Best Muslim Singers

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Zayn Malik
I'm a 12 yr old girl, I'm not like other girls who love love one direction. Zayn is like my brother. He has a good voice and I can imagine how proud his parents are now. Keep it up brother
His voice is completely amazing.. His band one direction is the one of the biggest boy band ever.. He is muslim and proud
I think it's amazing to be in a country wish she is not muslim and he still hang on of his religions and I love his voice and I love him so he should be proud of what he did
[Newest]Zayn you are a good singer

2Sami Yusuf
I think he is world best singer, his song touch the heart of Muslim. By shiblu khan (presidency university)
His voice is very touching my soul
I like your songs
[Newest]Sami yusuf is a gift

3Maher Zain
He is an amazing singer that sings true from his heart. He helps many people and in my opinion is the best singer of all. His song insha allah teaches you to never give up hope even if times are hard. He is a very good Sunni Muslim.
Maher Zain is the best singer of all time. His voice is absolutely AMAZING and he has a very pure and true heart. He uses his songs to speak to the Muslim community and also help non-Muslims understand what Islam is about. He is a great inspiration and has written many songs to help support oppressed people in Palestine, Syria, Burma etc. He has also written songs in many different languages so everyone can understand: English, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, French, Turkish. He's also a great muslim and is always reminding his fans about Allah, the prophet (pbuh), to read Surah Kahf on Friday etc. He dreams to be able to sing his song 'Mawlaya' to the prophet in paradise, be able to see the beautiful Earth that Allah has created from space and to memorise the holy Qur'an. His songs try to unite all the Muslims and spread a message to the world. He is so AMAZING and TALENTED that I could keep talking about him forever!...
He is very talented singer, especially in Indonesia, he is very famous and a man who always given us a trustworthy, faith, and believe to God. He is a good motivator to all mankind...
[Newest]Maher zain is pure love like his heart

I don't think akon is real muslim Because what he do rejected by Islam, such as dancing with the naked girls and the Islam of the Foundation denies singing
Though his songs are not Islamic, he sings better than those on top
He is very awesome singer my hero

5Imran Khan
Doesn't matter he sing islamic song or punjabi...he is awesome..
His songs aren't always Islamic but I still love him and his songs
He's Muslim and he is awesome

6Atif Aslam
Atif is Pakistani Pop Singer. His a great Muslim Singer.
he is my faourite singer and ilike him he is my favourite singer when he sang first song aadat atif I love u. everyone says rahat fateh ali khan is great but I fight with them and say no you idots atif aslam is famous and he has touch the stars and rahat fateh ali khan has touch his foot.

eery one calll me atif aslam craziest fan because I always pray second for him first is for allah
Atif Aslam is the best singer in the world. I love him from my heart. I think it is enough for loving anyone. Thanks to all.
[Newest]Sweet singer and lot of talent

7Lupe Fiasco
He is a pretty good singer and has a few songs relating to Islam. Sadly his songs that do relate to Islam are mostly unheard of :(
He is the just the closest to a real Muslim musician; in America at least.
Man I'm so happy you are Muslim my sis and love you so much
[Newest]I don't know how he's not number one.

8Mohammad Rafi
No one compare with Mohammad Rafi sahab he was a great singer and he is still in our heart he gave a new turn to music and debuted his life to music
Atif Aslam is nothing in front of Muhammad RAfi
Muhammad RAfi is the best singer of all time
Rafi saheb has been greatest singer.
[Newest]Atif aslam is good but mohammad rafi is a legend...

9A R Rahman
A ARE Rahman, is Greatest Muslim Singer.
I always enjoy his music, especially TAAL!

