Best Tight Ends in NFL History


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The Top Ten

Tony Gonzalez
Holds all Tight End records. Most career yards, touchdowns, and receptions. Enough said.
He is by far the best Tight End of All-Time. No one can stop him he catches as good as Randy Moss. Runs as good as Darrell Green. He is unstopable.
Yup tony is the best tight end ever year I wish he could stay wit the falcons forever #1 FAN
[Newest]No need to comment. Everyone knows.

2Shannon Sharpe
Hall of Fame Class of 2011
The greatest tight end ever he could block and catch


Should be number one on the list

3Kellen Winslow

4Mike Ditka
How can this legend be 4th you young people don't know what your talking about mike should at least be second because tony Gonzales is pretty good point proven sonnies

5Rob Gronkowski
Way better then antonio gates

6Antonio Gates
I love my chargers and Antonio Gates what a beast when he came out of the gates. A basketball player turned tight end no one had ever heard of that. I think if antonio gates could stay healthy he would be the best tight end of all time hands down.
Can catch and block perfectly No question he should be#1
Should be higher just based on stats

7John Mackey
Mackey should be scond only to Kellen. Look at his stats, year in and year out he was the best. In those days if you did not have injuries you where lucky.

8Dave Casper
"The Ghost" Hands down best nickname for a tight end. And was the Snake's right hand man in Super bowl 11.
Best Clutch Tide end!

9Ozzie Newsome

10Jimmy Graham
The Questions with Graham will be how long can he play and stay healthy and does he keep improving. He was a basketball player who only played 1 year of college football. It took him 1/2 a year to get on the field his first season and he made some great plays. Year 2, he was one of the most dynamic receiving TE's but couldn't block and messed up some routs. Yr 3 he was hurt most of the year but played through it and had a good year. Now in year 4, he appears to be the most unstopable receiving TE in history. He dosn't make rout mistakes anymore and his blocking has improved to mediocre.

The Contenders

11Jason Witten

12Vernon Davis

13Mark Bavaro
Probably the toughest tight end. Remember him carrying several defenders into the end zone in the superbowl.

14Jay Novacek

15Charlie Sanders

16Todd Christensen

17Jeremy Shockey

18Brent Celek
Yes sir ree bob he can do it

19Owen Daniels

20Russ Francis

21Alge Crumpler
Great at Atlanta, did okay in Tennessee and New England too.

My top 3
1. Tony Gonzalez
2. Alge Crumpler
3. Jimmy Graham

22Issac Bruce

23Brent Jones

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