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21Connect the Dots
22On My Mind
23Coming Home

The version on Kill it Live where they speed it up is even better

First song I've ever heard by NFG, and that's why I fell in love with them. Awesome songs with catchy lyrics/music. :D

24Singled Out
26You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Amazing whenever they've played it live. Maybe they'll rerecord it some day because the Nothing Gold Can Stay recording doesn't do the song justice.

27Truck Stop Blues
29Broken Sound

Why is this awesome song not even on the list. This is their best song

30Ready, Aim, Fire!

Radiosurgery is definitely my favourite album.

31Forget Everything

Listened to all songs and this ones the best in my opinion.

33Ready and Willing
34Stories of a Different Kind
35The Promise

One of their covers that's far and away better than the original

I can't believe its not even in the list.. listen to it and you'll agree that this would be on the top list.

36Sincerely Me

I'm baffled that this very simple yet deep track is not even on this list. I'm sure plenty fans of the band have heard it, but if you're new to NFG I highly recommend this song. Also it's my favorite song they have. Especially when they play it live (or kill it live haha) there's just this energy that can only be described as New Found Glory's signature feel and presence.

37Ballad for the Lost Romantics

This song is awesome

38Love and Pain

Kick-ass chorus that gets stuck in your head (in a good way)

39I Don't Wanna Know
40Who Am I?

Saves the back end of Catalyst, which is otherwise lackluster. Beautiful song.

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