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Best Cars from EA Games' vastly popular 2005 game Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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Stupid razor. Steals the best car of mostwanted after just 3 races he is a big cheater. But still BMW M3 GTR is the best car in NFS Most wanted.

Blacklist #1 Razor's car and The ultimate prize of this game. The vehicle of choice for many, but I found its handling pretty stiff. - jimmy12lee

Brilliant speed, Brilliant acceleration, Not enough nitrous to fully utilize this car's awesome potential, absolutely sensational!

I think it is the best and I got it with everything upgraded

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2Porsche Carrera GT

The final car in the car lot; Carrera GT is extremely fast and equipped with superb handling. - jimmy12lee

One thing is for sure that no mater what car you use in races this car can smoke any car by its acceleration, top speed and handling. If any person who likes to drive like a monsters in races this car is the Bull and that is why its is the best car for real street racing madness and chaos. (Porsche Carrera GT)

Even I finished him up the speedtrap with carrera but failed to the drag races then took mustang and lost and then I think I took murcielago but I remember I used Gallardo and finished all his races

The best car ever!

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3Lamborghini Gallardo

Blacklist #6 Ming's treasure. I call this treasure because once you get this one, the game reaches a whole new level. - jimmy12lee

Me too... I won d so many race by this car only... I love this car only... You can beat any blacklist using this car.. If you can handle this car at the speed of 200km.. Try it... It's nice experience...

All time best... No other idiotic corvette or porsche gt comes close to it... Gt might be lil faster but handling and perfect speed goes to baby lambo

Once I got the Gallardo from ming, the game became 100 times more intense, the car has parts that aren't even unlocked yet. It was lit.

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4Lamborghini Murcielago

You unlock this beauty on beating Blacklist #4 JV. A better version of the Gallardo. - jimmy12lee

Murcielago is the best car of the game in my experience because its speed full handling full and acceleration almost full. You can beat any of the car in this game easily with Murcielago if you can Handel Murcielago perfectly. I think this car is #1 in the game you can easily complete your milestone challenges with this car because this car got great strength wow

With all the right mods except the body kit this car should be second on the list after the bmw. Great speed accellaration and handling

The Greatest Car Ever, Maximum Speed 247 MPH!

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5Mercedes SLR McLaren

Mclaren the $2,000,000 car NFS edition I beat the whole game with it. I got it when I got the game no hacks. I just started saving up. You guys can do that too. It wasn't that hard. It only took me 2 hours straight. The car was McLAREN MP4-12C NFS edition. I got it last week

Blacklist #2 Bull's car. Like the Carrera GT, this one is also fast and accurate like a sniper shot. - jimmy12lee

Its due to this car that I won the race against razor. It has the perfect stats & has the best acceleration in the whole game. plus this car looks awesome especially bull's slr mclaren!

Awesome car! I used this car to kick blacklist 1

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6Ford GT

High speed and very low weight my favorite

The fastest car in the all game and the most powerful

Best car for highway races and pursuits. I even defeated razor with this one.

I've used this car to defeat Razor.

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7Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Can play all game only with this car. Full equipped makes the game ridiculous easy. Good to drive, have a good final speed. And the torque is awesome! You need to put a second gear just after start the races, and uses a little nitro, it always put you in front of the other cars... Even on the drag races.

The car that most of us start with. Even after reaching Blacklist 5, the cops will find this one hard to bust. - jimmy12lee

I defeated baron with this awesome car

Anything goes, cobalt ss delivers.

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8Porsche Cayman S

This gets me through all races. Handling is amazing and never fails me

Blacklist #10 Baron's car. It is the margin that separates the 11-15 from the 1-10. Some even defeated Razor using this car. - jimmy12lee

Finished the blacklist with this car... Its handling in corners is just... Superb razor didn't stand a chance

It's the best to play with the bounty

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9Dodge Viper SRT 10

Rapid dream car great in races and milestones its stunningly beautifull so fast and powerful my fave car by miles ticks all the right boxes for me it is shows no mercy and kicks a$$. Vote Viper.

