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Arceus can be cool but the only reason it's up here is because its "OP" Pretty much any Pokemon can be OP if you bring out their strengths and defend their weaknesses. Just because one person says,"Oh Arceus is so cool" That's just their opinion. That doesn't mean it is OP. My opinion personally is that Arceus is horrible. I mean think. It's just a big lub of white. And it's a tiny goat with fingernails for feet. What an ugly looking thing. Who thought this was so cool. Why not give any other Pokemon a chance. Even if it can change forms so what? You can only have one form in battle and you can't use it if you are in an official Pokemon competition.

Arceus is the strongest Pokemon ever made. It can learn Judgement and any other move. It definitely needs to be #1

Arceus is legendary. I took down all of the champion's Pokemon! It was my main Pokemon that I trained.

This Pokemon is like the invincible one he can even beat Mewtwo

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This guy is amazing, with the right move set he has a place on anyone's team.

Duh. Ash's snorlax is awesome! Snorlax has great stats, and I don't even know why he is not in the top three list

If used properly, Snorlax can kill almost everything with body slam and crunch. If you run a rest-talk set, ghosts are not so vulnerable, but they can still faint from stall & struggle

This stupid Pokemon should not even be on this list. It's poked ex intro says snort ax eats 880 pounds of food a day and then it's sleeps. Who would want that fat lazy and weak Pokemon on their team. It's also very ugly

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This is the first ever pokemon I got after chimchar, Always have him in my team unless trading, once Cynthia was running strong and I had only staraptor, he took down 2 opponents with full health!

Staraptor is a awesome Pokemon. mainly its because he is a flying type AND learns close combat (when I get the chance I am gonna see if it can learn focus blast) so rock types are doomed! BUT close combat does lower some stats (can't remember what... ) overall it is a good Pokemon to have

An already badass flying type with CLOSE COMBAT. Enough said.

I think it should be#1on the list

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Slaking is amazing. Just teach it moves like strength and slash and you'll be unstoppable. Gita impact needs to recharge and truant would take effect anyway.

Truant sucks. It took out Cynthia's Pokémon, but truant will kill you

The reason Slaking even HAS Truant is literally because it's so ridiculously OP. It has the highest base stats of any non mega or legendary. If they ever gave this thing a mega, we're all gonna die.

Look at the stats of this monster! Because I think that legendaries should be exempt from being voted, Slaking is the runner up as best normal Pokemon. (I don't even know why staraptor is higher than this guy, staraptor isn't even a pure bred normal Pokemon. That guy should be disqualified/exempt from this list)

Slacking is so cool :) I hope it gets to 1.

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Ditto can be changed into any Pokemon. Now this move is really a cool one. Just think if he changes to arceus now that's a matter to be think about... But UNFORTUNATELY HE can't.

It can change into any pokemon there is!
How cool is that!?!

Ditto can copy the moves of every Pokemon, and look exactly like them. that's pretty epic, and even better... He's ADORABLE

This Pokemon can change into other Pokemon but it's stats are very low

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Regigigas sucks because it's ability, but I still see potential in this thing. I saw so much potential that I bothered to train it to level 100. Get it Toxic/Thunder Wave. Regigigas is a good Toxic/Thunder Wave staller because it is a bulky Pokémon. Also give it Hyper Beam for the damage coverage. Don't forget CRUSH GRIP because it is it's signature move. Finally, Zen Headbutt to take care of Fighting- types. It could be replaced by Earthquake, because it is a powerful move. What I am trying to say is that Regigigas is not as bad as you might think.

Despite a terrible ability and a lacklustre moveset, I think just the sheer design and stats of this Pokemon is what makes it stand out for me. The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon sapphire and the whole discovery and mystery of unlocking the regis is one of my favourite moments in Pokemon history. When 4th gen finally came out, I knew I had to capture Regigigas just for the nostalgia. Call me what you want, but I think Regigigas deserves to be in the top 10 normal types!

Maybe if you cheated you can put skill swap on Regigigas and use it to switch slow start with another ability? But you can make Regi learn substitute to stall out the slow start and maybe something like drain punch to keep it up because of his high attack and defense

Regigigas sucks because of slow start. You should not put it here.

