Best NFL Wide Receivers of All Time

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101Sean Morey
102Charlie Brown

I'm gonna kick that football straight over the MOON! (Trips and falls)

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103Dante Hall

If uv ever used him in madden 06 ud understand darn well where I'm comin from, just way too good

104Santana Moss

His comeback against the Cowboys in 09' was insane and has the best hands if anyone on this list

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105Ricky Sanders
106Boyd Dowler
107Charlie Hennigan
108Tai Streets
109Jacoby Jones
110Roy Green
111Haywood Jeffires

For nearly ten years he was one of the top receivers in football. He was tough and fun to watch in the run and shoot offense with Warren Moon pulling the trigger

112Pierre Garçon

He is the Redskins All-Time Receptions Leader in a Season beating the great Art Monk.

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113Jermaine Kearse

Come on why are these 49ers people in like fifty and all these Seahawks who actually out play them are down here I mean Jerry rice I understand but smith boldin what is wrong with you people

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114Harold Jackson

A very underrated receiver from 1968-83, had 579 catches and 76 td's during his career with the Rams, Eagles, Patriots, Vikings and Seahawks. When he finally retired he was in the top ten in stats for all-time receivers. Can't nobody has even mentioned his name in here.

115Sonny Randle

Most NFL fans have probably don't remember or even heard of him but look up his stats throughout the 1960's when teams ran the ball instead of the pass happy league of today. Drafted by the old Chicago Cardinals in 1958 and had his best years with the St. Louis franchise. Total of 365 catches with 65 td's with an average of 16.4 yards per catch plus had more td's then any receiver during the 1960's.. That includes Raymond Berry, Paul Warfield, Charley Taylor, Gary Collins, Dave Parks, Roy Jefferson and Tommy McDonald.. Should be a candidate for the HOF.

116David Boston

He is my secret weapon in Madden.

117Troy Williamson

He was much better than Randy Moss. The Vikings got the right man in the draft.

118Brian Hartline

Boss he never drops the ball and is super fast brian hardline is boss and is way better golden tate how did hardline get up here?!

119Eric DeckerEric Thomas Decker is an American football wide receiver for the New York Jets of the National Football League.

I think eric decker should be top 20

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120Mike Wallace

I hate Mike Wallace known. When he used to play for Pittsburgh he was awesome. Wallace went from Pittsburgh to Miami to Minnesota

Super fast, good hands, deep threat.

Alright Stefon Diggs is better than him anyway. Yes 10 year olds can love football.

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