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21 Comes a Time Comes a Time

Beautiful song - love the fiddle!

20? Totally underrated! My Neil Young's #2

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22 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
23 Thrasher Thrasher

This is a really great song I don't understand why it is not higher. Still everyone has their own favourites lets face it they are all great

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24 On the Way Home On the Way Home
25 For What It's Worth
26 Only Love Can Break Your Heart Only Love Can Break Your Heart
27 Change Your Mind Change Your Mind
28 Words Words
29 Tell Me Why Tell Me Why

Such a good song can't believe this was left out

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30 Unknown Legend Unknown Legend
31 Sugar Mountain Sugar Mountain

Underrated. A great song this should be in the top ten.

32 (See the Sky) About to Rain (See the Sky) About to Rain
33 On the Beach On the Beach

This song is just fantastic! This should be #1! Lyrics and Guitar just Blow me away

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34 Will to Love Will to Love

Very underrated- amazingly deep lyrics- some of his best!

35 Song X Song X
36 Pocahontas Pocahontas
37 Ambulance Blues Ambulance Blues

I seriously doubt most so called "fans" have even heard On the Beach (the album). Too bad 'cause it's a classic and this song THE antithetic pop song. All it offers is a lot of soul and some good advice.

I can't believe it wasn't on the list before.

This song is a gem but it's completely understandable why it's not rated as "top 10". Few have ever bothered to listen to it. They're probably too busy "pissin' in the wind".

38 Danger Bird Danger Bird

A dark sound, definitely the best song of neil young.

My Favorite of his, very powerful guitar work!

39 Alabama Alabama
40 Captain Kennedy Captain Kennedy

28 isn't bad, but it could be better.

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