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Why isn't this on the top 3?
It has great special attack and moves like Zap Cannon, Recover, Conversion 2, Nasty Plot, and Agility.
With the right setup, it can beat even Arceus

Porygon-z can CRUSH most Pokemon with a variety of move sets with attacks like ice beam, zap cannon, recover, psychic, etc. Top it off with high special attack and you can have an excellent sweeper

Porygon Z is truly the epitome of astounding, however I still remain uncertain who to replace on my team for him (in ORAS).

Tri attack deal with it

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OH MY GOSH! Ghetsis's Bouffalant, not Hydreigon, literally wrecked my whole team on black and white. Not to mention a wild one with lower levels than me took out a few Pokemon two. I had to get my Chandelure in JUST to take this things Head Charge. It seriously OHKO'ed my whole team except him, no boosts. VOTE BOUFFALANT

The champion alder uses him for a reason, if he becomes our good friend then you unbeatable!

Head charge... Kills everything... Enough said

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Zangoose is strong and cool looking. With Facade doubling damage after Toxic Orb activating, and having the ability Toxic Boost, it can sweep with just that, OR Simply Swords Dance & Crush Claw Sweep your opponent! Plus, Embargo prevents your opponent from using items! It can also learn Close Combat, and not to mention it's Attack stat is greater than a Lucario's!

Zangoose is probably one of the coolest Pokemon I have ever seen. It's fast, has a variety of move types, and is my ace in every battle. Worthy of #1? I think so. - AJ5197


Come on, it has goose in it's name. Nothing beats that

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It is amazingly incredible Pokemon.

When I played any Pokemon game, I used a jigglypuff because of my combination of sing and a mixture of moves like: waterpulse, energyball, thunderbolt, psychic, earthquake, icebeam, and the list goes on... Plus it has a heck of a lot of HP especially when it evolves into wigglytuff, and besides... Who can hate a cute Pokemon?

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Blissey is a very good Normal type Pokemon. It has a base 255 HP and a base 135 Special Defense. It also has: 5 base Attack, 5 base Defense, 75 base Special Attack and 55 base Speed. They're a lot less overwhelming ass her other two stats but her Special Attack can at least still be usable...This means that it is very unlikely to be OHKO'd by a special move, some say it is virtually impossible. Competitively, it is VERY useful, it can use some excellent support moves: Aromatherapy/Heal -Bell and Wish. It also can learn many offensive moves: Mud Bomb, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Charge Beam (not so good though), Incinerate (also not so good) and finally, Dream Eater (only useful on sleeping Pokemon though, but Blissey doesn't know a sleep status move? ) The other status moves it can learn are Toxic and Thunder Wave which are very good. It can also learn some really strong physical moves too: Earthquake, Egg Bomb, Rock Slide, Giga Impact and Wild Charge (there's more but these seem to be her best physical moves in my opinion) The only good physical moves which Blissey can learn are Return (you need max happiness to get Blissey anyway so this should be strong) ans the AMAZING Seismic Toss (sadly you can only get this by teaching it to Blissey from the gen3. Move tuor...) :( I personally wouldn't use her physical attacks, like ever. I mean 5 base Attack or 75 base Special Attack? You can choose. Its' only real downside is its' Defense stat but to prevent complete failure put 252 ev's in defense, 252 in HP and 4 in Special Attack. I personally think that the best two items for Blissey are Leftovers or Rocky Helmet. If you have Leftovers you would probably want Protect and Toxic in your moveset. Use Toxic and then you can Protect when you feel like it to gain Leftovers health while your opponent deals poison damage, awesome (even though nearly every Pokemon is capable of doing this) To make this even better you can use Protect while being behind a Substitute so you're constantly protected by your Substitute while Protect "Protects" your Subsitute while your opponent loses health. This is a very good stall technique. An excellent Leftovers moveset is: Softboiled, Toxic, Protect and Substitute. Blissey can also learn Thunder Wave but you MUSTN'T put Thunder Wave in this set to replace Toxic Blissey will have zero ways of dealing any damage. If you have Thunder Wave you would probably also have a support move and an attack. Another good Leftovers set is: Thunder Wave, Heal Bell/Aromatherapy, Ice Beam/Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Shadow Ball, Wish/Softboiled. (there's other Special Attacks to choose but these seem to be the best for a Natural Cure/Healer Blissey) Also, Blissey doesn't have any moves like: Blizzard, Fire Blast or Thunder since they lack PP or accuracy which isn't great. If your Blissey has Serene Grace these moves are great since the less more

Blissey is an awesome massive pokemon. It can use Thunder, Psychic, or almost any moves that can Kill other pokemon that are in your way. It is also awesome cause it can use softboiled to heal itself AND heal its teammates. All in one, its an awesome Tank

Blissey is way better then that jigglypuff come on peps were not doing cutest were doing best

Blissey is my favorite Pokemon it's cute and apparently very powerful and it has good moves.

