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1Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob really deserves the first place - My favorite cartoon ever!
SpongeBob rocks and I've liked this cartoon since I was a kid. Way to go SquarePants!

Can't go wrong with SpongeBob. He's the beast ever no matter how old you are

SpongeBob SquarePants is the funniest laughing show ever. Patrick is really funny and Dumb. Mr. Krab likes money. I love this show. (childhood memories)!

SpongeBob really is first place most people like it it's the longest running cartoon I already watch this

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2Avatar: The Last Airbender

I love this show! It's so funny that I fell of my chair. The characters are so cool especially Sokka who totally cracks me up. I love the romance starting between Aang and Katara. The action is sick as with the awesome bending. And last of all the animals are so adorable and that includes Appa which is a humungous six legged flying bison and Momo which is a flying lemur. I absolutely positively love love LOVE this show. 1000000 out of 10!

This show is a masterpiece, and is more well-rounded, balanced, and developed than most cartoons AND live-action shows I've ever seen. I simply cannot express how this show has challenged my way of thinking about our world issues today (war, violence, racial issues, vengeance, forgiveness and mercy, and many others). The messages this show displays not only serves as a teaching point for a children's cartoons, but the creators also incorporates those messages as part of the plot and part of the character. For example, for one of our heroes, who is a vegetarian and was born into a culture of peace and non-violence, he faces his own moral dilemma of whether it is right to take another's life. Unlike most other children's cartoon, which would simply use the message as a device to teach the lesson to children, the message is expressed through our characters and is also vital to the plot.

The characters, including the protagonists, antagonists, and even the secondary/minor ...more

Best ever. It has humor, action, and romance, all packed into 1! The character's characters are so realistic! It's always dynamic, never flat, and always follows up on it's story. Best cartoon I've ever seen. Ever.

I just love the show very much that I find no words to express it.

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3Hey Arnold

This is one of the true classics of the '90s. A lot of cartoons from that decade still hold a very special place in my heart, but only a handful really elevate themselves above the others. Hey Arnold is one of these cartoons. In addition to being a hilarious, romantic approach to the way children perceive their childhood, it's also a very real show, with great themes ^^ moral lessons and well-written stories that allow the characters to emote and feel.

So many cartoons these days come across as junk food. They give the impression that such stories and characters are of no interest to kids, that they only want bright, loud shows with paper-thin plots and weak caricatures. This is why Hey Arnold has lasted as long as it has, and is so popular with fans to this day. It was none of those things, and left fans with something solid to grasp on to ^^ carry with them as they continued to grow older.

Hey Arnold is absolutely the best cartoon to come out of Nick, and its ...more


I love hey Arnold because it is like real life and you learn a lot from the show and most characters are hilarious especially Helga she is my favorite because she is so hilarious and she has a heart of gold because she is nice to everyone and she does the funniest pranks. She also had a rough childhood with terrible parents and she always apologize when she makes a mistake and I love when she express herself. I feel like I learned so much from her. That is why I admire Helga and the show so much.

Hey Arnold! Is one of my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons of all time!

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this list is stupid... rugrats was the best show on nick, it had the spinn-off all groen up... show respect o this amazing kidd show, tommy taught us how to do everything - terren65

I LOVE THE RUGRATS. I'm 13 years old and I still watch them! If your smart you'll vote for them!

Whoever said this list is stupid, and said this show was good is an idiot, because this is the list of the BEST Nickelodeon cartoons. I respect your opinion but READ THE LIST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

One episode had a bad ending.

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5The Fairly OddParents

My favorite Nickelodeon show and probably my all time favorite show. This show pratically has everything: Time Travel, physically surfing the internet and T.V. channels, good moral lessons. The humor never wears off and any age group would enjoy it. The main characters (Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy) are some of the best main characters in any story. They are extremely humorous and they help you feel better when you're feeling down because they're so emotionally moving.

Back then, this was all true, but after the trilogy specials, this became false, now it's no longer a good show, and it's now an empty, repetitive and mean spirited show, the same thing happened to SpongeBob SquarePants in 2004, which was way earlier, back then, the artwork and music was the problem with this show, but now, everything about it sucks. - nelsonerica

This show is my life and I can't believe this is not 1 I love this show What a shame there's no more fop, Nickelodeon sure could use it now that all they have is shows that stink the only time they have it on is at like 6 or 7 am

Besides SpongeBob this is my favorite cartoon on Nickelodeon. When I was little I used to always love to watch this show. The episodes never get old. I wish that this show was at least number 2 on the list. Great Jokes and Stories.

