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21Harriet the SpyV1 Comment
22Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yeah, does anyone notice that Mikey looks like a rapper?

V1 Comment
23Nick Picks, Vol. 1V1 Comment
24Charlotte's Web
25Fun Size

This movie was hilarious and just amazingly perfect

26Nacho LibreV1 Comment
27The Last Airbender

Its an awesome movie and I love to see more movies like that one

The best movie ever, I love the cartoon too.

Best cartoon ever. They tottally butchered the movie though.


V3 Comments
28Nicky Deuce
29Channel Chasers
30Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging

This show everyone a slice of life when your not a fake prissy. And the boys in this movie are HOT! But the books are better. This movie is great for sleepovers.

31The Spiderwick ChroniclesV3 Comments
32A Series of Unfortunate EventsV1 Comment
33Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

A hilarious movie the best Christmas film ever.

V3 Comments
34A Fairly OddParents Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner
35All Growed Up
36Liar, Liar Vampire

This movie was mediocre, nowhere near the best movie.

V2 Comments
37The Wild Thornberrys Movie

I'm not sure if I like this movie or if I don't like it but I am sure that this movie has some of the best singing scenes in a movie ever and this movie has one of the all time greatest soundtracks ever - rybread28

This is honestly the best movie I've ever seen in my life. The songs were amazing, the acting was amazing, and nolan gerard funk, I have no words. This movie was Spectacular!

39Splitting AdamV2 Comments
40The Last Day of Summer
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