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81Starships - Nicki Minaj
83My Chick BadV1 Comment
84Hood Story
85Roman Reloaded

Man lil Wayne is awesome in this song - bobbythebrony

I know this is a new song but peoplevote for it I mean I like super bass but it is such an annoying song after a while roman reloaded never gets old and is even better with weezy

86Higher Than a Kite

I like and I love

V1 Comment
87I'm Out

Her part is just amazing. She kills every rapper in the whole universe. The only thing that she must do is to make her voice out loud to the public.

The best song she has been featured on ( other than out of my mind by B.O. B )

88Girls Fall Like Dominoes

The best song ever I like right by my side better but this song is AWESOME too. I can't believe it's not on there

Her best work yet alongside Monster. to be honest, it's kinda sad how a lot of people claiming to be Barbz only love the pop Nicki.

90Beam Me Up ScottyV1 Comment
91Lookin A**

I can rap the whole song actually. Lol - SapphireGrim

V1 Comment
92Hello Good Morning Remix
93Last Chance

Why is this song Not even in the list?

95Love MoreV1 Comment

This beat goes so hard! I don't understand why it's higher up. Like, half of the top ten songs aren't that good. The pop radio songs are always at the top, but the less popular ones that we don't hear about on Billboard's Hot 100 are more worth it. Superbass doesn't have anything on this song.

"Tell 'em to go 'head and gossip, as long as your house is the size of my closet"

97The Hills

Not as explosively amazing as Eminem's (because when you get Em on your song, it isn't yours anymore), but still passable, and is Bohemian Rhapsody compared to the original. - WonkeyDude98

98Kill da DJ
100Bands A Make Her Dance

Bandz Make Her Dance (Remix) is the best if you download it is the best song.

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