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21Play Hard

Ne yo voice is so awesome and perfectly matched this song..Vote it up..

This song should be in the top 5, although Ne-Yo is featured

His voice just blends with the song... They were made for each other damn! Guys, this one should be in the top 7! Vote for it guys ^_^

22Lonely Again

My favorite Ne-Yo song. Great beat and rhythm and lyrics are amazing! Should be much higher than #17.

New song yeah, need much vote to be in the top tens... For me this song is not truly bad, so you may vote this song!

Amazing song! Listened many times and never got tired! Its so fresh

Surely the number 1 spot contender :))

V1 Comment

Why this song is not on the list?! This song is great!

24Lie to Me
25Better Today

Hm.. I like the rhythm..

26The Best Part Is You

Come on! This is one of the best songs of Ne-yo. I love the rhythm and his voice (his range is amazing).

27Turn Around
28My Diamond
29Bust It Baby (Pt. 2)
30Don't Make Em Like You

Ne-yo feat wiz khalifa. Superb combination. This song is really awesome from ne-yo's latest album R.E.D.

31Be On You
32Back Like That

Mostly a rap song but Ne-Yo delivers with that dope ass hook! Ghostface with the smooth as bars!

33Just Can't Help Myself
34I Love You

This the song that I love.. Simple lyrics, but can take the ladies inlove

35Over My Head

I listen to a lot of Ne-yo. This is the only song I can listen to non stop. This song you need to listen to. Check it out now peeps!

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36Shut Me Down
37Stop This World

It's so very amazing and when you hear this song you can dance. I so love this song because the singers are my idol Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo

39Time of Our Lives
40A Little SpaceV1 Comment
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