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12007 New England Patriots

As patriots fan, duh I believe there the best, but 16-0 is enough to make even any fan of the game to believe it was the best team ever.

Easier to do with the new NFL rules yet still hard to agree I would like to see them do this in the 70's 80's or 90's

Easily the best offense ever to grace a national football league field of play

Brady to Moss gets the game won! - moose4life19

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22000 St. Louis Rams

#1 - The 2000 Rams. (No, I'm not a Rams fan at all, I'm a Raiders fan) was the best offense I've ever seen. Great O-line. A QB playing as good as any QB ever has. A great running attack. Fast and reliable wideouts, running the West Coast Offense better than anyone ever has.
#2 - 1987 49ers.
#3 - 1998 Vikings.
#4 - 1992 Cowboys.
#5 - (not even mentioned) 1990 Buffalo Bills. (You know I'm not biased as they beat my Raiders 51-3 in the playoffs).
This years Viking? If anything this year's Saints should be in the top ten.
The 83 Redskins were great too, despite losing horribly in the Superbowl. - corebare

The rams were such a great offense that they didn't need to cheat like the Pats in 2001. But the Rams were so good that the Patriots needed a field goal to win. But even though the Patriots thought they could win by spyware the Rams still showed that even if you try to cheat they're gonna make it hard for them. The only way they could win was to cheat and they should admit it. That's why the Rams are truly the greatest offense of all time.

The 2007 Patriots was a better TEAM but the 2000 Rams was a better OFFENSE. I feel like the only reason the 2007pats are number 1 is because they were more recent.
I mean come on Kurt Warner at the helm, Issac Bruce on one side Tory Holt on the other side and a top 5 running back of all time running back who also acted like a star receiver getting 1,000 receiving yards... Come on.

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31998 Minnesota Vikings

Randy moss cris carter

Definitely the first best offense in my opinion they had Chris Carter Randy moss Jake reed and Matthew Hachette 4great wide outs followed by a great rb from Ohio state buckeyes Robert Smith followed by one of the great qbs Randall Cunningham avg 42 points a game that's unbelievable handsdown

42013 Denver Broncos

They did more than everyone else and still got ranked sixth. Can you say Patriots fan?

2013 Denver is the best offense to ever play. Scored more points than any team on this list.

55 touchdown passes and 5477 passing yards hard to beat

Denver Broncos were amazing so much records

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51984 Miami Dolphins
62011 New Orleans Saints

Most yards gained ever in one season

This team was insane

71989 San Francisco 49ers

Control offense played to the defenses weeknes

81983 Washington Redskins
91992 Dallas Cowboys

Dallas was the best offense ever, emmit, aikman, Irvin, and the best offense of line in football, how more can you ask for?

101987 San Francisco 49ers

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?2002 Oakland Raiders
?1985 Chicago Bears
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112004 Indianapolis Colts
122012 Atlanta Falcons
131981 San Diego Chargers
141984 San Francisco 49ers
151999 St. Louis Rams

As good as offense as the Broncos have today or any team of that matter, the Rams have showed and proved that they are truly the greatest and without any hesitation proved that Patriots are no match for this Rams offense.

162011 Green Bay Packers

They went 15-1 and had the worst defense in the league. Aaron Rodgers broke the record for single season passer rating.

Best statistical offense ever

172009 Minnesota Vikings

2nd best QB in the nfl. Potentially the best runningback in nfl. good offesnsive line. plus percy harvin and sydney rice? should have won it all

182009 New Orleans Saints

This 2009 New Orleans Saints team averaged an impressive 32 points per game--only one point behind the 2000 Rams--while also racking up over 400 yards of offense per game. Not only that, the quarterback, Drew Brees paved the way to the championship with a 109.6 PR, having over 4300 yards of offense, while the team managed to combine another 2100 rushing yards. The 2009 Saints team earned the reputation of possessing such a capable, multi-dimensioned offense that could rip apart opponent's defenses through alternating and executing the pass and run throughout the entirety of the season--despite the three game skid starting 13-0.

191962 Green Bay Packers

I think they were awesome that year, I can't remember but I think they won the superbowl that yaer

There was no Super Bowl that year - Danmarino4

201990 Buffalo Bills
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1. 2000 St. Louis Rams
2. 1998 Minnesota Vikings
3. 1989 San Francisco 49ers
1. 2007 New England Patriots
2. 1984 San Francisco 49ers
3. 2000 St. Louis Rams
1. 2007 New England Patriots
2. 2000 St. Louis Rams
3. 2011 New Orleans Saints

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