Best car ever! Fast, strong and awesome! Can finish he game with it!

This is a very good car. I defeated razor with this car (without max performance)

Looks amazing, drives amazing. Doesn't disappoint in races

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10Chevrolet Corvette C6

You're not joking around when you achieved this car, especially if you get Webster's (Blacklist #5) car, 'cause that thing's just as good as any car above - even better in all honesty. However, if you're buying this car instead of getting the pink slip from Webster, then it's not any good, as Webster's car has some locked performance upgrades.

My personal favourite. Blacklist #5 Webster's car. High in speed, power and handling. - jimmy12lee

In short this car is the most powerful in the game

This car is the best

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11Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Yes it's the best car for the pursuit superb handling and is a must for pursuit

Honestly, I don't see anything special in this car, apart from that its 4-wheel drive. But many fellow players have found it very useful in Police Milestones. - jimmy12lee

What's the best tuning for this car?

Best car in pursuit

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12Bugatti Veyron

We are talking about the 2005 version

We are talking about the 2005 version of the game. The veyron isn't in it.

Amazing speed and controls well

This is so fast

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13Lotus Elise

I am surprised why there are no votes for this nice, little, sweet car, but on the tracks, its a devil! The fastest cars which can cut the tightest corners with a blazing speed!

I have tried all the cars which are placed over it in this list.. Lotus Elise is the best car in the whole game. It has good acceleration and very high speed. The handling is simply amazing. It totally seems to follow my thoughts! I recommend everyone to try out this beauty.

Seriously? 31st?

If you crank this car to the absolute max, it is absolutely untouchable on any circuit, sprint, lap knockout, or tollbooth race. If you need something for pursuits or drag races there are better choices, but for the races, the Elise is a serious rocket.

Best handling

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14Lamborghini AventadorV7 Comments
15Aston Martin DB9

A good mix of top speed, acceleration, and handling, this car can beat anything in the game with the right tuning. I personally think every car is good given the right performance tuning but DB9 doesn't need a lot of tweaks to maximize its potential

If you pursuit with it whole game will be like action film all cops car will be trash and will be flying

It should be higher up man.i overlapped razor with's crazy fast and looks phenomanal

Definitely better than any other car in this game, not just in pursuits. A true killer!

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16Koenigsegg Agera R

As we all know that agera r is fastre then veron but not having proof
This car is best in all game it's a beast

This car is an absolute of the best cars ever made in the history
i personally like this car because it can overlap bugatti veyron super sport or the venom gt in any race formats(except drag) with its perfect handling at tight turns

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17Fiat Grande Punto

I finished the game with this car... Best if you know how to drive it!

Very stable in high or medium speed corners. Easy to maneuver at high speed

Very underestimated, fast if you invest your money the correct way. It is a hard to bust car, cops cannot keep up with this beast of a machine, and to top it off, it has a wealthy stamina it accelerates brilliant. Very good handling. I wiped all #15- #1 withought breaking a sweat.

Only car I ever used to finish the entire blacklist, one of the nicest drives hands down

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181980 Dodge Charger RT

80s Charger - A car that never existed.


It was not in the mw...if they want to bring a charger,the 1970 dodge charger will do

Who added this!?
The 80s Challenger was a rebadged Mitsubishi - The 70s Challenger is the famous one,
And I'm not even sure it was in the original Most Wanted.
Whoever added this car should remove it now!

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19Volkswagen Golf GTI

Beat the whole game with this car! Even the #1 Most wanted racer!

Blacklist #15 Sonny's "Rocket". This hatchback has some serious power under the hood. - jimmy12lee

Volkswagen golf is the best car you noobs

With full upgrade, I can take out any car

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20Marussia B2

AMAZING this car is the fastest car I have in the WHOLE game. It is also one of the easier cars to find this car mad my third car I found. (Including the starting car and the first switch off)

I got this car completly tricked out I took down all of the most wanted guys with it if you ask me I should be at least second

I beat almost the whole game with it. I use the power pack mod and it goes over 230mph! The Marrussia is the best!

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