Best Nicki Minaj Songs


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The Top Ten

Super Bass
Probably the best hip hop song by a woman. She truly is amazing. She has proven the world that rap is not only a guy thing
One of the coolest songs in the world!
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Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass!
Yeah! Shy guy fall in love with mee. Its a real great concept. I am a part of it. Keep going like this girlz, catch the shy guys. Hahahhaah
Hoes is my son birth control I is on the pill
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How could anybody not like this SONG!
Only Listen to Nicki Manaj! The best ever
"Starships are meant to fly.. Hands up and touch the sky.. " Starships should be in Top 5!
I have never listened and liked nicki Minaj. But this Starship is really making me fly high. Its mind blowing song and listening it on Dr. Dre Beats is out of the world. Nicki Thumbs up for this song...
Cameran from Karachi Pakistan
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3Pound the Alarm
RedOne's songwriting is definitely shown in Pound the Alarm. It should have charted higher than Starships. I love the House influence and Nicki's raps. But all of Nicki's stuff is amazing.
This has been like number 1 on the charts its very catchy song and should be in top10
Society sickens me, you call that songwriting?! Any old fart could write the meaningless repetitive "stupid hoe" lyrics in her over-produced washed up songs
I never seen before like this song.
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4Moment 4 Life
I love the combination with nicki and drake, they go good together. they can do a song and it will be amazing. You go Nicki keep doing your thing in a while you'll be number


This song is catchy! You can listen to it 100 times and you'll still want more!
Hi niki you are my role model I always wanted to be like you love olivia your big fan
This song is awesome. A collab with Drake is exactly what she needed.
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5Turn Me On
Wait what how is check it out, fly your love and right thru me ahead of a song with so many votes now this is confusing
Turn me on is top ten worthy
Go! Nicki go! This song s worthy of being number one please people see the light of this awesome song
I wonder why people have'nt fallen in love with this carear changing song I love it so much it's my ringtone
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The lyrics are awesome...
"I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can ever be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation
I represent an entire generation"
One word for the song "SMOOTHY" ;)
Nice song guys please vote
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7Va Va Voom
It's a cool song!
people gotta listen and vote for it!


Its just great. I listened to the songs for hours and still didn't got bored.
It's so catchy and I am in charge of selecting songs for the disco and this has got to go onto the list!
All the Nicki songs are Awesome!
Can't stop singing plus this is awesome
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8Beez In the Trap
Bees in the trap is the coolest song ever
I like bezz in the trap my sister likes the song
How is this 33? I mean super bass is an ok song, but seriouly?! It gat annoying in the secong verse. Starships, beez in the trap, all theese new songs are great
I actually like it' makes me crazy
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9Check It Out
This is my favorite song.. You all folks should listen to it. It will make you go crazy
My fvrt song ever I have heard!
If you don't think it's the best, check it out (everyone needs a pun once in a while)
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10Roman's Revenge
I love Eminem's verses of this song, its her best and most addictive song ever besides super bass. Nicki Minaj and Eminem go great together!


This song is the key track of the album! It's just great.
Best song on the album me and my friend know all of the lyrics I love it so much
The way she slays all of her opponents in this song with adding Eminem to the mix is fantastic, probably her most underrated song
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The Contenders

11Marilyn Monroe
A bubblepop song from Nicki Minaj. The first time I've heard her sing a sentimental song! It is great! Should be in a higher rank. Maybe top 2 or 3.
How is Superbass and Fly better than this song? I usually don't like Nick Minaj but this is a really cool song
A tribute song of Nicki for Marilyn Monroe.
Beautiful song.
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12High School
This song is amazing the beats are just so great, this song deserve to be number one
High school is nicki back to her mixtape style. The beat is venom. Its amazing. Should definitely be in the top 20 at leas
So damn good!
And the video's also really good. This is the type of Nicki some want to hear more of...
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13Your Love
My day wont just pass without listening to this song. It is a slow poison which makes you addicted to it. You would enjoy it by listening lot lot more.
This song is really one of a kind. Compared to her other music, it really is something special. The beat and simply tone make it even better. I love the message and the chorus always makes me want to sing a long. A very great love song.
Love this song.. One of my favourite from her Songs
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14Right Thru Me
How can you not like this song. I listened to this for hours just today
I like this song very math it is amazing
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If the music video of this song publishes, it is going to be a massive hit. The problem is most people watch songs on youtube and if there is no video.. The does not gets much views. But it is a fact that the song deserves credits and the electronic style sound design is son amazing that keeps you in a loop.
This song does not get enough credit. Personally, the best song on roman reloaded and best song of Nicki Minaj. I really hope this will be a single and have a music video. I'll be sad if it doesn't.
I think this is one of the best songs I've ever heard!
this should be number 1!
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16Where Them Girls At
Just amazing Nicky... Way to go
Just listen to this Guys
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17Save Me
Easily her most intimate song to date.

