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The Seahawks match up wonderfully with the 49ers and will destroy them like they did late in the season last year. Best defense in the league hands down.

No question the Hawks... Finally our year... Only taken 37 years to get here!

Not only are they good, they have fun under coach Pete Carroll! Richard Sherman..the ghost in the machine, Russell Wilson: quick, intelligent, Marshawn Lynch "beast mode"

Seahawks are AWESOME!

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Even though I'm from Houston, and I like the texans, my 2nd favorite team is the BRONCOS! God I love Peyton Manning, and every one else on that team, and my favorite QB of ALL-TIME is Peyton Manning, and it's been him since I was 6! But the team I've always hated, ESPECIALLY this year of 2013-2014, is the Seattle Seahawks. I hated them so much, because they are getting LUCKY. They only have 3 good players (Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Sherman), and they been playing at home more than half the year, and been playing average team most of the time. Example number 1: Seahawks vs Texans. Schaub threw that pick-6 and went to overtime and Seattle won by a field goal. So, because of the no-body Matt Schaub, Seahawks could be very easily be 12-4, and what do ya know, Broncos could've been the best in the NFL right now. Like I said, Seattle Seahawks are just LUCKY this year. I am dearly hoping that the broncos win it all because they actually DESERVE this Super Bowl title. Yes, other ...more

I personally think Denver should be getting sized for a super bowl ring!

Just getting better and better. Great free agent picks two years in a row. Just watch out for them for then next 4 years I see a superbowl soon.

The Denver Broncos Suck no offense

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You guys keep up the good work and we are going to win this you can do it I believe in you guys and do me a favor if you win all you guys do a dance

The 49ers are about to unleash their version of Shock & Awe on the NFL for the 2013 season. Their defense is already one of the best. Even without Crabtree, the Offense is about to step up to a new level.

When Third and long is a good thing, you know you have a good quarterback. Because the scramble is your best option

Man best team 3 times in a row they went to the conference ship

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Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and don't'a Hightower. They lost Chad Ochocinco and Randy Moss. 4 good. - Alpha101

Tom Brady is going to help win the super bowl. Ravens here we come.

New england has the best corder back in NFL history new england will win the super bowl in 2014 Rob
Is good to he is the best tight end in the NFL in 2013. Bill the coach of new england is great coach he is a hall of fame coach. New England is the best team in the NFL.

I think patriots are #1

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Time for the Raven's defense to dominate. They might have a good chance against the Patriots, if they beat the Broncos away they can to the same for New England.

I am a hard core Ravens fan and I think that the Ravens are number 1 and one think you spelled Ray Lewis wrong and Jacoby Jones is very good too he made 3 long touchdowns in the last 3 games and on of them broke the record of his 105 yard touchdown Just saying Jacoby Jones should get some props

I'm from England and I watched a game and I had no idea what was happening but the ravens were the team I instantly supported, Joe flacco throwing some of the best I've ever seen and Ray Rice running threw every defender, they are just an awesome team

The ravens is the defensive champion now they are going to be superbowl on 2013

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Awesome team! Totally deserve the title. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback ever. He shows other teams how to play football.

I am not from Green Bay but I like the Packers because of how they play and their players

Any running addition and RBs that block and catch is a boost. 11 WRs, improved lines, filled holes in draft/agency... Ready to go!

They have a great history and players go pack

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They are the best team with 10 great players

Lets get to another Super Bowl. Go Saints!

Saints have Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, Marquis Colston, Jimmy Graham, Carl Nicks, Jahari Evans, Devery Hendreson, and Tracy Porter. Those are all the good players. Johnathan Vilma is suspended and so is Sean Peyton. So they have about 10 good players and only have 2 good players suspended. - Alpha101

Drew brees for the win

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Matt Schaub, Arian foster, Andre Johnson, J. J Watt

There getting a hall of fame as safety so the gonna demolish all the other teams

Texans stay healthy they should go ALL-THE-WAY! Houston fan forever!

They suck ha ha

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This is going to be a very good year for the panthers. At the end of this season ill be like I told you so!

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The falcons are my favorite team they were very good in 2012 they would have gone to the Super Bowl if san fran cisco hadn't beat them in the playoffs. They sucked in 2013 I hope they get into the playoffs this year GO FALCONS - garthgreen

They lost to the saints last night so no longer undefeated. - Alpha101

This year the falcons kicked the buccaneers butt the score was 56 to 14. - garthgreen

In 2014 they kicked the buccaneers butt - garthgreen

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They did something magical last season. There's no doubt in my mind that they will do it again this season too.

The skins are underestimated extremely. They have a lot of weapons and are huge threat offensively. RG3 will be healthy and ready. He will have a monster season along with his RB Alfred Morris who was snubbed for the Pro Bowl. There defense will get better with the returns of Brian Orakpo, and Adam Carriker. They will definitely be in the top 5 teams.

With freddie davis coming back we will be unstoppable

They need to work

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I agree with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, but you can't forget about Reggie Bush.

Lions were within 3-4 points nearly every game last year and looks like they made some good pics and have pretty good leadership.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Lions are going to be the next Ravens?

Lions will be good this year cause of the weapons

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They have beaten the Broncos, Seahawks, and 49ers this year and are still sixteenth. That is just crap.

Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne. They lost Peyton Manning and have also lost Dallas Clark. 2 good. - Alpha101

Colts beat Seattle so they can beat Denver Broncos

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Steelers have an all star defense and the only thing holding them back is a quarter back that can't throw under pressure just what I am saying that have and amazing defense and an ok offense why doesn't this sports page rank them higher

Best team ever, six super bowl titles. Most super bowl wins in history. What didn't make this team the best this year was Big Ben's shoulder injury. This is Steeler's Nation!

Steelers should be around here and not below 15 this about right - htoutlaws2012

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This year is the best of the Chiefs because they are undefeated this so they should be number 1 just like the Denver Broncos

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The giants are my favorite team but Eli SUCKED this season. I bet they would have done better if they had put painter in from the beginning. What I don't understand is how the redskins are #10. They sucked worse than the giants this season. Just saying

I totally agree they should be number 1 not the 49ers Eli Manning is the best GO GIANTS - michaelwalton

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They have A.j green and Andy dalton!

They made an 11-5 season last year. They will do better this year!


Why so low? They won out in their last four games and won a playoff game! You can't ask for much more from a 9-7 team! - Therater2

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Ryan Tanninhill, Jake Long, Chad Henne, and Reggie Bush. Lost Brandon Marshall. 4 good. - Alpha101

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How are panthers here? They never won!

I want to just want to huge tony romo!

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