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Nightmare is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band it has done the themes for the widely popular Death Note and Claymore series and other Animes.

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Awesome song! I love the interlude man...! Awesome! And the cherry on the cake is that it is the end of Death Note, an awesome anime! Love this song and every other music of Death Note!

I really like this song due to its seemingly soft beginning, that progressively gets faster, and stronger. A really catchy tune that got me interested in Nightmare~Naitomea

Alumina was the ending theme for Death Note.
Written By: SAKITO - Jrock-LOVE

SO cool song the makes you crazy!

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2Cynical Reactor

What the hell? This song so down on the list? The Sakito-Hitsugi duel, the brilliant rhythm and bass guitaring along with the little background notes in the end. Just so amazingly skillful.

How come this song wasnt on the list. The dual of Hitugi and Sakito is just amazing.

3Nothing You Lose

I'll admit both Alumina and the World are AMAZING! Then they both are topped by my favorite Naitomea song "Nothing You Lose" is just such a moving song. The lyrics are phenomenal and the singing is fantastic. If you haven't listened to this song you're missing out!

HOW has this dropped. This is easily one of the very very best songs if not THE very very best song.

Ni~ya composes this beautiful song and Yomi sings from the bottom of his heart, with soul and emotion. A very honest song.

Really amazing, once you listen to it, you cannot stop from listening to this song!

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4the World

I love the world... It's the opening theme of one of my favorite animes! Death note rocks the world and the world rocks the world! I loved it from the moment I heard it! I miss death note and I miss listening to this song (though I have it downloaded it's not the same listening to it in the computer and listening to it while watching D. N! Love the song and the anime!

One of the two songs that have got me hooked onto this style of music (the other being Alumina. ) Extremely fun to belt out while alone in your room, especially I you don't know any of the lyrics.

The opening theme for Death Note.
Written By: RUKA - Jrock-LOVE

The world is brilliant Japanese rock. its also the opening theme to my favourite anime Death note.

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5Mr. Trash Music

This a great heavy song that is quite different for Nightmare to do.
ALBUM: Majestical Parade
Written By: RUKA
- Jrock-LOVE


this is a catchy song and the music video is so cool

7Raison D'etre

This is the theme for Claymore.
ALBUM: Killer Show
Written By: SAKITO - Jrock-LOVE

It's an awesome song that got me into claymore and the band itself.

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I like this song a lot. Umm... Yeah, nothing else to say.


WHY is this so far down the list? It's amazing and the tune is so amazing and the lyrics are (probably? I don't know Japanese) also so amazing and the way they sing it is so amazing and the song is so amazing and asdf it's just amazing all over. Sorry, I'm not good at critiquing songs. Amazing. That's all.

10Lost in Blue

I like this song very much.
SINGLE: Lost in Blue
Written By: SAKITO (I think! ) - Jrock-LOVE

I so much I Love this song its one of my favourite songs ever

Damn I love this song!
Yomi has an amazing voice and Hitsugi and Sakito's guitar topped with Ni~Ya's bass and Ruka's drums make up the best band ever and their best song x

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This is one of my favourite song ever!
ALBUM: Majestical Parade
Written By: SAKITO - Jrock-LOVE

The last time I checked this place, Simple Life was no. 5... for good reason. It's a truly amazing song and I'm kind of shocked that it's dropped to no. 10.

So simple! I love this song very much!
When I sing this song my life changed to a positive way...

Naitomea they can be my favorite JROCK BAND.

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This song's lyrics are very nice it almost made me cry once!
ALBUM: Killer Show
Written By: SAKITO - Jrock-LOVE


I really like video because reminds me on school life. Any Yomi's voice is great. I love Nightmare.

Why nobody added this song?
this is the BEST of the BEST of Nightmare due the feeling of the song and the melody is outstanding!


Love it so much. The instrumental is awesome and so is the tune.

This is actually a really nice song... and catchy, especially the middle interlude.

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17Deus Ex Machina
18~lulu~V1 Comment
19Jashin to Bara
20Raven Loud Speeeaker
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