Best Norah Jones Songs


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The Top Ten

Don't Know Why
Very few really soothing songs. 'Don't know why' tops the list.
Love love love this song!
Great song! It deserves to be on the top. I just love her. I still remember the days when I used to listen to her for hours during my 12th grade

2What Am I to You
Great song! It Just make's me fly...

3Thinking About You
So smooth, real feelings anybody can relate to!
One of the best, should be top ten

4Come Away With Me
Really touching songg... I love it too much.
Lyrics are awesome, norah's voice is so beautiful.
Just an awesome song in every aspect. Could wrap my arms around her.
[Newest]Love this song. Please play

5Happy Pills
This is definitely, according to me, the best song sung by Norah by far... It's so better than sunrise... Vote 4it guys!
It has catchy beat which is very addictive. I listen it everyday. It is much better than sunrise.
This song is just awesome and like ant anthem for all girls!
[Newest]The song is all the happy pill I require

So beautiful, and it's almost like heaven to my ears. It's my favorite song by her to sing along to.
Best norah jones song

7Those Sweet Words
Love this song since the first time I heard it

8Young Blood

9Out On the Road

10Shoot the Moon
I love this song and I listen to it all the time.
Especially When I am waking up, it is very nice to listen to.
For some reason it calms me down, and makes me feel better.
I really love it. I HATE IT.
The saddest song yet so soothing
You are just awesome

The Contenders

11Chasing Pirates
Wow.. Amazing.. In love
Great song - first heard it on jules holland
Should go to top ten..

12Above Ground

13Humble Me

14Creepin' In

15Turn Me On
This song is nice and lovely. I was enchanted by "turn me on" in the soundtrack of 'Love Atually'.

16In the Morning

Best song ever. the feels of the tune.. and norah's voice!

18The Prettiest Thing

Suprised that this wasn't on the list yet

20Everybody Needs a Best Friend
Great song from "TED"
Nominated for Oscar

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