Top 10 Best NRL Teams

The top ten best teams in Australasia's National Rugby League.

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1Brisbane Broncos

I just love broncos and to me they can win almost any game. I've seen them win and loose in a few of their games but to me they r the best

How are the Broncos not number 1? 6 premierships in 18 years!

What are the saints doing there brisbane should be at least in the top three.

Best team, a privilege to watch

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2Melbourne Storm

Last time I checked this list these guys were number 10 and I'm so happy I come back to see they are now number 2, so happy and so proud!

4 Premierships and they aren't even 20 years old yet!

The best team in the NRL without a doubt

The love of my life

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3South Sydney Rabbitohs

Most premierships. Most members. One of few clubs to actually turn a profit. The rabbitohs are the pride of the league.

They are the best team in the world

I went for the Bunnies before I even know what football is! - KingFab

Souths For Life

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4Sydney Roosters

the roosters will always be the best even though there not the greatest team in 2011. GO THE ROOSTERS! - decorulez97

Only team to have played every season since the very first season!

Premiers 2013, Minor Premiers 2013, World Club Champions 2013, Minor Premiers 2014 - BigTrenna

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5St. George Illawarra Dragons

Why are the dragons 6th they should be 1st the roosters have never did that plus they aren't the best the dragons are. And we won 11 premierships in a row.

It was 11 in a row, but the roosters or any other team will never come close to matching it. Go the DRAGONS.

dragons totally rock! Last year they were unbeatable! Their super star Jamie Soward never let his team down!

Broncos should be last

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6North Queensland Cowboys

This team has the players to even beat the Broncos. Cowboys should be Number 1 for sure with Jonathan Thurston. Best player in the NRL easy.

I think cowboys are the best team because they are all fair and because they have great player like jonathon thurston

They are the best and they can beat the Broncos any day

Best nrl team ever

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7Canterbury Bulldogs

Bulldogs are the best team because they are all strong and can score goal

Because they are better then dragons who have no good players

Because bulldogs are good and have some good players

Go the doggies

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8Gold Coast Titans

Why WHy why why they need to go and jump off a cliff

Impossible. Just cause they have Hayne, Peats and Hurrell, doesn't mean they are the worth being final contenders

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9Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

Don't listen to that lowlife under there. They haven't heard of the Knights, Warriors or Eels

They are the best, have won a premiership once every 3 years since 2005

They are all grubs and smell like rotten egg's

They are the best

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10Wests Tigers

Benji is easily the most skilled agile and unpredictable half ever the play nrl... Robbie farrah is amazing in defense and an offensive visionary... Some great rookies getting to show their talent means great things in future years... GO THE TIGERS!

Had some great players like Scott Prince, Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah. And their team even now is coming along really well

Tigers should be first and the Broncos they should be last

West are the best

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The Contenders

11Cronulla Sharks

They suck, they are one of the oldest teams and haven't won a premiership yet, they haven't even got close to winning one in a long time...YOLO

Gallen and now Gagan, beating adverity. They've had some of the toughest years but it has just made them tougher.

Who is coming 2 on the leaderboard.we are old but we will still beat any day of the week

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12Penrith Panthers

Pink panthers are crap all the way

Defense one set nek minute oh crap we let them in

The panthers are the best team in NRL history

easily the best kicking team in the game at the moment, in play and conversions - CrowdedChisel

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13Nzl Warriors

Warriors are way better then all the teams in the world

They should not be allowed into Australia, they could easily start a ww3 with Australia

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14Parramata Eels

Big cheaters and don't play fair

Their so good in 2009 they made it to the nrl grand final

Parra is always being put down.
People never take notice of how good they can be in their prime. Next year boys.

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15Canberra Raiders

Blake Austin is a gun and will get into the state of origin blues side of 2016 for sure

Yeah your right, they'd be silly not to choose him, raiders are awesome and I love their Jersey its hectic

First team to win the premiership outside sydney! Per-capita, Raiders develop more players then any other team! We have legends - Ricky Stuart, Mal Meninga, Laurie Daily, so many more!

The best bloody team ever

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16Newcastle KnightsV1 Comment
17Western Suburbs Magpies

Yeah they suck that's why they got kicked out bo!

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18New Zealand Warriors

Most consistent team this season

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