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41Makka Sagaipova

Too few people know about her and that's too bad, but if people can just see her and hear her beautiful singing voice they will really appreciate and love this inspirational Muslim singer.

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42Kunal Pagare
43Farhan Saeed

His voice is enchanting... Seriously.

44Asif Zaman

Multi talented singer and guitarist

45Junaid Jamshed

He z perfect Muslim his naats touch the heart an soul of every Muslim...

Hi z real great singer... He sang beautiful naat his naat touch the hearts of Muslim...

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46Talib Al-Habib

His song 'AL-HABIB' is very superb and make you feel grateful to your creator

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47Qari Abdul Jalil
48Irfan Makki

His voice is so sweet everyone will love him

49Dima BasharV3 Comments
50Hesham Abdul Wahab

He is a good singer his guitar matches with him

52Shila AmzahV1 Comment
53HumoodV1 Comment
54Shayaan Ali Jawad

He is 4th awesome singer

55Ayan Faraz
56Ali Faraz
57Ismail Al Othman
58Mo Sabri

I have his autograph! My favourite songs are I Found You, Heaven is Where Her Heart Is and I Believe in Jesus. Hails from Tennessee, US. Check out his songs on You Tube.

59Mos Def

One of the greatest emcees of all time. And definitely the greatest Muslim artist. He raps mostly conscious, political and sometimes religious topics.


Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf are the vocals and heart of Krewella and they are half Pakistani!

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