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Just the most emotional My Chemical RomanceĀ's Song

I mean, probably itĀ's not the best My Chemical RomanceĀ's song, but the most beautiful it is, no doubt and the only one who made me cry

Anyway I like to vote for a minority and Cancer should replace Mama on the Top Ten.

By the way, The Black Parade is the Best Album.

It just touches too deep in your heart
Its just an amazing song it sounds ridiculous to play on piano also I don't understand why the quality of my post is based solely on how long it is I think that's ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as this song actually. Also It doesn't know that I'm just saying garbage that has nothing to do with the song, but I'm sitting at a solid "good" right now. Anyway, great song.
Come on, people! This songs has deep meaning. Okay, maybe not, it was about a lover (? ) but it doesn't make it any less impressive! I mean, they didn't make a hidden meaning or something, every bit of the lyric is crystal clear, but that doesn't make the song any less great.
the fact that they chose to make this song is just another reason why I cry
they didn't just push away all of the other people who were forgotten because they had a disablement or others they never gave up on them.
I don't understand why this song, among a true My Chemical Romance fan, isn't in the top 10. Welcome to The Black Parade deserves the no. 1 spot, but this song is so beautiful and powerful, It deserves a top spot for sure!
This song is one of the most beautiful rock ballads I have EVER heard. This song is the epitome of My Chemical Romance's "deepness", if you will - this song pulls at your insides, rips at your heart and soul and very being. Incredible, INCREDIBLE, song.
I almost got a heart attack after watching the place of the song. No other place but only number 1 number 1 and number 1. How can a song make us cry every time we hear it
This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard! It's definitely my favorite My Chemical Romance song! I love it so much! I definitely recommend it to anyone, and if you haven't heard it; look it up. NOW! :D
Beautiful song... It's a raw and honest depiction of the struggles of a cancer patient, but it is heartfelt and touching. I cry almost ever time I hear it.
Such a great song! They really capture the heart-break in Cancer. I wish that it was gone too My Chemical Romance! I Love this song, it's beautiful!
What the? Why this song can't be in the top ten? This is the saddest song ever and ever. Make me cry. Very meaningful.
This was ma first song of theirs and there was no turning back from there... Sparky
Best Sad Song Ever!
The lyrics Makes You Speechless!
This song makes me sad when I listen to it..
The best song by this band. It's so unfair that it's not on the top 5
I'm Starting to Cry :'(
WHAT! THIS SHOULD BE AT LEAST IN THE TOP 5. This song means so much to me and everyone with terribe experiances

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