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I listened to the whole album on YouTube and loved it! A great album from start to finish. And it's one of the last albums with Tarja.

The final album featuring Tarja is my favorite.

Once is the fifth studio album by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: Nemo, Wish I Had An Angel, The Siren - TheBerserker

It is a minefield of fantastic songs and the best of Nightwish

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2Dark Passion Play

Every song is great!
Many songs of different symphonic metal styles expressed in this album.
Some catchy, some beautiful and melodic, most are both!

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My Favorite and in my opinion the most innovative and immersive release from Nightwish. This album takes you on an epic journey just as the title insinuates. Amazing Brilliance followed closely by Oceanborn.

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Oceanborn is the second album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: Sacrament of Wilderness, Passion and the Opera, Walking in the Air, Sleeping Sun - TheBerserker

True Nightwish fans know this is the best album. So sorry for those who don't listen to this and just listen to newer albums.

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Master of albums. Sad it is so underrated.

Wishmaster is the third album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: The Kinslayer, Deep Silent Complete, Come Cover Me - TheBerserker

6Endless Forms Most Beautiful
7Century Child

Century Child is the fourth studio album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: End of All Hope, Bless The Child, Phantom of the Opera, Ever Dream - TheBerserker

Not only the best album by Nightwish... propably the best album of the 21st Century so far... all 10 tracks are masterfully composed, performed and written, there are absolutely no low point, no fillers. Furthermore, it was this album on which Nightwish created their distinctive sound they are known for nowadays. - Martin_Canine

8Angels Fall First

This album is so underrated. People just don't listen to it. It is awesome!

Angels Fall First is the debut album of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.

Highlights: Elvenpath, The Carpenter, Beauty and the Beast - TheBerserker

9Over the Hills & Far Away
10End of an Era

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11Showtime, Storytime
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