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Nigahiga is the most subscribed user of all time! Now we will find out what his greatest videos are. Please vote and comment on why you think yours should be number one. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Dude vs. Wild - The Desert
Dude vs Wild - The Desert is the best and funniest nigahiga video of all time. The is not many videos of him outside and there is also a lot of funny jokes he does that makes me fall off my chair with laughter. Second should be the daily life of rustin hieber because that is hilarious as well.
It's the best it made me laugh all day, just from remembering the words they said. It should be #1 for sure
I thought every videos he made was amazing
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2Daily Life of Rustin Hieber
All Nigahiga videos are awesome, but this one is dear to my heart. I loved Justin Bieber before but now that I hate him, it's nice seeing other people doing their best to make his life laughable. Nigahiga got it spot on, and this video deserves to be Number 1 for that =))
"I sometimes say never~~~" -Rustin Hieber. Got to love Niga Higa for this one.
How can you not love it? Especially the song. He gets Bieber's life dead on!
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3How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artists
This video is so hilarious and should be #1 because I believe most Americans and also people around the world can relate to this and would understand the jokes.
This video made me laugh until I fell out of my chair. The fact that most of these actually sound like the actual artist was just so funny.
It's just hilarious when he tries to copy the singers.
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4I Navigator
The funniest video I was laughing so hard I started coughing and choking.
The genders and kpop dude using it is the best!
This was the funniest video ever! I still think that Google Glass Human and Dear Ryan - Epic Meal Time should be on this list though. :/
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5Honk For Japan!
This video should be number one. It is Nigahiga's best video because it is the first video that he's not trying to be funny, he is actually serious about helping Japan. It was cool because there were still some laughs but if you honked your car for him he would donate money for Japan which is awesome! GOOD JOB RYAN

6BEST CREW - The Audition
Nothing to say, all are awesome!

7How to be Gangster
Better than the rest on this page this isn't right

8Off The Pill - Farts

I love it when he says the type of farts... Loud and proud, Silent but violent, and, its all just so funny.. I also like at the start of all Off the Pill videos he bounces that octopus up and down..

9Nice Guys
Amazing! I love Ryan higa he is halarious! Make sure to watch all of his videos, you will not regret it. He is my favorite YouTubers and I always enjoy his videos!

10Off The Pill - Bieber Fever
"Sorry guys I'm a little sick today I think I'm coming down with a fever... BIEBER FEVER! " haha this video always makes me laugh at that very bit because his face is so cute!

The Contenders

11Word of the Day - Bromance

Very funny episode and the most I have ever laughed on his videos. Well thought out and was a very underrated video compared to his others. In my opinion this video is better than the music video.


I LOVE Poreotics and it was amazing that my fave Youtuber and dancers were together making a video! My life is now complete!

13Daily Life of NinjaHinja

14Bromance (Official Music Video)

15how to be emo

E is for emotional, ruins everybodys day
M is for miserable people
O is for on the dark side cause we have some fresh cookies... Cookies. WOW!

16Agents of Secret Stuff

17iPod Human

18Candy Crush Saga Trailer

19Naruto (Official Fake Trailer)

20Skitzo - Introductions
This was the first of the Skitzo series, (which are all HILARIOUS) I love it when Regina says: Hi, my name is Regina, but you can call me Regina, and I like sunshine and rainbows and puppies, but I don't like their noses all wet, because when they're wet, what is that? Is it boogers or water, or what is that?

21Youtube Apocalypse

22Hard and Black Realistic But Not Real Gun

23Off the Pill - Dancing

It made me laugh so much! I was giggling so much at the Cat Daddy, Dougie, the Stanky Leg, the Break, Salsa Dancing, ! !

24The Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball

25Sham Woohoo!

26Skitzo - The Halloween Story

27Movies In Minutes - Titanic

28Skitzo - Reunited

29Things That Ruin Thanksgiving

30How to Spot a Pothead

31Dear Ryan - What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Its awesome! But what is the song he used?

There are SO many dang funny parts in this video.
Some of them:
The Video Games
The Fight Club
The 300 Reinaction
The Rap Battle
If YOU want a good laugh then YOUU should check this video out.

33First World Problems

34Most Annoying People On the Internet

35Skitzo - Nose Scars

3610 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind
This one I found the funniest.

37How to Be Ninja

38Dear Ryan - Superhero

39Censorship Makes No Sense

40Forever Alone.

41Lessons to Learn From 2013
An update, an 11,000,000 subscriber thank you, and an off the pill video. not much action.

42Honest Commercials

43The Ultimate Handshake

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