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Upbeat and yes, it does make you smile! That boy has a really punk style for the sound of his music! I could listen to it all day long!
wonderful song- especially live! This song makes me smile, even when I'm really upset! ;D xx
AWESOME! I love this song, Catchy and just makes you wanna sing along. I'm still not sure what that g word is he says though... Eh.
[Newest]My favorite song in the world! <3 Can't wait to see them in concert!

2Can't Stand It
I love every nevershoutnever song but this is just one of my favs XD
i chris drew and the shouts and his songs and his style and just everything about him! be makes me happy :D and I can't sand it & (actually I can XD )
It's so adorable and catchy! Not as happy as the others, I think, but pretty cute all the same. I've never been able to clap along to the rhythm at the end, however.
Damm I love this song...

It is the cutest song ever!
I LOVE it!
It has a good meaning!
In my opinion Happy has to be the 1st and Can't Stand It should be 2nd!
Just my opinion!
This song is so adorable and it's extremely catchy. I prefer this rather than trouble or can't stand it
My six year old sister sometimes sings along to this when I'm playing it out loud. My mom does too.

4Big City Dreams
Difficult to explain who I feel when I hear this song. I just love it. The lyrics, his voice, the rhythm. All NeverShoutNever! Songs are amazing, but this song... I just love
This is one of those songs you can't get enough of! It speaks to you in all sorts of ways!
The cutest song! I found this years ago and I'm still listening to it today xo

5On the Brightside
I love this song! Especially after I found out what it means it makes me smile every time I listen to it! I love his voice and the music video everything about it!
This Song really puts things into perspective, it uses great analogies. I just love this song, it's definitely my favorite song by Never Shout Never
This one is just great and I just want to hug it

6Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway
It's a really beautiful song and it gives me chills each time I listen to I. I love the way he says honey dew.

7Dare 4 Distance
I just ADORE this song, I'm OBSESSED with CDI, I don't think any1 knows more about Chris, except himself
this song is really great... I like live version!

8Your Biggest Fan
! I love this song! Its the first song I heard by him and I fell in love with it before the first words were sang! He is so sincere with EVERYTHING he says/sings! I LOVE him to death now!
I love this song it is great and I believe it should be. In the top three
I love the way like he sing that song! Ifallen in love with that ukelele It's fresh and describe everithing! I feel the frustation & the emotion! He laugh of him and almost shout that he will do everithin for she! It's amazing in many ways!

9First Dance
Been listening to it on repeat for the past hour and just heard of it 2day
The first time I heard it I fell in love and I still love it even though I've played it way too many times to
I love this song so much. Its happy and upbeat and he is just so cute the way he sings. I'm laughing half the time I'm singing along to it. His voice is perfect in this somg and it's one of my favorites of nevershoutnever.


[Newest]This song is so sweet. A little bit on innocence and a little bit of cuteness.

His voice sounds amazing when he sings this! Amazing! Can't stop listening to this song!
I love this song, Its awesome

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11The Duet

Yeah, just fantastic. It makes you happy, who doesn't want to be happy? I know I sure do. Smiles, love, it's all magnificent.


For a song written in his "myspace dayz" this is a really beautiful song, kinda underrated.

13Liar Liar

14Lost at Sea

15I Love You 5
This song is seriously the best song that they have! It makes me happy no matter what mood I am in! It is songs like this that make my life even bearable to live!

16She's Got Style
I love this song just so much! It's extremely adorable and I can't get over how great it is ^. ^

CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater is an amazing song, I don't understand why it is so low in rating, I really love it. I am a really big fan of NeverShoutNever and this song and Big City Dreams are my favorite. Christofer Drew is the best and the lyrics of this song really have a meaning. I love it.
This is my absolute favorite song by NeverShoutNever and I like a lot of their songs!
Absolutely love this song! Its so fun and upbeat and great to sing to!
[Newest]I love this song it's sorta funny too

18Coffee and Cigarettes
I can't stop listening to this song its just so perfect and everything he says other then the smoking part and drinking coffee describes how I feel all the time. I love this song, its my favorite song
Come on this has got to be the best song of nevershoutnever... always reminds of the times my best friend and I talked over a cup of coffee and a packet of Marlboro... Those were the days!
Anyone Who will listen to this will be instantly happy. This should be number 1

I think either this song or what is love are definitely the best songs by NeverShoutNever!

20Lousy Truth

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