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1The Phantom of the Opera

Awesome movie! They picked amazing singers and it really made the musical!

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Grease is my favorite musical, and it would be my favorite movie if not for "American Graffiti". I like the original Broadway performance better than the movie and it irks me when people say Sandy has to be a blonde Australian onstage... When in the original, she's an all-American brunette. :) But, all that aside, Grease is definitely a classic. It might be a bit mature for some audiences though.

Lion King is the greatest movie with an incredible score and great songs. But unless you're talking about the west end show, the film doesn't really count as a musical. Because the story is so great. Grease will always be the greatest musical

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4Les Miserables

Out of all the musicals it has the most powerful message and music. Watching it live is so powerful

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5The Wizard of Oz

This is the best movie, let alone musical of all time

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8West Side Story

My favorite movie ever. If you voted for anything else, you probably haven't seen this movie, or musical. Pure perfection

I've seen this movie to many times. I don't have positive memories of it, but I don't know why.

9The Lion King

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11Into The WoodsV2 Comments
12Mary Poppins
13Les Misérables
14Singin' In The RainV1 Comment

Great music, fine acting, important issues and brilliant film director.


Absolutely incredible. The score superb (Memory, Macavity: The Mystery Cat... look it up, they're all amazing), the dances are awesome (yay for Gillian Lynn! ), and the costumes and set design simply cannot be beaten (They're cats dancing in an oversized junkyard! It's so cool! ). And although we're talking about the stage show, the movie was absolutely phenomenal- finally, a movie-musical from the last 20 years that casts people because they're actually good instead of famous! Pure brilliance.

18Mamma Mia!
19Funny Girl

One of the most interesting Broadway musicals I know. Barbra Streisand is amazing.

20Billy Elliot
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