It features her singing which is sometimes hard to appreciate with Nicki, but she does it perfectly on this track.

Vote Save me!
Definitely should be like number one or two!
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18Right By My Side
Should vote for it best song by nicki
You know what I'm surprised it must be in top 5... Why is this song doing here... Its not like I do like the song.. But in reality no comparison of this song with others n shout out guy it CHRIS BROWN featuring.. So ma sleepin beauties time 2 wake up n Vote 2 nicki bitrch!
Its the best dong should be on the top
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19HOV Lane Listen to sample

20Did It On'em
Nicki brings the heat in this song. Arguably, her best rap track to date. There are no lullaby vibes or "girl power" themes, just straight, plain, rap music.
Deserves the Top Ten. Maybe not number 1, but I do LOVE this song and it is better than "Your Love". I hope that changes. All in all great song. Highly Recommended. Thanks 4 Reading BARBZ!
Really shows her rap skills. Its also more hiphop than most of her other songs. It deserves mo.
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35? This is one of her bests. this needs to be higher.
Waitt.. But I think this is the best Nicki Minaj's songs and I can't stop listening to it! This should be in the top 10!
This song needs to chart higher!
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22Pills N Potions
This song unleashes a brand new side of Nicki. She looks so good without all that makeup and wigs in the music video. This song also has a message- don't do drugs. Flow is great, lyrics are smooth, it's just an awesome song. Pills N Potions forever!
Nicki shows a very emotional side in this song, as she confronted by her anger and her love. And a great way to start off her new album.
It's a great song
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23Massive Attack
I love this song! I din't like it at first but now I think it's awesome and I don't like nicki minaj, I love her! She's awesome! I also like her song super bass and moment 4 life and check it out and - oh there's just so many good nicki minaj songs!
Nicki minaj is possibly the greastest woman of all time! I love her so much, she just has so much talent! This song is so great and always seems to put me in the greatest mood, TOM TOMS BIGGER THAN A MONSTER!
I know this song 2 heart I can rap and sing every single word in this song! LOVE NICKI MINAJ! 😍😘 I loved and started to rap her music from I was 7!
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24The Boys
I don't think I should say more.
But really you must try it once and if you don't like it them kill me!


Nicki's rap is awesome.
I really like at "pur" part. :D
And Cassie's part is also awesome.
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25Whip It
From nicki's lastest album and out of all the other non official single it has already charted on many charts it is just a fantastic song
This is amazing! Why isn't it in the top 10?! I hope Nicki makes this as another single!
Dam good song... Nicki rocks...
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Should be Number 1 because it's the best


What the? I had to say this guys. This whole song is about her ass! Way to go and degrade herself! She needs to use her voice, not her bunz!
And... Anaconda? No, I think this is a disgusting overstatement. I felt so irritated when I watched the clip.
The whole song is stupid, and yeah, I had to vote this for hating on the song. Yay!
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27Here I Am
This should definitely be number one. All of the "top ten best Nicki Minaj songs" are the popular ones that are so overplayed. These "fans" only vote because it is the only song that they know, they need to broaden their horizons! This song is so amazing and has a true meaning behind it saying "if you have something to say, come and say it to my face".
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28Bottoms Up
Nicki Minaj's verse in this song is exciting and fun!
I only listen to this song to hear the verse that nicki manaj sings, other than that the song is okay, I guess, go Nicki!
I love this song its the best
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29Beauty and a Beat
The melodyy... Great man
A really good song from nicki minaj..
Awesome Song! Enough said... This song and Blazin' should be in the Top 10. Please vote :D
With jb it's great combination!
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30Boss Ass Bitch (Remix)

32nd place? Are you kidding? Nicki Minaj sang that flow like a real monster. Maybe composition and idea belong to Kanye West, but it's singing is the best at Nicki Minaj's part.
Nicki's verse in this is one of the sickest rap verses ever. Should be in the top 10.
Amazing. Should be first.
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32Roman in Moscow
Its my favorite song of nicki minaj please. Vote for roman in moscow it is so cool hehehhehehehehehehe
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33Bang Bang
Those are all the dumbest songs I've ever heard... Rebecca Black is better
Top 10 Nicki Minaj Songs

Pills N Potions
Bang Bang
Super Bass
Beez In The Trap
Right By My Side
Check It Out/Va Va Voom

It's mix mysato it's riz in a bottle it's Nicki full throttle it's oh oh
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It's in my top 5 songs out of the Roman Reloaded Re-up album:
1) Champion
2) Roman Holiday
3) Beautiful Sinner
4) Automatic
5) Whip it

But I love each and every one of Nicki's songs, BARBZ forever x
Lyrics alone one of her best by far.
This is celebration
This is levatation
Look at how you're winning now this took dedication!


