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41 Detangler Detangler
42 Window Shopper Window Shopper

Not bad at all! - Curti2594

43 Believe It or Not Believe It or Not

This is one of their most underrated songs it's really Deep and Emotion! - Curti2594

Believe it or not This song is amazing! Great Message Too - Curti2594

44 Where? Where?
45 Next Go Round Next Go Round
46 Because of You Because of You

This song makes you feel emotions! Really cool sound as well - Curti2594

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47 Not Leavin' Yet Not Leavin' Yet
48 Figured You Out Figured You Out

Great song, has AC/DC like qualities, most notably the opening line, that straight out goess: I like you pants around your feet - Psykosauron

Okay this would be in the 30's if some idiot could get the title right... Geez some "fans" we got here

I'm Stunned this is so low it's one of Their most Popular songs ever! - Curti2594

The only song by them I like haha

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49 Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting) Saturday Nights Alright (For Fighting)

They took a chance and did it well - Curti2594

50 I Don't Have I Don't Have
51 Do This Anymore Do This Anymore

This has amazing lyrics, and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to the words as I can!

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52 She Keeps Me Up She Keeps Me Up

Are you kidding me? 47? This should be top ten any day.

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53 We Will Rock You

What this is the best

54 Holding On to Heaven Holding On to Heaven

This song is just to Romantic to keep out of the top 10 this should be moved up higher

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55 Everything I Wanna Do Everything I Wanna Do

Best nickelback song ever
Good lyrics and makes me listen to it everyday because this song simply makes you go crazy, (In a rock way) Every thing I wanna do if it was on T.V. or ever in a magazine she could take the fantasy and make it a reality. She delivers every dirty thoughts.

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56 Midnight Queen Midnight Queen

Awesome song! Imagen if the words could actually happen in real life! Would be awesome!

Not as bad as I thought it'd be, considering it's so low. Just listen to it- it's awesome. - Grayson

57 Curb Curb
58 Little Friend Little Friend
59 Follow You Home Follow You Home

This song is awesoms! It has the best melody in the horus and awesome lyrics! Chads voice is awesome!

You might break my heart... But you will comeout on the worst end of the deal!

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60 Where Do I Hide Where Do I Hide

Have you forgotten this Great song? One of their Best!
Of course a top ten song.

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