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213DS XL

It's a bigger 3Ds. It's more comfortable to play on in my opinion and got rid of that annoying green light on the 3Ds.

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22Super FamicomV1 Comment
23Nintendo NXV4 Comments
24Nintendo Switch

I Knew Someone Was Going To Put This On The List - VideoGamefan5

I really appreciate you guys for selling the nintedo switch by 10 year old Ps it's your best console and my name isn't 10 year old

25Game & Watch

The Game and Watch is Really good Handheld System

26Game Boy Micro

Love the classics? Well gameboy micro "The advanced version of SP and color" provides you with a great experience

27Virtual GameboyV2 Comments

Great feel when you are playing, can play 3DS games and regular DS games.

Designed for kids, for kids to break

Mines a Transparent blue AS edition, its shiny and has a classic feel to it, but in terms of 2ds in general vs 3ds in general. There's a reason the 2DS is cheaper but it is still a great console.

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29Nintendo DSi XL
30New Nintendo 3DS XL
31Wii Mini

This Thing Sucks Hard, Its Just The Wii But Just Doesn't Have The Internet Access And Other Things That MADE The Original Wii Great, Seriously Who The Heck Likes This? - VideoGamefan5

Too bad they got rid of backwards compatibility with the Game Cube

This sucks the Wii u is not the new virtual boy it's the Wii mini is the virtual boy 2.0 not Wii u this has no intenet and came out in 2013

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32Nintendo 64DDV1 Comment
33Nintendo 2DS

It's a cheaper version of the 3Ds, but it takes away one of the best features, the 3D. Sadly, the system can't close so it's pretty much like an open 3Ds. It's not that portable so you probably won't use it on the go a lot. The buttons are moved up making playing on it a little more comfortable. Also, it's not very sturdy so it won't survive a few drops. I'd recommend it if you don't like 3D and probably won't play on it outside your house.

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34Virtual Boy

Super cool for its time still cool one of a kind system good games to first 3d system for Nintendo

You know you are a badass when you play Mario tennis for hours on end even if your eyes are getting fried out of their sockets

Worst console in existence. It only lasted for 6 months because everyone who got it have been injured.

This Is The One We All Pretended Never Existed - VideoGamefan5

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