Best New Order Songs

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21Unlearn This Hatred
22The Village

It's a tossup between this and "Your Silent Face, " both appearing on the same album. I give "the Village" a slight edge, however, because of those bitching bass solos. Also, what about that mysterious love that died three years ago?

24Your Silent Face

This is definitely one of their best touches your soul

The armonica solo sounds somewhat uneven live, but kills it studio version!

25Guilt Is a Useless Emotion

Very underrated song with a great bassline. The Peel Session version is especially good. This was the precursor to Blue Monday...

27Here to Stay
28All the Way
29Round & Round
32As It Is When It Was
33Someone Like YouV1 Comment
34Run 2

Answer me, why won't you answer me? I can't recall the day when I last heard from you.

35World (The Price of Love)
3860 Miles an Hour
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