Best NeedToBreathe Songs

NeedToBreathe is a Christian Rock band. Which of their songs do you think is the most Amazing?

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1Something Beautiful

I listen to this song when I'm running, It's the most amazing song and most motivational song ever.

2SlumberV1 Comment
3Lay 'Em Down
4Drive All Night

This should be #1 or #2 Not 6

6Stones Under Rushing Water

Wow what a song - should be closer to number 1. But I understand given the quality of the songs above. Can't understand why NTB aren't a world phenomena. A bit like Mumford but I think even better.

7Washed by the WaterV1 Comment
8The Heart
9Keep Your Eyes OpenV1 Comment
10Signature of Divine (Yahweh)

The Contenders

11State I'm In
12White Fences

Really cool song about a boy that wishes he had a more money and could live in a big white house surounded by white fences.

13The Reckoning
14The Outsiders
15We Could Run Away
16Difference Maker
18Wanted Man
20Streets of Gold
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