Was good until 2012.

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6Invader Zim

INVADER ZIM IS BY FAR THE BEST CARTOON I HAVE EVER SEEN! SpongeBob is the most DISGUSTINGLY ANNOYING, MIND-MELTINGLY IDIOTIC WASTE OF TIME I have ever heard of. The producers of Invader Zim had a lot of freedom on what they did with the show, and they ended up using that freedom to the fullest extent. Invader Zim had the most amazing, detailed, unique animation that I have never seen on any show, and the main idea of the show is just brilliant and original. Have you heard of or seen any other show like Invader Zim? The characters are lovable, adorable, and incredible too, unlike the fools and idiots found in SpongeBob. The stories of Invader Zim are very creative, and the humor present throughout the show is hilarious and actually funny, unlike in - you guessed it- SpongeBob. Someone seriously needs to reboot Invader Zim! And SpongeBob needs to be DESTROYED WITH FIRE AND SENT INTO THE DEPTHS OF HELL TO SUFFER FOR ETERNITY. Thank you.

This show had balls. It introduced many children to the evils of humanity and the question of morality, all while being funny as hell. Even so, it didn't simply rely on shock like other dark shows; instead, the comedy was led by the battles between 3 truly likable characters (Zim, Dib and GIR) and their hilarious one-liners. It was a thrill ride.

GIR! That is all I should have to say to make it clear this deserves number. This show made me laugh so much I felt like my brother died when it was canceled

Invader zim was awesome I don't know why they banned it it was so cool better than that SpongeBob crap

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7Rockos Modern Life

If you wanna know why this show is SO overrated by its fanbase, here's why:

BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY DESERVES NEARLY ALL OF THE PRAISE THAT IT GETS AND THEN SOME. There. Is that a good enough reason? Ren & Stimpy was an okay series but not as good as this.

How is this not higher? This show alone made my childhood, I don't understand why more people aren't voting for it.

Most hilarious Nick cartoon of all time. If you like animated shows with comedy this is the one you want. Plus better characters, and pictures. Even adults will like this show.

This show was one of the best - NESSquid

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8Ren And Stimpy

What?! This deserves to be in the top five! Predictably, Spongebob is number 1. Man, some people need to watch the 90's. I know it's the past, but Nickelodeon was great back then, much better than it is now. Ren and Stimpy was AWESOME! Much better than Sanjay and Craig, or The Fairly Odd Parents. I know when John left, it went WAY downhill, but still. Give it SOME credit for the first two years. This show never failed to make me laugh.

If only the new Spongebob was as merciful...

Really good show, Should Be #2 Sponge Bob #1 Some of the best episodes were Fake Dad, The Royal Kilted Canadian Yaksmen, and my favorite, The episode where Russian Ren and Stimpy race the U.S. Pigs.

This show needs to be higher on the list.

What do you MEAN you don't agree with me?! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH!?!? - Swank

This show is good, but Adult Party Cartoon sucked.

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9Danny Phantom

AWESOME show, my personal favorite, but in all honesty, I hope it doesn't return for a fourth season. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see what happens next like, how does Danny and Sam's relationship work out? Is it possible for Vlad to return? Does Dani Phantom get adopted by Danny's family? The list goes on. But we all need to take a good look at what Nickelodeon's become. The new art styles are HORRENDOUS, the writers couldn't write a good episode if they tried, the writers DON'T try to write good episodes, and bringing shows back hasn't been a good idea for a LONG time. Look what they did to Jimmy Neutron, or the Rugrats (not All Grown Up, I mean the pre-school days thing), they turned them into terrible "shows" that barely lasted a full season. I LOVE Jimmy Neutron and the Rugrats, and when they re-made those shows, they lost so many fans. They can have a chance to bring the show back, but they are most likely going to screw it up. Personally, I LOVE this show just the way it ...more

Danny Phantom is TRULY THE BEST CARTOON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! I love Danny Phantom so much & I really hope that Nick will bring him back for a fourth season! Every day I watch at least five episode of Danny Phantom! The show is a major part in my life as is Danny! I was so happy when Danny & Sam finally became boyfriend & girlfriend! Phantom Planet was the best finally EVER! Please, PLEASE, PLEASE SAVE Danny Phantom AND BRING HIM BACK FOR MORE SEASONS! Danny Phantom means everything to me & I really love the show!

