Best Nevermore Songs


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The Top Ten

This Godless Endeavor - This Godless Endeavor
Their best song - brutal riffing and good vocals & drums too


Just listen to jeff loomis' amazing sweep arpeggio solo... You'll be blown away. Amazing vocals from warrel dane too.

2Dreaming Neon Black - Dreaming Neon Black
Beautiful acoustic in verses which transitions into the amazing chorus


3The River Dragon Has Come - Dead Heart In a Dead World
Beautiful acoustic intro, again with a characteristic sudden transition into heavy riffing - it has an extremely technical guitar solo by Loomis


4Born - This Godless Endeavor
Nice mixture of death and thrash metal, then a really catchy, melodic chorus; good solo by loomis too


5Emptiness Unobstructed - The Obsidian Conspiracy
Probably their most catchy song


6The Learning - The Politics of Ecstasy
There's some progressive epic!


7The Heart Collector - Dead Heart In a Dead World
Nice ballad, with beautiful acoustic lead-in and a nice solo too


I can't believe this is not in the top 5...

8Enemies of Reality - Enemies of Reality
One of the band's most memorable choruses, with a great thrash riff and solo


9Believe In Nothing - Dead Heart In a Dead World
How is this song not higher? Boost it up, people! This song is one of the most beautiful and melodic songs I know. One killer riff that makes the chorus perfect with acoustic verses in between, and then a solo to die for - the most melodic, flawless, emotional solo I know.
Sentient 6 is the best one, believe in nothing is no. 2. That or, they tie for no. 1.

10Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday - Enemies of Reality
One of Jeff Loomis' best solos, with good vocals too


The Contenders

11I, Voyager - Enemies of Reality
This is their best song by far...


12Final Product - This Godless Endeavor
Just a great overall song. Great vocals. And how can you beat Jeff Loomis.
I also love the Psalm of Lydia

13Sentient 6 - This Godless Endeavor
This is the best Nevermore song ever. Correction: This is the best song ever. Never have I heard lyrics more meaningful, more powerful with such emotion... And the melody, all together, it's breathtaking. Pure epicness.
This is nothing but a masterpiece

14She Comes in Colors - The Obsidian Conspiracy
Awesome transition from soft acoustic to heavy guitar from Loomis - great song


15No More Will - Dreaming Neon Black

16The Psalm of Lydia - This Godless Endeavor
Amazing solo by Broderick and Loomis! Great vocals too

17Without Morals - The Obsidian Conspiracy

18Passenger - The Politics of Ecstasy

19The Obsidian Conspiracy - The Obsidian Conspiracy

20And the Maiden Spoke - The Obsidian Conspiracy

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