Top 10 Best Musicals

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Grease is my favorite musical, and it would be my favorite movie if not for "American Graffiti". I like the original Broadway performance better than the movie and it irks me when people say Sandy has to be a blonde Australian onstage... When in the original, she's an all-American brunette. :) But, all that aside, Grease is definitely a classic. It might be a bit mature for some audiences though.
Lion King is the greatest movie with an incredible score and great songs. But unless you're talking about the west end show, the film doesn't really count as a musical. Because the story is so great. Grease will always be the greatest musical
A litle bit inappropriate for kids but great move

2The Phantom of the Opera


Awesome movie! They picked amazing singers and it really made the musical!

This is a GREAT movie and musical. It's very funny and has a great message.


4The Wizard of Oz


6Les Miserables
Out of all the musicals it has the most powerful message and music. Watching it live is so powerful
It's the best stage musical. The score is powerful and uplifting. It gets into your heart and soothes your soul. For musical films it has to be Singin' In The Rain - Gene Kelly...*sigh*


Great music, fine acting, important issues and brilliant film director.

8Mamma Mia!

9Music Man


The Contenders

11West Side Story

This is one of my favorites. Christina is absoluteley AWESOME in this movie. And Jack is HILARIOUS.


13Mary Poppins
This musical is a childhood favorite and a fun one to sing along to.


14The Lion King

15Singin' In The Rain

Absolutely incredible. The score superb (Memory, Macavity: The Mystery Cat... look it up, they're all amazing), the dances are awesome (yay for Gillian Lynn! ), and the costumes and set design simply cannot be beaten (They're cats dancing in an oversized junkyard! It's so cool! ). And although we're talking about the stage show, the movie was absolutely phenomenal- finally, a movie-musical from the last 20 years that casts people because they're actually good instead of famous! Pure brilliance.

17Funny Girl
One of the most interesting Broadway musicals I know. Barbra Streisand is amazing.

18Saturday Night Fever

19Shrek The Musical

20Legally Blonde

21Jesus Christ Superstar


23The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

24High School Musical

25Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
The greatest film in the world


27Hello, Dolly!

28The Sound of Music
It's a musical that my entire family loved growing up and they showed it in school a lot too.

29Little Shop Of Horrors
My favourite musical (except possibly Les Mis), how is this not on the list? Ellen Greene was amazing, and the movie actually improved on the stage production with the song Mean Green Mother From Outer Space!

30Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Take the ingrediants of Sound of Music and pepper them with animated dancing fish, flamenco lobsters abnd one crazy soccer game and you get this much more superior offering.


32Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


34The King and I (1956)

35Across the Universe

36Frozen (2013)

37Sunshine on Leith
Arguably the greatest British musical since Oliver!

38South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

39The Book of Mormon

40Rocky Horror Picture Show

41Kiss Me, Kate
The whole thing- from the hilarious plot, to the colorful characters- and not to mention the sensational score by Cole Porter- is so 'Wunderbar', I know not what else to say. Oh, aside from the fact that it's partially based off one of the best Shakespeare comedies of all time. Bonus.
So sweet and beautiful! Lovely.

This is a musical I watched as a kid and still continue to LOVE it.


43Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

44Ein Walzertraum

45The Gypsy Baron

46Rock of Ages

47We Will Rock You





52The Blues Brothers

53Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

54Bugsy Malone

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