass guitar for an upright bass with a pickup in a rock or heavy setting, but it is much harder for an electric bass to fit in to a classical or jazz setting.

A very awesome sounding instrument! Not to mention it has different ways of being played! Plucked, Bowed, or Slapped, it is definitely one of the most underrated but amazing instruments ever made!

The Stand up bass can be and where from dark and powerful to soft and beautiful. When you play you can't help to be content. People always forget about it because tradition places it in a beat keeper role.


The world music instrument, par excellence, central to dance traditions everywhere. The accordion can be played very, very simply or with incredible sophistication. The United States, with a few local exceptions, may be the only country in the world that doesn't take the accordion seriously. That is changing but, in the meantime, the accordion is still exotic enough in most settings to be cool!

Probably the most misunderstood instrument out there, when really it has more potential than many think. It isn't just for Serbian folk music. So please people, understand that the accordion is just like any other instrument and stop hating it.

You can have a Melody, then a bass line accompaniment. Then you can accompany your self at the same time! What's not to like?!

Love the accordion especially the piano accordion!

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It should certainly top the list. the music emanating from sitar is divine and holy and surely everybody will agree with me once they have listened to sitar being played

It's a different version of our guitar! It's cool

Why isn't sitar topping the list? People should listen to sitar first.

I love this lute.

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I love the triangle... One of the few instruments I can play other than the piano. It's really funny when you hear someone play it really good even though it's like a really easy instrument.

Damn this is the hardest instrument ever to play. It challenges your brain and takes a tremendous amount of skillz. I mean these guys are other than football players and are in better shape then Weight Lifters! GO TRIANGLES! - God_Potato

One of the divine instrument. critical to play but good at color variations and useful in the church.

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