Danny Phantom is the best cartoon in Nickelodeon. Also it has some humor, action, romance, adventures, comedy, and moral lessons. Its actually a great show once you see it. I love ghosts.

This show and Avatar: The Last Airbender have a special place in my heart. Although I want more closure and to see how stuff turned out, I don't want Nick's new writers and cartoonists to make another season. They wouldn't be able to make it live up to what it deserves, now if the original writers and artists wanted to make one last season is totally watch!

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Spongebob is definitely the number one Nickelodeon cartoon, fairly oddparents is a good show too but this is one of my favourite shows growing up, it should be in the top ten

Favorite cartoon of all time! I still watch it at night on teen nick laugh out loud

I like this really cat dog are twins

This show makes no scents

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11The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

One of the best Nick shows because it has science and good characters and wonderful plot lines.

This was a great cartoon and it's a classic. It should definitely be top 5 at least

Deserves to be higher. I loved this show! - RickyReeves

I was six when I first watch it. I haven't seen that show for 7 years!

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12The Legend of Korra

This show has to be at the top of the list! It has beautiful animation, a great voice cast and fun, new characters.

Appeals to all audiences, lives up to the reputation of The Last Airbender, and visually stunning in animation and storyline. I am a Korra worshiper. Laugh out loud

Awesome animation show, with just a generally good approach and understanding of human nature. Definitely one you don't want to miss

This deserves to be higher, but ending sucked.

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13The Angry Beavers

One of the funniest shows should be top 5 but unfortunately nick cancelled it

Should Be In Top 5. Who Can Dislike a Masterpiece Like This? Trully Underrated...

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14Rocket Power

Good cartoon but need more Patrice to become best. Give respond please thank very much

From all cartoons fan

Absolute best cartoon of all time I love watching it with my kids can it wait for a new one so sad to see it go off the air!

This show is old school but it is such a good show

I remember watching it. Anyway I love the theme song

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15Ahhhh...Real Monsters

I love this show so much! In my opinion it's funnier than Monsters inc.

16The Wild Thornberrys

The wild thornberrys, are cool! Based on a comedian named marvin and his son named nigel and their crew, a camerawoman named lorraine, a grunge cartoonist named deborah, a nature and myth geek named elizabeth, a strange boy named donnie, and a clever ape named darwin

This show was absolutely wonderful and hilarious and great love it

Gotta pay respect to the classics. Much, much better than Avatar.

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17Penguins of Madagascar

I love this show! This should be number 1 on the list! I wish it could have had more seasons than 3. It deserved at least 5 seasons.

This has over 7.1 Million viewers, and accordind to T.V. experts POM is the Second Best Animated Show Behind SpongeBob. GO POM!

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18The Ren & Stimpy Show

The original smash hit nicktoon, one of the most important cartoon series of all-time.

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19Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

The old SpongeBob was amazing, the new on is not. Therefor, I think TMNT deserves to be number one on this list

Why is this not #1? It's way better than SpongeBob! The new version of SpongeBob is just horrible. The show is mind blowing. And guess what? I'm a girl and I love it!

How is this under TUFF Puppy?! It may not be the best version of the turtles but its still pretty good.

TMNT is way better than that dumb Harvey Beaks show.

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20As Told By Ginger

I really can't believe that ATBG is only at the 20th place. This proves to me again that this "cartoon" (personally I prefer animated series, because I feel like this one deserves more than just the word "cartoon") is way too underrated. The storelines are actually something t (w) eens actually can relate to; even I as a 17-year-old can still relate to some of the problems Ginger and her friends have to face (e.G. drinking too much coffee in order to stay up to study, but falling asleep at school). And of course the animation itself is amazing: characters actually have 5 fingers (instead of 4, which most cartoon characters have), characters have an entire garderobe instead of just 1 outfit for the entire series and the mood in some of the scenes gives me goosebumps (e.G. the scene where Ginger reads her And She Was Gone poem).
Conslusion: Vote ATBG up people! It deserves way better than 20th place and only 0, 06% of your votes!

oh I just loved ginger and her weird friends and family - they should never have stopped running it

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