Best Non Luxury Car Brands


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The Top Ten

Still one of the best and most reliable vehicles made.
Best interior in the range of 17 to 18 lak...
Very Reliale and well made car. also one of the best looking Japanese brands out.


Not as reliable as Japanese cars but they look and feel great.


The longest lasting Model in Australian History and the Mustang could be said for America
Both nearing sixty years
My dad and mom drive both 2014 fords

Making standard Awd cars for year. they are also reliable and sporty as well.


Making high quality cars in affordable package. I admit some parts are not as perfect as the Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen, but they're still better than any modern Toyota cars when it comes to engine smoothness, refinement, and solid built up quality. For such an affordable price you get a very ergonomic car with attractive interior design. Cheap but not cheapy.
Making an effort to go from being a cheap made car to having some nice quality designs


On my second Hyundai - a Veloster - and I love everything about it. It incorporates what I liked best about each of the previous cars I've owned. And the service can't be beat.

What I like about chevy is that they make cars for every price range. Spark, camaro, impala, corvette... They also deliever tons of power and they are affordable. Chevrolet has a car for everyone
Some cars are nice and some aren't. some feel refined and some feel dated


Oh yeah, camaro and vette best cars ever beats a mustang all day

How is chevy and ford over honda no offense to america but you guys suck when it comes to cars like I swear gm owns almost American car brand and ford and dodges pickups looks exzactly the same also I'm a American so don't hate on me for saying that because Japanese cars are the best for their price
Very reliable and family friendly but they seem kind of boring to look at


Should be at the top next to Toyota and Hyundai

On my 2nd Nissan- Love it! Very reliable, sleek. Wouldn't have anything else!
Love my Nissan, very reliable, have owned a Nissan model for over 10 years
Nissan actually can make really fast cars

I have the beetle convertible and it is amazing!

(the reg beetle is also nice)
For those that love performance in there cars volkswagens a good one. reliability isn't that great on them though


Pretty much like a cheaper luxury car. look more expensive then chevys.


My wife and I purchased a 2014 Kia Optima. I have never seen a more stylish automobile with all the options at the ridiculously low price... Heated front and rear seats, GPS and Sirius and the Optima rides like a Caddy. We are very pleased with this car.
Great car for young and older people. I have owned my Kia for 8 years. Love it and plan to get another one when this one is done.
Makes a great young persons car. pretty much hyundai with more style options


The Contenders

11Alfa Romeo


13Maruti Suzuki
Best car in India and the Suzuki Baleno best car and got some more power




This should be #1! 1 They make the best cars around! (Bentley would be the best, but how much of those are there? )





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