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In my Pokemon, my ursaring+jolteon combo is pretty much unstoppable

He's a OP bear. What more could you ask for.

Practically me all day long 😠

Ursaring is my favorite

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Mega Kangaskan with power up punch, sucker punch, drain punch, return/fake out. Wicked powerful.

This Pokemon learns mega punch

Mega Kangaskhan is perhaps one of the best megas out there, parental bond + power up punch really makes is a threat

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Absolutely the best normal type with its 490 base stats. As fast as other lightning speed Pokemon, it can sweep the hole team with its ridiculously strong attack and defend itself from any kind of attack (except fighting type) with its unwavering defense. Absolutely my choice!

Looks like a beast, mad attack faster than 90% of all pokemon complete with its tails and amazing mane! No more need be said

Taurus is plain amazing. That's all I gotta say


It's in the damn name: tank. With upwards of 300 hp at level 65 and the move Milk Drink makes her pretty much unstoppable. Then all you have to do is use Body Slam, which I honestly thinks does more damage the heavier you are.

A trainer is famous because of this tank: Whitney. This Pokemon is so strong but so underrated.

He's the most OP pokemon with his milk drink he could own and pokemon that are above him. He might not have the best attack but his deffence is all he needs to own it.

He is the best and fat

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Guys really vote for smeargle! Sure, horrible stats, second worst stat total, but really! Every single move! If you want to be cool at the game get a smeargle with the nature that raises speed and then lowers special attack and hold a focus sash. Maximize health and speed with 252 evs each and then sketch the four moves, spore, to put it to sleep. Spore is grass, has 100 accuracy and can affect all pokemon, including flying and ghost. Then use agility so you wont be outrun. You could use it twice if you want, but if the enemy wakes up you're dead. Some stuff only sleeps for 2 turns, some have berries or abilitys to prevent it, but I would use agility and then I'm faster so then lock on. The next turn, they might wake up, because this would be the third turn, but agility makes you faster, so now use sheer cold. Not horn drill. It doesn't get ghost. Not gullitone. Doesn't get them either (i think. Is it normal or water? ) fissure is ground and doesn't get flying typers. Sheer cold? Yes it gets them all. So to review, that's first up, spore, then agility, lock on then sheer cold. Lock on could be mind reade. Who really cares. Once again, spore, agility, lock on, sheer cold, nature- speed up special attack ore normal attack down ( doesn't really matter which attack, ) then hold a focus sash. You are now unstoppable. Yes, sure, this could totally be stopped and a wasted slot on your team, if the opponent simply has a chesto or lum berry or vital spirit or something like that, but if not, you win.

Smeargle with focus sash is an incredible entry hazard Pokemon with spore/dark void you can setup anything


Aside from being adorable, Delcatty has great stats and some of the strongest moves a normal type can learn on it's own, as well as being able to learn plenty of TM's. Also, assist is awesome.

Why isn't this up in top ten? My delcatty is level 100 and knows these moves, hyperbeam gigaimpact shadow ball and psychic!

While playing Pokemon XY, I came across a beauty. Skitty, my favorite Pokemon, was my first encounter on route 4. It was shiny. It is now a Lv.100 Delcatty with Blizzard, Solarbeam, Play rough, and assist.
It kills everything.


Stoutland is a really awesome dog Pokemon with pretty good stats and he or she can learn the elemental fangs!

She could use retaliate first, and I am happy about it.

He/she has good abilities and is way better then jigglypuff!

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Whoo hyper beam, aero blast, fly, hurricane what attacks such a cool poke


Do you do Pokemon Showdown? It's in the first borderline for a reason! Dude could have Huge Power, which is OP, Agility, Earthquake, and anything makes it OP! I also think it learns Swords Dance, so that, too

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