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41My N****V1 Comment
42Young Forever

69?! True Nicki fans, if you haven't listened to this song your not a real fan. This song is legit and so beautiful please vote for this!

It's her best pop song. Amazing lyrics. Among the rap songs, 'Moment 4 Life' wins.

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I love the raps no kidding and I love how powerful this song is and how its fun at the same time, cause drake will always stare at nicki's tits

I mean, just... Let it soak in, like seasoning! Great collaboration!

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44All I Do Is Win (DJ Khaled Remix)
45Give Me All Your Luvin'
46I Am Your Leader

I love this song especially nicki's part - BFF

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The verse in this song is just fab...

48I'm Legit

Simply a fun tune with great word play.

How is this not on already? She kills it!

Yeah like Nicki Minaj actually has talent

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49No Broken HeartsV1 Comment
50Roman in Moscow

This should be top 10 not 30 best nicki minaj songs

Its my favorite song of nicki minaj please. Vote for roman in moscow it is so cool hehehhehehehehehehe

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This is. Wow. If it was released as a single, people better be scared..

It's in my top 5 songs out of the Roman Reloaded Re-up album:
1) Champion
2) Roman Holiday
3) Beautiful Sinner
4) Automatic
5) Whip it

But I love each and every one of Nicki's songs, BARBZ forever x

Lyrics alone one of her best by far.
This is celebration
This is levatation
Look at how you're winning now this took dedication! - N0ster

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52Take It to the Head
53Fire Burns

I don't know why but this is my fourth (I think) favorite Minaj song.

54Itty Bitty Piggy

I love how Nicki can go hard in this song while still joking around. "I told you, I told you before, y'all gon' have to pick my fruit out! "

Easily one of her most original rap songs

I love this song out of all her songs

55Roman Holiday

This is Hip-hops version of Bohemian Rhapsody. People need to listen to it and love it to spread it around the world. She is really flaunting her incredible talent in this 4 minute song

This is my favorite Minaj song. I absolutely love it!

57Up In Flames
58Truffle Butter

Such a catchy beat and all verses were amazing. Lil Wayne actually killed it this time. Definitely deserved a Grammy nomination for best rap song.

Really? 102? This critically acclaimed track deserves to be in the top ten. - Lasvegasxavier

Drake Nicki and Wayne kill it in this track! Can't believe songs like Anaconda & Starships are ranked higher

The rhythm is so smooth in this song - Mcgillacuddy

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59I'm the Best

One of the best songs ever created by the Nicki Minaj.

When I listem to though I feel like I'm the best or something like that but she is an inspiring to me

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This song is my most played in my Itunes library! I love it so much. Definitely should be rated higher! Love it so much

His is this not number one?! It's her best song by far.

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