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Very beautiful, mellow song. I would like to learn to play it on guitar.

22One Flight Down

This is absolutely a song that makes you relax and calm down. Perfect music. This one deserves to be in the top ten list!

Not the "deepest" in her catalogue but one of my favorites. It's astonishingly beautiful, relaxing, sexy and soothing.

Wow! This song is so damn beautiful like Norah Jones herself. This should come be there in top ten list

Surprised this song is not mentioned!

23Seven Years

So Norah Jones, perfect voice for a very cute song... Top 10 at least.

An anthem for anybody who feels like they are a bit different and are ok with it. Lovely little song.

Very Calm. makes me think of my younger sister wqheever I sing it

24It's Gonna Be

Well, I can't say under which genre this song comes but this song is great, the music is great along with her mesmerising vocals!

25Carnival Town

Love this song. Defiantly worthy of a top 10 spot

26The Story

I love My Blueberry Nights and this song was just perfect for the movie
Love the bass line especially

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27The Long Way Home

She really dedicates herself more while performing this song live. I think she really enjoys to sing this song and it's one of her favourites too, the improvisation is absolutely a gem!

28I've Got to See You Again

LOVE everything about this song. She coons

Certainly one of the best songs!

This song acoustics got me right from the start! Norah's voice is just amazing as usual.
Yes! I've Got To See You Again, and hear you again and again...
This album is so great!

30All Your Love

This is awesome, the bluesy feel. Wow!

31Long Time Gone
32Be My Somebody

Unknown song hidden inside "Not too Later" album... Maybe not underrated, please hear it and judge... Should be top 5!

Totally underrated. Lyrically tight and great melody. Road trip song.

33Rosie's Lullaby

I could see myself in the arms of a lover dancing to this melody

So cool and atmospheric. Opening lines always get me


Intriguing lyrics and an amazing sound. This is one of those songs you can listen to that fits many of the emotions we go through throughout our lives. Can put you in a good mood and sooth you when in a not so good mood.

I have always liked this song. Simple concept, interesting lyrics and an amazing sound. I LOVED this song live - had a lot more weight to it, and now I 'feel' that every time I replay it.


Wow her "Texas Song", it's amazing, the songwriting part is so sweet. Its one of the simple songs of Norah Jones and is as beautiful as Norah Jones herself!

Love the slow beat and Nora's lovely voice. A great slow dance song for lovers.

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36Love Me Tender
37Good Morning

The way the double melodies lose time and meet back at the end is awesome. The opening lyrics are perfect, among the best first words of any album I know. The best way to start a breakup album.

38You've Ruined Me

One of the best songs to slow dance to.

39Cold Cold Heart

So lovely lyrics, some words from a girl that can melt your heart

40All a Dream

This is her best song by a long shot. This song is SO raw with emotion. I've never cried from a music or a movie. I've never cried at a funeral though I have lost loved ones. I'm not gonna say this song made me cry but the raw emotion in this song is palpable. It's a criminally underrated masterpiece.

How can someone miss this song. Soothing voice of norah makes it a gem for your playlist

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