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41I've Been Waiting for You

My favorite guitar solo of all time

42Words (Between the Lines of Age)

An awesome song... The best of the best

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43When You Dance, I Can Really Love
44Little Wing
45Stupid Girl
46Lotta Love
47Till the Morning Comes
48Ride My Llama
49Revolution Blues

"Charles Manson song" is manipulator

50Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It?

Recorded by Buffalo Springfield, and written by Neil, but with Richie Furay singing lead.
Only very rarely done during Neil's solo concerts, but has popped up at most Buffalo Springfield reunion events.

51Don't Let It Bring You Down

This is a great song off After the Gold Rush. To me it epitomizes the early Neil Young, who really spoke out against social injustice. My wife is a big fan of Seal, and I accompanied her to his concert, not really expecting much, not really my type of music. Then he did a cover of this song, and it completely made the night for me. Neil is admired by so many artists in so many different genres of music that it's incredible. He and Paul Simon are alike in that respect.

52Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)
54Cocaine Eyes
56Dreamin' Man
57Roll Another Number
58Let's Impeach the President

The expression shut up and sing comes to mind here, except please sing something else... The lefty's are often the best musicians, sadly we have to put up with the marketing of bad ideas. In this case the idea and the song stinks. Direct word for word politics in song, really blows. Whether one agrees or not the song Ohio has energy and a profound message, this does not.

You cannot agree or disagree with "Ohio". It's not a song about opinion, it's a factual song about things that actually happened. Maybe lefties are the best musicians because they come from states that haven't slashed education funding to shreds and they are still able to teach music in their schools.

Neil Young has written many political songs in his career. It's a big part of who he is. To suggest that he "shut up and sing" demonstrates a degree of ignorance as to who the man is.

The expression shut up and sing does not come to mind. The expression freedom of speech does. If it doesn't agree with your politics, don't buy it.

59Country Home

The whole album is guitar heaven! Great tune, in my opinion it is the absolute wheel House for Neil, little country rockish mid-tempo with massive grunge guitar solos. Better vocals than Over N Over the other huge guitar tune on the album...

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60Mansion On the Hill
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