Best New Order Songs

My top ten picks from one of the finest New Wave/synthpop/post-punk bands' catalogue.

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1Blue Monday

This should at least have 30%! Please vote higher!

Great song please vote this one up higher great beat classic one - mneilan

Great song. Good chorus = best selling!

The ultimate song to dance to and it's long. That intro just makes you want to dance from the kick drum pounding. Great drums. Synths are hard at work, like most New Order songs. It just adds to the drama of the vocals. - Coatsy

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2Touched By The Hand Of God

The best hit New Order, wonderful, unique and definitely stands out hit this team.

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3Bizarre Love Triangle

This should be the number one song! I fell in love with this song and it's the best!

It sounds so ethereal, especially the vocals during the chorus. It also has a heaviness with the drums and bass thumping along. I imagine a flower blooming whenever I hear this song. Just love it! - Coatsy

Best song. So much emotion in it's simplicity.

How is this not number one

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4True Faith

What the "Touched By The Hand Of God" number 2? you are kidding me this song is dickhead true faith is more better...


I say number 2 and Blue Monday first!

"True Faith" is to New Order as "Enjoy the Silence" is to Depeche Mode, with a kickass beat to boot.

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5World In MotionV1 Comment

"Just wait 'til tomorrow. I guess that's what they want to say, just before they fall apart. "

Truer words were never spoken. This song is fantastic.


If I was to rank every band ever, and if I was to rank every song ever, if I then compared those two lists, this would be the song that farthest outranks it's band.

Exactly what I want in my playlists... raw energy to accompany and enhance all my fun activities!

8Round & Round

I can't believe this is so low! It might actually be my favourite song of all time - one of the few songs that I thoroughly enjoy every single second.

So full of feelings... It's like being in another dimension...

A song that strongly harks back to Joy Division, being one of the last songs they ever composed. Listening to "Ceremony" is like taking a drive on a desert highway in an old convertible, feeling the wind whip your hair back and forth every second.

Like it's up for debate!

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?Leave Me Alone

Great closing song to their greatest studio album

The Contenders


Like many New Order songs, there are two versions of this: the single, and the version later released on Substance. Both are fantastic.

Can't ever stop playing this highly addictive song - PositronWildhawk

12Age of Consent

The opening track to the iconic Power, Corruption & Lies, "Age of Consent" has to be one of New Order most well-known non-singles, featuring one of the most addictive bass hooks ever, played by none other than Peter Hook.

Never heard of New Order before, this song blew me away! So catchy!

My list:
Bizarre Love Triangle
Age Of Consent
Blue Monday
Dreams Never End

13The Perfect Kiss

That bass line hooks you right in. The slapping drums give the constant rhythm. The synthesizers are lovely during the chorus and the rest of the song. Every time I hear this song, I hear something new. The keyboards make the sound even bigger and that chorus is awesome to sing along with. Not to mention the 4 minute instrumental at the end. - Coatsy

I can't believe this isn't top 3 its epic with the best hooky bass riff ever and manages to be both moving and irresistably funky at the same time. Streets ahead of most of the rest on this list

14All Day Long

An oft-forgotten gem on the second side of Brotherhood, "All Day Long" is New Order at their synthiest, and arguably, finest. Features a spiraling climax of guitar, bass and strings that orgasm into a hell of an outro, which belies its rather somber lyrics.

15Love Vigilantes

One of the many great songs from a great band...


Just don't point that gun at him Johnny!

17Dreams Never End

It was dedicated to Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, who suicided in 1980. After his suicide, Joy Division changed their name into New Order.

18Mr. Disco

This dancey number hails from Technique, an album that marked New Order's transition from their standard synth fare to a more alternative dance/acid house fusion. Contrary to its name, there is nothing disco about this song, but its rad synth bass and pensive lyrics suggest that disco could have still been very cool if there were.

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