This is. Wow. If it was released as a single, people better be scared..
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35Y U Mad
Best song hands down! It shows how hard nicki is that she can rap with the big boys
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The verse in this song is just fab...

37Gun Shot
Gun Shot is a great pop reggae themed song, even though the song is lowkey, it has been my favotite song since I first bought Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Beenie Man's verse just ties the whole song together, it is if not better than Superbass.
Love 'em all but this is the best! I especially like Marilyn Monroe too. If you haven't heard this, go and listen to it NOW!
The greatest nicki minaj song.. I love it, respect it.. Its just gun shot
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38Roman Holiday
This is Hip-hops version of Bohemian Rhapsody. People need to listen to it and love it to spread it around the world. She is really flaunting her incredible talent in this 4 minute song

39I'm the Best
One of the best songs ever created by the Nicki Minaj.
When I listem to though I feel like I'm the best or something like that but she is an inspiring to me
I LOVE THIS SONG, BEST SONG, I love this song!
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40I Am Your Leader Listen to sample

41Whip My Hair Listen to sample

42Baddest Bitch
This song is just so awesome! I can't stop singing it!

This song is my most played in my Itunes library! I love it so much. Definitely should be rated higher! Love it so much
Super catchy. Learned about from that Adiddas commercial.
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For me it's her best song because it actually tells her life story. It's very touching, emotional and personal but also catchy at the same time. It has the rap beat that all Nicki's songs have but there is just something more about this song - the truth in it - that makes it stand out.
I love Nicki!
Why isn't this song in the top 10? This is Nicki Minaj at her best!
This song shows Nicki's struggle through life.
What is her autobiography? Stupid hoe? Laugh out loud


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45Beautiful Sinner
This song is really great. Good work Nikki
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46Last Chance
Why is this song Not even in the list?
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47Make Me Proud Listen to sample

48Knockout Listen to sample

How come it's not in the List?
I Just Love This Song, It Has Such A Great Tune.
Best Song..
<3 The Tune.
Best Song..
<3 The Tune.
Listen to sample

50My Chick Bad
She rock it that video
Listen to sample

51Hood Story

52Roman Reloaded
I know this is a new song but peoplevote for it I mean I like super bass but it is such an annoying song after a while roman reloaded never gets old and is even better with weezy
Man lil Wayne is awesome in this song


Listen to sample

53Higher Than a Kite
I like and I love
Hi I am alyssa I love you

54Sex in the Lounge Listen to sample

55All I Do Is Win (DJ Khaled Remix) Listen to sample

562012 Listen to sample


Should Be At The Top
Nicki Rocks!
Listen to sample

The best song ever I like right by my side better but this song is AWESOME too. I can't believe it's not on there
Her best work yet alongside Monster. to be honest, it's kinda sad how a lot of people claiming to be Barbz only love the pop Nicki.

59I'm Legit
Simply a fun tune with great word play.
How is this not on already? She kills it!
Seriously this song so dooope
Listen to sample

60I'm Out
Her part is just amazing. She kills every rapper in the whole universe. The only thing that she must do is to make her voice out loud to the public.
Listen to sample

61Dance (A$$) Listen to sample

62Hello Good Morning Remix Listen to sample

63Girls Fall Like Dominoes Listen to sample

64Take It to the Head Listen to sample

65Fireball Listen to sample

66Beam Me Up Scotty
One of her best...

67Love More
I love dis song
Listen to sample

68Young Forever
It's her best pop song. Amazing lyrics. Among the rap songs, 'Moment 4 Life' wins.
Listen to sample

69Kill da DJ


71Bands A Make Her Dance
Bandz Make Her Dance (Remix) is the best if you download it is the best song.
The best song ever

72I Wanna Be With You
Guys, Nicki's verse in this song is one of her dopest! In fact, I assure you that her verse is better than her 'Monster ' verse!
Listen to sample

An original true song for all those out there
Listen to sample

74Dear Old Nicki
I love this song. It told me that if somebody is not there for you, doesn't mean they don't love you.
Love it wit my life
The best song on earth, wow
Listen to sample

75Itty Bitty Piggy
I love how Nicki can go hard in this song while still joking around. "I told you, I told you before, y'all gon' have to pick my fruit out! "
Easily one of her most original rap songs
I love this song out of all her songs

76Stupid Hoe
Its quite profane, but you cannot deny it is really funny with the lyrics. Lil kim can eat her heart out laugh out loud
Stupid hoe is awesome and it should be in the top ten
It's really rude, but it's extremely funny! Stupid hoes!
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