10Mirza Moazzam Baig
Moazzam Baig (Hindi:, Born Mirza Moazzam Baig; 15 November 1991) is a Indian pop singer. He was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Moazzam Baig is an Indian singer who started his career, singing pop songs with the Prince (band). He is known for his soft romantic voice. He has was Born in Ahmadabad.
Your songs are nice

The Contenders

11Lucky Ali
Lucky Ali is a Muslim Great Singer.
because he has god gifted exta ordinary voice

12Zain Bhikha
He is absolutely amazing!
He is the best singer I ever herd I loved it
He is just awesome, my all time favorite Islamic Singer

13Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
His songs is very inspiring and the way he play the guitar is very amazing. hats off!
When I was small I remebered listenng to yusuf and his voice is really nice. I remeber a duo that him and zain bhikah did. It waz amazing

14Gohar Mumtaz
because goher is a great guitarist as well as a vocalist too and both of the qualities does not resides in single person easily

Gohar Mumtaz is Muslim Singer. His Sing Song in Jal Band.
Gohar's voice is sexy

15Pathan Rahat Khan
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, is a Pakistani Great Singer. His a Great Muslim Singer.

Opick is one of Indonesian muslim singer, and the lyrics in his song is full with deep meaning in remembering Allah. ALhamdulillah.

I love her very much! I had talked to her twice when she came to our school and she's so nice! Her mother is my teacher haha
She a moderate singer with a humble heart. She's is creating a name in the US
She is really talented! She should be higher
She sang a song with owl city (adam young) titled shine your way
Makes malaysia proud!

18Pathan Nusrat Khan
he presents qawali in diferent way in which no one can present

He is a very good sunger

19Pathan Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan is a Muslim Singer. His a Moazzam Baig's Brother His Top Sing Song on Duet Songs Moazzam with Afzal.

20Ahmed Bukhatir
God bless you and make heaven your fate
She is best singer in world!
Ya adheeman is his best song, very inspiring!

21Pathan Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan is Muslim Singer. His Moazzam Baig's Brother. Sing song in Moazzam's "Mirza" Album. Moazzam Baig's Great Album "Mirza" in Member Main lead singer "Moazzam Mirza" and his Brothers Pathan's. Check out on Moazzam Blogs.

22Bilal Saeed
You are vest singer
The best pakistani singer ever
He is so handsome and cool
His voice and all songs are awesome

23Hamza Robertson
He is a great Muslim British singer as well.
Listen to "O Allah" & "This man" to know him..
Masha allah for the gift He gave to you brother. Keep it up.. Salam

24Farhan Akhtar
All Muslim singer is best.
He is multi talented

25Michael Jackson

26Tamer Hosny
I really love all your songs, amazing when you choose the words go tamer keep it up
Amazing singer. One of the best singer of all time.

27Ayman Ramadan

28Hamza Namira
He is one of the best singers ever.. His voice is amazing!.
Thank you very much

29Adnan Sami
Adnan sami is romantic singer

30Mustafa Ceceli

31Ali Zafar
He has a great voice.

32Asif Zaman
Multi talented singer and guitarist

33Qari Abdul Jalil

34Kunal Pagare

35Farhan Saeed
His voice is enchanting... Seriously.

36Yazan Nusaibah

37Junaid Jamshed
Junaid is Islamic singer

38Abida Parveen

39Ayan Faraz

40Ali Faraz

41Ismail Al Othman

42Irfan Makki
His voice is so sweet everyone will love him

43Nader Khan
I LOVE his song "Sound of Tears"!

44Ice Cube

45Mo Sabri

46Dima Bashar
Her voice is very sweet

47Talib Al-Habib
His song 'AL-HABIB' is very superb and make you feel grateful to your creator
His lyrics make me zikr,

48Shayaan Ali Jawad
He is 4th awesome singer

49Mohammad Irfan
Mohammad Irfan is Muslim Singer.
Verry nice singes of Bollywood. his is voice coletiy is difrent sufi

50Rola Youssef Saad
He is very nice guy it's. Song at the purely love of the page

51Mos Def
One of the greatest emcees of all time. And definitely the greatest Muslim artist. He raps mostly conscious, political and sometimes religious topics.

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