Top 10 Best Nickelodon Couples


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1Aang and Katara

The best couple ever made, they have great chemistry, and it's so obvious they should be together. Since the beginning we all knew that they'd end up together, and that they were the perfect couple.

2Cosmo and Wanda
3Zuko and Mai
4Sokka and Suki
5Danny and Sam

They are my favorite couple, along with Kim x Ron and Sakura x Syaoran.

6Timmy and Tootie

Timmy really cares for her, and they end up having two kids

7Arnold and Helga

A tragic romance... Is always one of the best. They are absolutely meant to be. Arnold and Helga forever.

8Spongebob and Sandy
9Tommy and Kimi
10Beck and Jade

The Contenders

11Zuko and Katara

Zutara isn't #1? They are a really beautiful pair and the reasons they should be together are endless! They are polar opposites so they neutralize each other. Their relation started from hate. They both lost their mothers. Katara was the only one who was unwilling to forgive Zuko because she was scared he would hurt her feeling again. Also Zuko took the lightning for Katara. If you still can't see how they are meant to be then please, think again.

12Zoey and Chase
13Freddie and Sam

They're the best love-hate couple ever! They act like they hate each other but then one of them does something totally sweet and unexpected for the other, like Freddie giving the school at sea trip to Missy for Sam (and he was the only one to believe her about Missy too), or when Sam (after she humiliated Freddie on iCarly by telling the world he had never kissed a girl), feeling guilty, told everyone she had never kissed anyone either and everyone needed to back off of Freddie. Not to mention after that when they shared their first kiss! So sweet! And then they said 'I love you' as an end to their relationship because they were to different. Its so sweet! And in the last episode, Freddie asked Sam if she wanted to get back together! Basically they're the best couple ever!

14Flora and Helia
15Bloom and Sky
16Cat and Tug
17Korra and Mako
18Emma and Daniel

Emma and Daniel from Every Witch Way are a great couple and there are so many fans.

19Clyde and Lori (The Loud House)
20Timmy and Chloe
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